Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sunday 4.48am March 12th, 2006:


Managed to stagger out of bed just before 4.30am to find a handful of cats waiting and worrying for their usual i dont switch on any lights and go into the kitchen to put the kettle on... darnit! Someone left the toaster plug in the kettle switch, so i switch it off at the wall and pull the plug out and put the kettle plug in and whoa !!!! Huge buzzing noise all round and off goes the power! I canter down the passage and see Bali's streetlight out along with our streetlight and the huge orange light (emergency?) has come on inside his garage eeep...... as i watch our streetlights begin to come on again and power is restored here .... orange light goes back out and hey - did i dream it all? Well no cos i woke Sarah to show her the streetlights out and show her the big backup orange light in Bali's garage lol... ai you have to wonder how many of those wee situations our systems can stand before an actual electrical fire starts? But hey....moving on..
A whole lot of Firsts for me recently.... went on a shopping spree with the kid (down for the weekend from Notties) and she took us up to the Marianhill Monastery for morning tea.... lovely place it is ..
The day before id had a text from L. saying did i want to join her at the Bryan Adams concert as there was a free ticket going.... totally out of character, i said ok ... so by the time we had finished shopping and stuff on Saturday I was wiped out with the heat and figured id have a nap before taking off to the concert... only half an hour but managed to wake up totally disorientated ferk......downed a RedBull and double vodka before we left....
The concert was an absolute blast.... not a Bryan Adams fan but love a few of his songs ... Westridge absolutely packed and the vibe was amazing! The dude sitting next to us was smokin Camels and talk about deja vu when the first cloud of his smoke enveloped us ..lovely!
So u have a First Rock Concert, first time id used a Portaloo, First time i can remember being in a taxi (to get home) and all this within a week of turning 60 heheh.... not bad .....

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