Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dastardly deeds..
(begun Sunday 23rd February at 1.50am..)

*There's a good chance that for every word I type here, I alienate myself further from those whose attention I wish to catch.  If this is the case it's my tough luck, as it's the only way I know how to communicate, albeit poorly*

There were at least two of them.  One to hurt me and one to watch, sniggering.. Maybe more, and maybe goofed to the hilt.. Vivid imagination?  You haven't personally participated in the more brutal of the Graveyard Shift sorties, and find it hard to believe they even take place?
There's no way I'm the only one going through this New Order magic, and there's others out there for sure.. Individuals who probably think they're going painfully insane, and who share it with no-one except possibly their baffled GP.
Even now, sitting here at the desk, my rear still aches damnably, and they're running the burning itch variation of the Backfire frequency as well.    Are you somewhat mollified to hear this?
I'd dissed you in yesterday's update, and he'd said no worries, she won't get away with it lightly, he'd see to that?  Well, there you go then.  You got your payback, and man, I hope you're satisfied...

By 9.30am yesterday morning I'd taken advantage of the weather and was outside using the pushmower. The wireless levels were as bad outdoors as they were inside, and by 9.50am I'd typed out the following sms to Allen Spence, Superintendent of Electricity for Durban.  "Update: Weekend + as usual ure prize monkey Balliram is operating at levels that have my ear, teeth, neck protesting indoors and out. Lymphglands again? Jane. at 9.50am."
Whether just before or after I'd hit Send doesn't matter, but the pain had disappeared immediately for a full fifteen minutes before it was reintroduced, and I'd threatened out loud to send Allen a further text.  I'd been subsequently left alone until 12.45pm, when a variation of that tired theme was introduced, and I began to take random knives to the eardrum itself.
Just the one nasty thrust every now and then, but enough to certainly do me a mischief over time.

Responsible monitoring?  Who the hell ever led you to believe there'd be responsible monitoring?  Among the very first batch of guinea-pigs to be set up here in 2005, you'd think the system would be operating like clockwork by now, when it's anything but..
You'd think that the designated Area Controller would be tasked to keep some sort of record of all the activities over the airwaves and powerlines in his/her section, and that any 'errors' could easily be traced to their source...
If that's what they told you, rest assured it's a bleeding fallacy.  Bullyboy at No. 6 was given carte blanche to carry out his exploits from the getgo, and little if anything has changed, no matter what lies you're fed..

I'd been getting a coffee earlier at 2.15am, when I'd glanced up out of the kitchen window to see a light fall across one of the precast pillars behind the Polo.  I'd waited, and what looked to be vehicle's lights had slid up or down the Crescent before disappearing.. A visitor nearby, just leaving?  It's now 2.40am and the pain below the belt has gone, while my cancer has settled to a steady burn...  That now familiar white bank of cloud is moving steadily down from the Northeast to cover what an hour ago seemed to be a fairly cloudless sky...
There's pressure in both my ears, and something is running steadily in the background, while a Watcher sits quietly at my shoulder, reading each word I scribble...

Did you get to see the Letters page in last week's Highway Mail?  Someone wrote in asking about the hum she hears up in Cowies Hill 24/7.  There've been similar queries from various of the outlying suburbs, and I've yet to see a satisfactory reply.
Is it a different noise to what I've always referred to as the Wireless song?  A sound that appeared to come from the Recreation Centre at St. Theresa's across the valley in the early days, but since then I've heard it much closer on many occasions..
Sometimes it's like it's coming from Telkom's white wireless box on the pole next to our valley boundary wall, but I doubt I'll ever know for sure..

I was given an unexpected gift on Facebook yesterday, when I'd hopped onto the Noseweek page to check for any updates... The unfortunate Sean Wisedale had been back, ranting away in comment after comment. Over the years of our harnessing and torture, I've considered on several occasions trying to track down the inimitable Harold Strachan for help, but I never did more than just think about it.  And now here was Sean, telling me of a new and previously unheard of agent working for Martin Welz...
I'd typed Paul Kirk's name into the FB search bar and there he was..
The one with the black Lab as his profile pic.  Yeah - That's the dude, or I'm a monkey's uncle...

I'm still struggling to come to terms with the fact that so many FB users are there simply to post an endless stream of philosophical pictures and selfies, but then you get chaps like Paul Kirk who employ it as an extremely useful tool.. I duly Inboxed him, but it's unlikely that message ever made it to it's destination, and if it did, he hasn't replied... He shares four of my FB Friends, and Keith Downs is one of them.. Interesting? Did Martin or Adam ever ask Mr. Kirk to check out my page?  I'm guessing that's a yes, and that his report back had included that I appear to be crazy, and not worthy of any interest?
Is Paul a graduate of Petruccione's UKZN Physics classes?  There's no way of knowing, and you can go check it out for yourselves...The guy uses that page as an investigative tool and nothing else...
While my story is not one that the honourable Mr. Welz may ever dare touch, I'm sad to think the same could apply to Pragasen Govender's tale of woe..

