Saturday, October 18, 2014

Flying blind.
(begun Tuesday 14th October at 9.20am)

Geezelouise! You've gotta laugh. I'd opened the Facebook Chat option at least three times this morning, before I'd remembered having saved that conversation to Word, so I really can't blame anyone for tossing the stalker label my way.
I'd felt the urge to remind myself that apparently I'm neither innocent, nor am I a victim, and to try and make sense of those words. I'm as keen as mustard to accept that it's the truth, but right now I'm still drawing a blank as to which areas that statement referred to. It'll come to me, but I can't be rushed, dimwit that I am...
Any idea who did your character assessment before you were approached and offered a quantum Sales Pitch tailored to fit your personality? One of your teachers at High School, who moonlights as a quantum laser Monitor, and has Psyche 101 under their belt? One of the Deacons at your church? Your boyfriend? A fellow-student in your Physics class at Uni, or Francesco himself?
There's a pitch been designed to cover pretty much everyone, not so, Jannie?
From the Druglords like Agliotti, Barnabas, and Rassool, who would've leapt slavering at the opportunity to become mini gods, to the Seriously Devout here in Sydenham, no matter what their religion.
You're not averse to mischief-making, and believe that honesty and integrity are seriously overrated? Fear not - the New Age quantum Planners have just the niche for you. Your lack of compassion and sadistic streak might hold you back? Hardly. I'd bet that to this day the majority of you continue to regard my allegations against my Owner as highly dramatised and exaggerated lies? Yes? Don't forgodsakes bother to ask yourselves what would be the point of my fabricating any single part of my life, when it's under the microscope 24/7.
Is there anyone among the local Elite who's been subjected to going on a decade of similar experiences at the hands of a rabid quantum Area Controller and his pack of student/graduate devotees? No? What you have instead, is the pleasant Leonard Els, saying in amusement that several of the quantum laser students up at the UKZN Physics Department had complained of pains in their knees during their lab sessions, and that's about it.
Young Stephen Clark certainly appears to have sacrificed a knee to the Cause, as you well know. Nope. Not due to his sometimes sedentary work, or his diet or his genes. Did he not wake frequently in the night to find the quantum elves jabbing away at that area? Or sitting in his office in front of his computer, would those knife-like pains not recur every now and then? Culminating in the destruction of the soft tissue, and forcing him to have an op?
There's a pattern becoming clearer by the day, and it's filling in some more of the many gaps in this fascinating puzzle.
When the determinedly cheerful clean-up crew had waded in on Facebook recently and had seemingly sunk to a fair amount of crass bullying, was I disappointed? These are members of what I suspect are the so-called Good Team folks, and I figure if anything I was embarrassed for them.
As fate would have it, a similar thread was posted on their home turf not long afterwards, although oddly enough, the culprits were rather more reticent in their comments on that occasion.
Are such tactics resorted to, simply to prove to their Elite progeny that they are totally committed to the quantum Cause? A forced jolliness, barely concealing the anxiety beneath, as they urge you to ignore the harsh realities of life completely, and pounce on you, should anything like the truth be raised? While I can only applaud their efforts, I confess to be taken aback by their unkindness, shown on more than one occasion.
Speaking as one who's employed a savage and thoughtless tongue for the better part of her life, and who is now scrambling to make amends, you'll perhaps allow that I'm in a position to recognize the impatience and arrogance that is being nurtured in your precious offspring since their recruitment. May the likes of the beauteous moon and godsmessenger at least TRY and remember to be kind, however much the petty lives and short-sightedness of their targets irritate them.
Tuesday 14th October 2014 at 3.54pm