Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday 14th July 2014 at 9.04am.

A minor miracle? I've just been up top to the street to snap a couple of pics of the Muni cherry-picker that was back by our pole, and guess who I found up there? None other than good old Mike Oliver from the Electricity Department's Security Division!! I've posted a picture of him here already, taken way back in about 2006, but you'll have to search for it.

was so delighted to see him again after all this time, that I chose to forget how he'd lied about the contents of Telkom's white wireless box that had been strapped to our pole all those years back. I've just sent his boss (the Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, Allen Spence) a text which said: "Absolutely chuffed to see Mike Oliver + cherry-picker by our pole at 8.45am. Are the adjustments going to make it even worse for us? Take care. Jane."
I asked Mike whether they had worked on Freddie's lamp as well, and he'd said no, that Fred's handyman had told them yesterday nogal, that the lamp was fixed. Really? I'll let you know tomorrow, on that one.