Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Many Good Men....

How many Good men in positions of might
do the 3 Monkeys thing and keep their mouths zipped up tight?
Waiting and sweating till the big day arrives
when they're handed their pension and they and their wives
can swan off to the high-life and live guilt-free lives?

Banana plantations and hours on the green,
round-the-world cruises and things that don't mean
much to the poor who still can be seen
homeless and battling to earn just a bean.

How easy it is to sit back and ignore
the corruption around them when just round the door
a handshake awaits them, a sack filled with gold
and a life lived like Riley - the truth Never told.

There was Howard, Johan, Martin and Chris
just a few of the many who chose to do this.
An offer so tempting it could not be refused
from making decisions they would be recused.

So deaf, dumb and blind they became in a trice
with morals shut down they went quiet as mice.
They chose to believe all the lies they were fed
in spite of misgivings their goal lay ahead.
A happy retirement and huge wealth untold
will bring even the best to the Devil's own Fold.

But Big Brother is busy, to busy to care.
His plans are much grander and the costs you will bear.
Everything that you say, every deed that you do
Will be monitored neatly in a file labelled "YOU".

So if Collin and Allen were to switch on the Mains
which one would be Pinky and which one the Brainz?

A Project Test Survivor

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