Thursday, May 25, 2006

May 26th 2006 at 6.14am;

Interesting thing about Mrs. Cynthia Hinds. In our correspondence in the nineties, she said that in all her years of investigating reported UFO sightings for MUFON Africa, she herself had never witnessed anything out of the ordinary.
And there she was, down from her home town Harare and booked into a room at the Blue Waters Hotel to attend some sort of symposium/seminar.
First I heard of it was when i rang the Daily News one morning to find out more about the weird stuff Id seen between 5.45am and 6am earlier that morning. They advised me to contact Mrs. Hind and gave me the Blue Waters number.
Les Franken who was at the time a DJ on East Coast Radio had announced earlier that morning that he had been on his way to work in the dark with his son riding pillion. Riding along the Blue Lagoon section of Marine Parade they had company. He said a ball of light appeared to be keeping pace right next to them as they rode along towards Natal Command and he asked whether anyone had ideas about what it could have been. The Daily News also told me that Len Rimmer of Rimmer Construction had phoned with a similar enquiry. He had been jogging in Westville in the dark and had seen the same ball of light.
Basically i just want to point out the irony of it all. Mrs. Hind had Never seen any weird phenomenon in all her years of research and there they were dancing along the Marine Parade right by the Blue Waters Hotel while she no doubt slept soundly. Eish !

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