Sunday, July 13, 2014

Small mischiefs?
(Saturday 12th July at 7.54am.)

Despite that replacing the nuked/spiked TV decoder adaptor on Thursday had solved that problem, and everything had functioned as it should since then, the GameWrecker tells me this morning that the decoder is now playing up again.
More insecurities coming to the fore, Agent Balliram?

We are all too familiar with the power and control you wield over the electrical devices in our home, so why do you feel the urge to constantly remind us?
I also find that my Facebook video clip function has been mysteriously disabled this morning, and that my cursor appears to have a mind of it's own.

Dare I suggest that the Telecom's Strategist's Protege at No. 6 employ his powers for the GOOD of the citizenry, instead of repeatedly consolidating the fact that he and his elves are little more than airwave bullies?

Edit just 5 minutes after posting the above: I'm happy to say that my Shift Monitor has at least restored my video-clip function within minutes of my whine.  Now if you'd see to it that your erstwhile Tutor and idol could keep his grubby fingers off of our TV and decoder, I'd be most obliged. Have a great day.