That even were Kirk tasked to contact Pragasen, (the ex-Deputy Head of the Muni's telecommunication department), he would no longer risk repeating his allegations.  Never in the history of mankind has the 'All it takes for evil to flourish' adage been more apt.  But hey, you can lay it at the door of Progress, and the older you are, the longer it's going to take to accept it...
My word, but the clouds out there are odd, and that bank of white cloud is now being followed by what I've always referred to as a 'snow' cloud.  You know the ones with the fuzzy edges that you see in winter, either just before or after it's snowed somewhere inland?  There's now enough clear sky to see the brilliant morning star as it rises over the horizon and climbs with astonishing swiftness into the heavens...
When I'd first sat down here at the desk at around 1.35am, the sudden stench of raw sewage through my always-open windows had been overpowering..  My Controller, flushing his fibre-crammed lines in the dead of night, or godschild on the other side, still struggling with his lines?  Whatever, that pong is long gone.

Care to chat about Eskom's renewed threats of load-shedding, and the additional damage it's going to do to our economy?  Just as Obama's Men in Black have said publicly that they will control their population via their electrical supplies, is this grandiose system now up and running in our country as well.
Like I said - It's not, and never was, the control of your electrical assets that are the Spooks main goal, but rather the desire to control an entire nation through the manipulation of your health and actions..
Surely you see it by now?  The aura of mistrust and secrecy everywhere you look?  The furtive comings and goings at odd hours, and the sideways glances you catch your neighbours giving you?

The blatant ongoing corruption by our City officials, carefully fostered so that citizens may point en masse at the Ruling Party and cry foul, while in the shadows there are way more dastardly deeds being carried out by people whose names you trust.. Despite my limitations, you must surely by now have an idea of how this astonishing surveillance technology operates, and that there is not so much as an inch of your lives that won't be both seen and heard, no matter what you do?
Not so much as one minute of privacy, where one of your nearby neighbours is not on shift in your home, monitoring and recording your every action... Still too much to get your head around?
It's now 3.45am and I'm going to duck back to bed and hope I'll be left in peace.. Ciao..

LATER at 5.45am

Let's just say I wasn't hurt after I'd gone back to bed, and leave it at that.   I'd fallen asleep eventually and had dreamed a heap of whacky stuff.   I remember reading somewhere that if you dream of an animal it's possible you were visited by an alien.  If that's so, then I had half the population of Mars in the bedroom, for my dreams were filled with dogs and more dogs, cavorting about happily.

How many different Teams are there out there, in control of the quantum laser/wireless surveillance?  The criminals here in Sydenham who were initially handed the powerlines by their Mentor Barnabas and his new friend Allen Spence?  The so-called Good guys allowed on board somewhat later - like my Excellent Neighbour, and of late, Sue the Book's young lad, and the Plumber's fine son?
Each different 'team' is there with their own goal?
When he'd said yesterday that the Opposition wish to control and enslave the population, where does that put him?  How could they hope to achieve this without Telkom and the big players in Government?
Strange bedfellows for the DA, but needs must when the devil drives?

Keith Downs hadn't replied to Rajiv's question by the time I shut down the PC yesterday afternoon, although hopefully that oversight will've been rectified when I sign in this morning.. His question had been along the lines of 'Has the ACDP ever applied to George Soros and his Quantum Empowerment Fund for a handout?' and you'll appreciate why I'm so keen to see Keith's reply.

LATER at 8.53am

I feel this deserves to be added to today's update, so here goes... When I checked Keith's post after logging on earlier, it was to find that yes, he'd given his reply to Rajiv's question.  You might want to go check it out for yourselves and see what you think.  Personally, I consider Mr. Downs has got it wrong and that someone in the ADCP has most certainly been accepting handouts from George Soros..  Someone who may have become somewhat nervy by Keith's public exchanges on the matter..  Despite Inboxing the gentleman several times and opening up the FB chatbox, he remains stonily silent.  What could it have been that had him admitted to Entabeni yesterday?  Sudden heart palpitations, perhaps?  Toti is rigged with the quantum laser technology, as I've been down there and seen it for myself.  Had the Controller for Mr. Down's street been tasked to send a few 'extras' over that gentleman's powerlines to render him silent, at least until someone he trusts could approach him and explain the situation?  Will he subsequently go so far as to unFriend me for any reason?

EDIT LATER at 9.32am

Having published today's update, I returned to Facebook to find that thankfully Mr. Downs has indeed replied to my Inboxed messages, and that it was not his heart that took a beating after all. Hopefully there will be more to follow.
Take care out there and


Sunday 23rd February 2014 at 9.19am.