Saturday, August 09, 2014

Pest Control.
(Saturday 9th August at 12.45pm)

How did Christo Swart take to the idea of Sutcliffe's Smart City quantum project, and the role that the Parks Department would need to play to allow this astonishingly sophisticated technology to function at it's optimum levels?
Can we anticipate the slaughter of trees to continue, and in fact increase, as the Ferrets complain of poor signals in the leafier suburbs, and the termite nests placed at the base of strategic 'obstructions' have failed so far to achieve their purpose?
Unlike the outlying areas where there are fewer residents to notice when a crew is sent out to raze an entire stand of protected trees to the ground 'in error', before a sharp-eyed citizen sees the damage too late, and cries foul?

The four blasted-looking mulberry trees that run along our boundary wall have as yet, thankfully been spared, despite the dire mutterings of 'alien invaders'. (This with litre upon litre of water running unchecked down the valley banks a few yards further on) As I scribble, each of them is dressed in it's spring finery, despite that it's only the first week in August, and I don't anticipate they'll ever produce any proper fruit at all.
If I'd been able to figure out how to operate the video option on my Panasonic back in 2006/7, I could've shown you how I'd watched as the mulberries began to form, before they'd each begin to burst in a visible cloud of dust, in the warm sunshine. If I recall rightly, that particular tree hasn't attempted to fruit since I witnessed that peculiar behaviour.

At around 11am yesterday morning I'd been forced to send Allen Spence a text which read: 'Your quantum associates caused cramping to my old man's legs and feet off and on all night. Now it's my turn, in between earache. High levels? You THINK? Jane.'
That was yesterday. Today I'd question whether the frequency currently being employed is local, as in our suburb, street, or just our property? The ever-so-delightful gut-gripping special, that can manifest (depending on the target) as phantom period pains, a dropped womb, a knife to the guts, or a bladder under constant pressure.
I'd ask you to leave a comment if your midriff area has come under any sort of fire for no apparent reason this past week.
On second thoughts, sticking your neck out in that fashion could prove even more detrimental to your health, than is good for you.

A full-grown fish eagle has just landed in one of godschild's trees next door. You win some, you lose some...
It looks as though the established flat-crown tree that Manisha Arbuckle had planted over under the gumtrees some years ago, has been successfully destroyed by Mr.Dawood's hired arsonists, and the damage those huge flames had caused last month during DD Project's effort to create LOS from the Student Res block across to the quantum army recruits in Harris Crescent.

Wouldn't it be something if Christo Swart, Neil McLeod, and Allen Spence were each to produce a personal and truthful statement on the reasons why they have supported from the outset, this inhumane and corrupt removal of the citizenry's right to privacy and good health? Not gonna happen, folks..

Saturday 9th August 2014 at 2.48pm.