Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A tall order..
(begun Monday 25th February at 4.34am..)

*I kid myself that rabbiting on to you here provides me with some sort of self-preservation, and only time will tell if that's true or not... Interesting to note that the red-herring Landrover parked on Balliram's driveway has had it's breaklights activated all morning.  Much as godschild sometimes runs his, though whether to achieve the same purpose, is unknown.*

Is he running out of ideas?  I'd tottered through here to the desk ten minutes ago to find THIS powerful light next to his aircon units has been set to flash eratically again.. Faulty?  Not a chance.  He'll run it like that for weeks or months at a time, and I guess it enables it to emit a particular frequency that he's after..
I've never forgotten way back when he was busily cooking off the cartilage in my left hand, how there'd been this popping sound right outside these windows, as if something was shorting nearby repeatedly... It had gone on night after night while I'd been enduring the Knives to the Wrist and hand frequency, and the results had been fairly astounding.  When my hand couldn't take any more of his cruel attention it had swelled up, along with my fingers.. My baffled GP (you'll recall that just months before, my elbow had been the focus of the laser-wielding lunatic next door, and had been hit until an infection had set in) had sent me for a scan, which had shown all the cartilage around my thumb had vanished...
I've shared this particularly nasty party trick with you more times than I care to remember, and just in case that's the route the Coward is choosing to go this time, I've shared it once again.

Our Area Controller has had at least eight years. if not longer, to get it right, but with each additional Recruit taken on board, it would appear we fall back to square one...
I'd been put through all manner of tortures yesterday, and at around 4.20pm I'd checked the Musical Car Specialist's driveway to find THIS black Tazz sitting at the foot.  The GameWrecker tells me it's a regular visitor, and judging by the attacks I've been taking, I can only surmise that the Sadist had borrowed the vehicle from a chommie in his efforts to hide his whereabouts, or alternatively, the blue Beemer is hidden in the garage...

Tuesday 25th February at 5.19am.

The flames are already licking my back, and as I put pen to paper, a bunch of hadedas react noisily out in the valley as the airwaves are hastily adjusted... A dull ache arrives over my right temple and my 'tinnitis' turns from a barely noticable background whine, to an invasive shriek... Virtual, my EYE!!
Can I guess?  That Soros already owns the DA, Agang, and quite possibly EFF?  The ANC gets fat handouts from Dubai and the Sheikboyz connections up that way, which leaves me to wonder at the ACDP.
Was it unanimously decided to spurn Georgie's advances and his juicy Quantum Empowerment Fund? Did every last member raise their right hand and agree that the man is a crook and they wouldn't touch his gifts with a barge pole?

Is the ADCP's accounting open to the world?  Would an indepth look at those books show anything untoward?  Freddie?  *studies the Accountant at No. 12.. I've always wondered about your clients, have I not?  If there's one thing I've shown a flair for, it's been leaping to the wrong conclusions, but in this case it's the Wayne thing, and just how deeply he and his extended family are involved in the Smart City surveillance scheme, right down to the Informer over at Block B.   As far as at least some of the ADCP members are concerned, where does their financial assistance come from, and is it open and above-board?  Who paid for Wayne and his family to fly out to the USA?

Is it pure coincidence that the old Intellectual and his views on Soros were silenced pretty much overnight?  Could the theft of Eleanor's pipes the day before, have included a touch of payback for her participation in those Facebook comments on Soros' integrity?  You'll have to forgive me if I'm inclined to connect the sudden downturn of the old man's health, and the intruder who'd scaled a ten-foot wall in Candella Road to nick a few copper pipes, as more than just coincidence... You've got to wonder at the way these Thugs minds work, as neither target would dream of connecting their woes to their recent comments on Facebook, so I figure the entire operation was designed purely to demonstrate to the rest of you, the ease with which dissenters can be dealt with, whether they're aware of it or not...

LATER at 8.35am

Should I beat myself up for not having joined Facebook years ago?  That would be pointless, and I doubt it would've changed my sorry situation in any way.
Whether he was being intentionally kind or not, young Jared had posted what for me is a clincher this morning, and I've Shared it to my wall for your interest.  At long last Snowden has made an open reference to what can only be the quantum laser/wireless surveillance technology, and the horrendous implications this holds for the world's population.  Hurray! (If he doesn't go on to get the Nobel Peace prize, I'll be asking why.)

