Friday, June 30, 2006

Friday 30th June 2006 at 3.07pm:

As i do feel part of the Project Big Brother via the Municipalities - even if only in the humble capacity of guinea-pig - I feel it my duty to report back regularly on occurrences which may or may not have been caused by the ongoing link-up :}} Possibly by doing this I can show the droogs a way of avoiding unnecessary pain for the rate-payers? and so with this in mind:-
On Wednesday last, the sensors were applied to my neighbours garage wall facing our house. We are now very effectively surrounded on three sides by a great deal of fibre-optic cable and sensors. The immediate effects of the newest sensors was the hot water geyser going nuts every time we used the hot water tap. This has happened in the past and could be explained away as an air bubble. However on this particular occasion which lasted as I recall through Wednesday and into the night, it was a completely different noise and we had to juggle with the taps to clear it. This has subsequently stopped. On Wednesday evening I used our staunch little hairdryer as I always do and this cut out repeatedly. My husbands theory being that it overheated until I actually timed it and it was proven not to be overheating but just cutting out randomly. At the time I was at the nearest point in the lounge to the new sensors next door :}}.. Once I removed myself to a further room the dryer behaved normally.
So far the bedside clocks have not revealed a power cut but this I anticipate as the weekend nears. We have up to now had little to no trouble with the PC since going over to iBurst though the monitor switches itself off on the odd (very odd haha) occasion. Also on Wednesday evening while online - I clearly heard something installing? on the machine. LInking up the new sensors would be my guess :}
The Ethikwini 'painter' that was left behind for the day has been fairly busy tweaking all parts of the house. I am guessing that he has put up sensors practically everywhere totally unbeknownst to the home owner. This would also be the case at Number 2 Harris Crescent. I doubt Mr. Mohamed has any idea that his roof now lights up rather like a Christmas Tree in the dark. He would have been told that his house alarm was being fixed and no more than that. My DroneMasters electric gates have today got a substantial gap left between them which I guess would presage a possible surge or some interesting happening in the street electrical supply. Last night on attempting to connect the iBurst it was denied and i had to reboot and on the second attempt managed to connect. All these things may well be simply coincidence. I am certainly not that far over the edge that i dont see this clearly. However I shall continue to keep a log of electrical happenings on the property and next door for interest and a sense of duty's sake ..:}
May I remind readers that we had the electrical box in our kitchen replaced/renewed some 7 or 8 years ago so it is by no means old. At the time, all the house wiring was checked by the electrician and given a clean bill of health. I do suspect however that with the amazing amount of electrical disturbance, spikes and surges we have been deliberately sent over the past few years and in particular since 2004 that the wiring may well have been degraded. I do not entertain the thought of replacing the entire house wiring for one minute as what would be the point? Our house electricity supply is in total control of my DroneMaster and on a whim he could once again begin the surges etc.
While typing this log I received the following via Nortons:
Firewall log:
Unused port blocking has blocked communications.
Inbound TCP connection
Remote address,local service is (,22)
Unused port blocking has blocked communications.
Inbound TCP connection
Remote address,local service is (,ftp(21))
and on that note I shall leave you :}}} toady

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