Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday 9th March 2006

Rabbiting on endlessly in my Outlook Express Blog was supposedly for my eyes only. If anyone found it irritating? Why - it served them right as frankly, they had no business there in the first place.
But this blogging out in the open is a tricky thing..... on re-reading my previous post i see that already i need to try and speak more clearly.

Where i posted that 'I Never dissed my Server'? Hmm tis rather more complicated than that.
I certainly slagged them off roundly and repeatedly in my private blog and with good reason :{.

However, when it came to the bigger picture, I seriously felt that they were pretty much in a hands-tied situation. Without Telkom they are nothing. Am i still deluding myself? i dont think so.... i fully feel that my troubles emanated from that dodgiest of companies Telkom....:P

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