Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To: The Planetarium, Johannesburg - Thursday 25th May 2006

I wonder if you could help me. In the nineties I was in contact with Mrs. Cynthia Hind regarding a sighting down in Durban. I cannot remember the year or even the month though July seems to ring some sort of bell. Mrs. Hind was down in Durban at the time and i seem to think she stayed at the Blue Waters Hotel and was attending a MUFON ? symposium .
Sorry to be so vague tsk, age is upon me :{
We corresponded several times and then i lost touch. I read recently on the MUFON site that she passed in 2000 from cancer.
My question is, what exactly was it she was attending down here at the time and have there been further symposiums/meetings since she was here last all those years ago? With all the climate changes globally although it is only May the weather as i type this is almost identical to what it was when the sightings were made way back in the nineties. i.e. very clear starry night (4.38am here) with sheet lightning out to sea and Very cold. The banks of cumulous cloud are along the horizon most nights now.
Please advise me whether there are meetings still taking place in Durban similar to whatever it was that Mrs. Hind was attending back then?
A tall order but hopefully someone up there has a record? (I seem to think she told me she liaised with a Patrick somebody up at the Planetarium?)
Many thanks,
Jane Lovejoy

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