Saturday, October 18, 2014

Shiny happy people.
(begun Tuesday 14th October at 11.25am)

I'd been perched out here at 5.14am just prior to sunrise, when I'd noticed it heading up from the south west. A fuzzy dragon's head in front, towing a long horizontal tail behind it. Cirrus? It had held it's shape perfectly, and was moving at a fair pace heading north east, so I'd fetched the binocs but could see nothing resembling an aircraft that could be creating that effect.
I took a pic for you but you'll have the usual wait to see it.
By 8.30am I'd been working up on the terraces, and there'd been another one, this time heading out of the west toward the ocean. Loads of big fluffy clouds were in the air by that time, but that darned horizontal line kept going steadily behind them, and by 9.02am I caught it HERE, where it appeared to have veered left, and was heading up way above and parallel to North Ridge Road to the north east. Anyone care to spill the beans on the connection between the games being played up at high altitude, and those carried out much nearer the ground via the airwaves?

LATER at 2.05pm

The power went off at 9.20am this morning, and has just been restored in a civilised manner.
A collaboration would suggest that all parties concerned know what they're doing and are working together towards a common goal, right? What's wrong with that picture? I certainly have no goal other than to plead that you remove your blinkers, and that's highly unlikely to happen, as I awoke way too late to make any difference at all..
Sitting here scrunched in my perspex box, I toss out bucketloads of surmise, supposition and guesswork. Oh - and there's a shitload of circumstantial evidence as well, though a fat lot of good that does. All in vain I fear, as this express train picks up speed and thunders on into the New Age to a fate that may or may not be quite what you've been anticipating.

Wednesday 15th October at 11.30am

I've just scuttled indoors as big fat drops of rain start falling. Promising? We'll have to wait and see.
Any of you visited your GP's about the ringing noise in your ears that's developed within the last few years? He's diagnosed tinnitis for want of anything better? Did you know that one of the symptoms consistently given as caused by over-exposure to EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) is a whine/ringing sound in your ears? Mine had arrived in 2005, along with the quantum laser/wifi technology, and a great deal of nausea, and these days I barely notice that shrill whine, unless there's a sudden drastic change to the airwaves, and it either drops or rises dramatically.
Has it affected my hearing? Funnily enough, I don't think so. It's been the direct laser attacks to my inner ear that have caused that particular damage, and have killed off my ability to hear certain frequencies and has muffled others.. Strange, erratic jabs deep inside my ears that would come and go, and I'd spoken to dear Sheldon about it. He'd had a good look and had said that apart from a very slight redness/inflammation, my ears were clear, although he couldn't explain those random jabs of pain. My increasing loss of hearing was put down to my age as a result. You want to think about that.
I've told you in the past of a particularly bad Graveyard Shift session when the laser recruits had been going hammer and tongs at an area on my lower back, and how the GameWrecker had pronounced the next morning that there was a reddish tender-looking patch in that precise area.
Do you have ANY idea how prolonged and vicious an assault must be, to actually leave any mark at all? A steady stream of ultra-short beams remotely delivered and aimed with serious intent to do mischief...
Hyperbole, Madam? I wish.
If I could only begin to impress upon you the sheer scale of this world-wide operation, and how every possible aspect has been covered by the Privacy Thieves. The downright systematic hounding by the telecom's giants of the few articulate voices calling for an end to the madness of unregulated mast emissions, and silencing their efforts to warn the world of impending disaster as a result.
Olle Johannsen (sp) is clearly not considered suitable material for the New World Order, and as such is beginning to feel the pressure, once again from a University that would've been sold on the eerie quantum laser/wifi surveillance technology.
Kidney weed? My garden is now rampant with the stuff, and there's no getting rid of it. Most certainly it arrived by hand, along with so much of the other interesting stuff that's popped up so astonishingly during the past two or three years. I finally identified it on google, and I see that it's common to Oz and Europe, so you want to ask yourselves WTF it's doing in my garden, never mind yours.
I believe I've told you previously of how those tiny ever-so-slightly cupped leaves retain the overnight moisture and glitter like beds of diamonds long after sunrise, and everything else has dried out. A most useful guide for the laser recruits, if truth be told. ‪#‎winks‬
The sky? It's your loss if you persist in keeping your gaze at eye-level, for there are astonishing things happening up there, and you should be recording them as best you can. By all means avoid the pesky truth-tellers like myself, and surround yourself with shiny happy people, though in the process there's a chance you might lose the real you, and become the obedient cabbage so desired by those behind the New World Order.
Wednesday 15th October 2014 at 3.24pm.