Sunday, July 09, 2006

Monday 10th July at 5.10am

Mornin julle :} ... lets discuss the Bedroom Sensor this morning shall we? Am still totally amazed that Tamara agrees with this one... so sorta perverted? But hey - in the interests of scientific research ala Capn. Wifi *chokin..... and of course with my rampant paranoia i now wonder if the good Captain is merely a form of damage control? Trying to distract by insisting that telephone poles are the Way Forward ? *laffin.... eh questions questions (to which I certainly will never know the answers.... as an officially Unreliable Witness (thats rite isnt it SkyDog lol) it is unlikely i would be trusted with this vital knowledge... and so i give u this rather lame effort...

He's a guy who's so respectable
who's credentials are impeccable
(and he's pretty darn delectable)
I'm happy he's susceptible
To Me.
I push his buttons all the time
in return for which my electric chime
will ring at 4am while i'm
still getting out of bed..
You have a problem? Just say the word
he has contacts, a huge herd
of willing droogs to smooth your way
in Government, SAP and even (gasp!) the NIA.
This lad has climbed the ladder fast
Nepotism pays at last.
He now flies cross the land so vast
to help the Munis do their task.
Radean & Rammco too, have much to thank him for
tho you
may shed a tear when you find your rates
gone through the roof to pay his mates.
And still the thought that really flatters
is that what I say still clearly matters.
Kitt ii bedecked in lights all round
to monitor our every sound.
The poles still gleam and shine at night
sensors blinking in the light.
The tests are done, the tenders won
So no excuse has he
to tell the wife why he's still obsessed
with the Toad - (that would be me :})
For a guinea-pig i've been for years
not a Toad as I always thought
With cackling and tears and paranoid fears
the answers I have sought.
and now today I spose its lame
to say this Toad is not the same.
You'll think it weird that I give thanks
to someone who so clearly ranks
as just a cracker doing his job
settling old scores to please the Mob.
Well here's a fact and I'll tell it now
I LOVE the dude and if somehow
I can make him smile instead of frown?
My day is made - i AM the clown.

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