Monday, July 14, 2014

The mist.
(begun Monday 14th July at 1.35pm)

At night, if I go up top and stand by our water meter and look east, I can see the light on top of the Overport Microwave tower, although the Radio mast, a mere stone's throw to the right of that, on Ridge Road, is hidden from my view.
I remember my increased interest when I'd read that HAARP was thought to employ something called ELF towers, to manipulate the weather patterns, and how not long after that, I'd found just such a tower down at the old Louis Botha airport. The same airport that as far as I know, is home to the SAPS Airwing fleet.

Course, I'd forgotten all about it until now, as I sit out here on the verandah day after day in the deliciously warm winter's sunshine, gazing out at the same chunk of blue sky each day, while waiting for the bus to come pick me up and head for the terminus.
How often do those odd-looking bars and trails of cloud appear in the exact same area of sky? Inevitably the sky further south is clear, right down to the horizon, where more often than not, I can see more cloud. That would be what? Prospecton? Isipingo? Chats? All areas within reach of that ELF mast at Louis Botha.

I've a mind that HAARP have by now acquired an even more advanced means of manipulating the weather, and of spraying the population, than the blatant chemtrails being used in other countries around the globe, and I'm of the opinion that we're 'trialling' it right now.
So, tellus if you dare - Is there something akin to an ELF mast tucked away from the public's sight at the Telkom Depot in Overport, or at the Wireless Station on Ridge Road, or has the required technology simply been added to one or other of those existing towers?
Crazy? If you say so, but so often when I look up, there's nothing to my left or to my right, but smack dab in the middle, I can pretty much count on finding some form of cirrus that's pointing at an angle towards those 2 masts. A stretch, even for me?

My Torturers had me up at midnight last night, and I'd finally risked heading back to bed at 1.10am. There'd been no more than a couple of wispy clouds in an otherwise clear sky at that point. Unsettled as I was, at 2.15am I'd reared up to log that those little white clouds had somehow turned into a solid white cover reaching to Overport, where I could see it was clear beyond that.
When the cat had subsequently woken me at 6am, it was to an apparently clear and chilly pre-dawn sky.
What is this thick blanket of white, that so often appears to hang just over Mayville and Sydenham, before disappearing magically? Is there a logical explanation for it, or is it indeed somehow connected to the thick belt of spheres that cover the Zone?
Does that solid white cloud/mist ensure that the Roux's laser-showers are somehow concentrated in specific areas? I can only imagine the snorts of derision from the UKZN Physics grads, as they point and snigger at my stumbling efforts to make sense of it all. Am I bothered? Nope.

My CPF Treasurer had popped down to ours yesterday afternoon at around 2.15pm, for one of her occasional visits. The fact that Mike Oliver's Project electrician had been adjusting our streetlight only hours before, has me wondering whether the couple of hours spent chatting amiably on our verandah was some sort of test session for the Project? Not five minutes after we'd settled down comfortably to talk, I'd taken an enormous whack to the side, from the direction of Balliram's aircon units and the activated overheads down by No. 2, and I'd let out an involuntary roar of outrage, and our Monitors had thankfully kept their fun and games to a minimum thereafter.

You live down the southern end of the Bluff? Chats maybe? You might want to turn your faces up to the apparently clear sky every now and then, to see whether you too experience the drizzle-like drops of moisture on your skin, from what appears to be the cloudless heavens. Interesting times.

Tuesday 15th July at 6am.

They burned me last night. They'd set fire to my forehead and nose not long after I'd gone to bed at 9.50pm. I'd not been able to surface enough to log that assault, but I'd been lying on my side, facing up towards godschild's booster shed and Grindrod, for what it's worth. I remember lying there thinking mygod, if I looked in a mirror right now, would that area of skin being smoking and scarlet? I figure I can now safely assume that whatever alterations the Electricity Department's Security Division made to our streetlight, they were not intended to benefit us in any way.
The intensity of these attacks has if anything, increased, and on two occasions yesterday, I'd been sitting at the PC when I'd taken a savage whack to my womb area, without any warning..
Setting my brow afire after lights-out, was simply further confirmation that tyd word nou min.

It had probably been around 5am that I'd surfaced enough to look out of the window at a whole row of finger-shaped clouds poking up on the horizon behind St. Theresa's. When I finally gotten out of bed half an hour later, they'd vanished and the sky is now clear. Like I was saying...

LATER at 6.48am

I'd been sitting out on the verandah in the pre-dawn murk at 6.35am, when I'd heard the drone of a light aircraft at high altitude. I'd gone out onto the steps to find it, without success, although it sounded almost overhead. You think the sky is clear? If you don't look at it directly, you can actually see that there's some sort of blanket of white mist covering the area, and it's no wonder I couldn't pick out that plane.

Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 7.40am.