Saturday, October 18, 2014

(begun Thursday 9th October at 5am)

*Update at 7.11pm Saturday: The GameWrecker arrived back home just before dark this evening to report that someone had called out to him as he'd been pulling into our gates. Difficult to see clearly in the gloom of twilight, he said the man appeared to be wearing a Security Guard's uniform and was up at No. 11. The real deal, or a borrowed costume, and why call down to my old man, as that's a first, and sounds very much as though the chap was told to announce himself should either of us appear at the top. You'll have to pardon my scepticism folks, as the lies and theatrics in this neck of the woods have now reached laughable proportions. If you don't mind, I'll continue to regard the No. 11 M.O.T.H. cottage as our very own Trojan Horse, until a real and visible effort is made to restore it.* ‪#‎pissedoffmightily‬

It was guilt that got me up this morning at 4.30am. I'd stirred a few minutes earlier to hear a big dog's faint and frenzied barking, although my ruined hearing hadn't gotten my interest levels kicking in. I'd lain there until I'd remembered her saying a couple of times to me 'But didn't you hear our dogs barking?' and that had gotten me up and out of bed. I'd shone the powerful light up to the street and it had fallen remarkably silent, and stayed that way.
My Excellent Neighbour had rung me fairly early on Tuesday morning to say their garage door had been forced open in the early hours and godschild's tools had been nicked, although they hadn't touched the pretty red car.. godschild had phoned not long afterwards to repeat the tale. He'd also filled in the bits he'd heard about the Flame Lily Trustee's electrician son, who has apparently camped some of his wekkers inside the vandalised Cottage at No. 11, with a 'Jimmy' in charge. (Edit at 6.51am: godschild has just kindly informed me that it's Jerry, not Jimmy. And he says that he's not seen the guy since he was introduced. Odd, if they were installed there to do the repairs? By now you will all be aware that I don't share ALL of my thoughts here with you ) Information confirming what I'd already been told by No. 11's immediate neighbours.
Those strips of fabric hanging on those windows have been changing overnight for weeks already, so I figure this latest crock from Andre is just that. Bullshit.

LATER at 1.15pm Thursday.

I'd been pulling away from home around 8pm when the Smart City Project's HS Reticulation contractors had headed up the Crescent, and I'd noticed our Freddie lurking by his garage.
The dear man had called out to me as I'd driven level to his gates, and he'd said that they'd broken into his yard in the early hours. godschild had called some fifteen minutes later to say they'd had another go at his garage door this morning, as well. 'Jerry' and his buds, officially earning their keep from out of No. 11? Hell, you tell me. That cottage overlooks all of our properties and for even half-way organised mischief-makers, they couldn't have asked for a better hangout.

Saturday 11th October at 4am.

I'd anticipated it would get pretty nasty during the school hols and I was right, though it's small consolation to know that I'm not alone. Targets like us, across the country, will be suffering additional pain and discomfort as Learners spend their vacs tucked indoors practising their quantum laser skills under the guidance of a nearby Tutor/Area Controller.
The tooth-grinding levels of the BackFire frequency now run all day, with little if any respite, while the Graveyard Shift sadists compound the damage in the wee hours.
Even as I sit here now at the desk, the flames begin to lick at the Abomination as they crane over my shoulder to read my scribbled words. This can be achieved without causing me any discomfort whatsoever, but with the Poor Sod's carefully nurtured hate-fuelled family just yards from where I sit, mercy is not an option that the Unfortunate Creature would entertain.
Do your neighbours have any black mirror glass installed on their windows? Possibly just the street-facing windows, or just one on either side of their home? If you're not yet an official Recruit to the quantum Project, that black glass will identify those who are.
Small wonder that Shunnon Tulsiram had fobbed my Vice Chair off when he'd asked for a projected date of the Project's completion. It's literally a forever operation, and a decade from now roads and pavements will continue to be carved up as the hidden networks run fibre to each and every home across SA, in order to own the occupants, body and soul.
Sinkholes will continue to appear, as vast amounts of free running water continue to undermine roads and pavements. Bleak? I guess that depends on your attitude. It's an acknowledged fact that I'm slower than most in the brains department, and I find myself constantly grateful for having been allowed to witness and participate in this astonishing New Age wireless war, as one-sided as it is.
I hover on the sidelines, often crippled and bloody, noting in awe the many intellectuals who've fallen prey to the hype of whichever Sales Pitch they've been offered, and to the addiction that grows rapidly with the employment of this astounding technology.
Formerly kind and compassionate humans, who will find themselves daily becoming irritated by their fellow-man and his petty concerns, during their invisible forays into the privacy of their neighbour's homes.
Once these fine Recruits have graduated to controlling the animals on a given property, by use of specific radio waves, they will of course be encouraged to manipulate the human occupant's behaviour as well, and by that time there's no turning back.
Small things at first, for sure. You had a Meeting you wished to attend, but you suddenly developed a crashing headache a few hours before, and had to call in your apologies? Your elderly parent was suddenly taken ill and needed you? Your car's battery died without warning? All glitches that could be put down to sheer bad luck, and it would be paranoid of you to think otherwise. Pfft.
According to the poster, she'd come home to find that a crew had entered her yard illegally, and had moved her water meter without permission, leaving an appalling and unfinished mess on her pavement and property. From where I'm standing, it appears to be a clear case of fibre to the home through their sewage or waterlines, and that most certainly couldn't be achieved without the homeowner's knowledge. Is her outrage genuine, or is it merely theatrics being employed to disguise that fact that she's the latest Smart City quantum Recruit on that stretch of road?
Will her immediate neighbours soon become aware of the regular stench of eau de turd, and does she have several large aircon units affixed to the outside of her house?
You're down in the Umbilo/Glenwood area? Ongoing problems with your phones/laptop/PC? Under the weather most days? However grim you're feeling, try to sit up and take notice. Discuss your symptoms with the neighbours that you know, and see if they match. Everything you now say, do, or write is being monitored and recorded by a nearby recruit. Everything. Though you may never make the ranks of the chosen Elite, this engineered madness is well worth your interest, and you may safely begin babbling aloud to your invisible visitors as they gatecrash your private lives and break down your immune system on a regular basis.
Have fun while you can. Peace.
Saturday 11th October at 5.47am.