Saturday, August 09, 2014

(begun Sunday 10th August at 4.45am)

He'd called me over to the kitchen door last night and asked me what I thought it was that was making that odd noise. I'd had a listen and replied without hesitation something along the lines that it was one of Agent Balliram's Kyocera-generated signal-enhancing nunus, and then I'd gone out to investigate.

It had been most obliging, and had carried on buzzing until I'd pin-pointed it's location up on the terrace below the pawpaw trees, and there it was, in the light of my torch.
I'd not seen anything quite like it before, so I went down and fetched the camera, and naturally you'll get to see the results at some point.
Things getting just a tad too intense lately? Someone trying to inject some badly needed humour into a situation that is anything but funny? Once I'd shone the torch on that noisy little bugger, it never said another word, and I've not heard it since...
What had caused it to suddenly emit that incredibly loud buzzing/chirruping? Had it spent some time trapped in some sort of container, before it was freed there on the iris plants to give voice to it's rage? I'll see if I can find it on google images later, but I have to say that the racket it made had my old man thinking we had some sort of water leak. Hau!! (search so far as come up a fail).

Did you pick up on IOL News that there'd been some sort of drama up at Dodge City last Wednesday? As per usual there's a bunch of different stories doing the rounds, not the least being the one I was told when I'd popped in as usual on Thursday, and quite understandably found her security gate tightly locked.
How far off the mark was the IOL News report, and how much was the truth? It claimed that the irate citizen who'd had our boys in blue scuttling for cover on Wednesday, was an ex-SADF member, and natch, that's the only part that really interests me..

Had our shifty Comms Officer provided that little detail purely to throw some colour into the mix, or was it the truth? You'll recall a couple of months back when I'd been told that two ex-SADF chaps were going to move into Moth Cottage No.11, while the repairs to the damaged interior were being done, and how I'd come to the conclusion that it was deliberate misinformation that I'd been given?
That the AmDram Division up at Sydenham Saps had provided that little gem for a laugh? You'll perhaps understand then, why I was so intrigued to read that the guy who'd lost his rag in the SAPS quadrangle last week was ex-SANDF.
As Sydenham SAPS could safely be referred to almost as the birthplace of the whopper that is the Smart City quantum Project here in the Zone, I guess it would be silly to believe anything at all that comes out of there. One report has the handsome Colonel in hospital with a broken leg, while another has him simply bruised and sporting a torn trouser leg. Pfft..

In addition to the exceptional heat generated as usual in my bedroom at night, I found it pretty gross to be woken at half-past midnight to a pain in my rear, and to find my arm aching badly, although of course, as a low-life non-Elite, my opinion counts for squat.
Sunday 10th August 2014 at 6.20am.