Jo-Ann Downs?  Why is that name so familiar?  When I'd checked out the ACDP's webpage, I'd discovered that she holds office along with Wayne.. A local girl?  Did she perhaps work alongside Jacquie Subban and Sutcliffe during the intial setup of the neighbour spying on neighbour technology, here in Sydenham and Sherwood?  Does she cling to the misguided belief that the community will use this invasive crud to 'keep an eye on one another?'  What an understatement that is, to be sure..Edit at 7.11pm The penny has just dropped that Ms. Downs must be related to the Intellectual who provided me with such insight last week.  Would I be naive to think that in that case she won't be aware of the quantum laser Project in any way?  Hopefully, that's just what has happened here.
Where does the bulk of the ACDP's funding come from?  Some wealthy church back in the good old US of A? A church that might well funnel Soros' Quantum Empowerment aid through to SA, unseen?

Anyone care to fill Mr. Downs in on this delightful exercise in the total removal of the right to privacy and good health?  Anyone care to explain to him why so many of the people he trusts implicitly are supporting this wickedness 100%?   Would you care to warn that illustrious gentleman that what is probably a standard surgical procedure could go horribly wrong, unless he commits to silence on the matter of Soros and his dealings with the ACDP?  (Have you checked out the number of aerials and panels on the roof at Entabeni Hospital lately?  Should I refer to them as transmitters and receivers?).  I've no doubt whatseover that it's a simple matter to isolate and access a specific Ward or Theatre, and to hop into the wall powerpoints where required.

You were aware of all of this magic when you did that tongue-in-cheek article published in the July 2011 issue of Popular Mechanics..? *looks at Professor Stefanus Roux... Your Tangling with Telecoms piece allowed you to bray of your scientific expertise, and to top it all by saying the quantum technology is perfectly safe, was the cherry on top.  How's about writing the truth of the matter, Stef?  How's about this time, you omit nothing, and you explain your collaboration with Francesco Petruccione and what was back in 2004, the biggest wireless base station in the southern hemisphere? How's about you state publicly that without Telkom's involvement this Project would never have got off the ground?
How's about you concede that when accessing homes stealthily, via their power supplies, the ensuing fluctuating levels of EMR caused by these Agent's fumblings, can be devastating to the homeowner's immune system?
How's about adding the ease with which this sophisticated technology may be abused by the Corrupt to achieve way more than simply surging an occupant's electrical assets to death?  What people don't know, won't have them breaking out in an unnecessary sweat on matters they can't control?  A tad patronising, even for a boffin of your stature, don't you think?

Has our Shadow Minister of Police been run off her feet with electioneering activities?  Too busy to pick up the shrill insect that so often kicks in at her front gates, announcing her arrival or departure to her nearby Street Controller and his/her merry band of Shift Monitors?   If you were to believe that ours is an isolated and exceptional case, and that you yourself are not monitored as you take your bath or shower, or busy yourself with your most intimate ablutions, may I suggest you're in Denial?
I'd also recommend that you pay attention to the staggering weight-loss of so many of my nearby Monitors, who appear to have accepted that they too are on camera, and that the less fatty tissue they carry, the less they'll be detrimentally affected by the levels of unregulated wireless and radiation that they encounter as part of their job.

I'd watched for a while yesterday as the Accountant aka Jesus' Sunbeam at No. 12 had his DStv satellite dish replaced with a shiny silver (rustfree?) specimen..  Are his convent-facing windows covered in protective coating for his family's sake?  Does he spare any thought at all to his young children, since his upgrade, or has he been flattered by his own self-importance into forgetting the face of his father?
I'd been pulling weeds on the first terrace yesterday morning at around 11am, and my teeth, ears, and neck had been protesting at length under the ridiculous levels of monitoring being run..  No sign of the Sadist, and only the red-herring Landy was sitting on his driveway..   A sudden muffled noise and I'd walked over to my stairs in time to see the pretty blue Beemer reverse ever so quietly out of his garage and leave...
Also worthy of note is THIS sturdy-looking clamp/lock that's been installed on his gates.

What's changed, o Masterful One?  Are the rumblings of discontent growing out there, at your use of some of the more physically invasive of Sentech's frequencies?  Not everyone is comfortable with the knowledge that you're now able to violate the females in their homes so intimately?  You'd prefer if I mentioned your good points, and avoided raising your rampant perversions?  A tall order, and one that your daily behaviour discourages me from pursuing...


Tuesday 25th February 2014 at 11.54am.