Saturday, January 18, 2014

Crash & burn...
(begun Sunday 19th January at 4.51am..)

As distasteful as you may find it, it's got to be told.. Since the threat of relocation by eThekwini's version of a Man in Black, my bedroom has never been busier... Think Casbah on a Saturday morning.. Except that in my case the traffic seems to pick up after 2am, at an hour when most honest folk are tucked up snoring... Do any of my assailants catch a few hours kip between 10pm and 2am, and keep their phones on vibrate for a wake-up call?  Do they tippy-toe about to double check their spouse or parents are dead to the world, before settling in a corner and booting up to join their fellow warriors online?

I don't think it's a mistake that I came awake like that.  I've an idea it makes it more interesting for the Sickos to watch the target's reactions to their ministrations...I see that I've logged 2.15am as the point where a wall of BackFire had hit me, along with earache....Casual cruelty, or unavoidable, due to the numbers present? Whatever..
That unpleasantness had morphed swiftly into a euphoric variation of the Fiddler's frequency.. It's difficult to describe, as it's not like the out-of-this-world attention paid directly to the uterus, that would literally leave me gasping for air with delight...  I'd hazard that this one is a slightly dumbed-down version, and the word euphoria covers it nicely...
It's not the first time a session like that has ended in tears either, and I'd shed buckets of them soon after.. Why?  Shame at my enjoyment of the violation that took place?

Like I've said before, there's probably a much more logical explanation, involving whatever hormones I have left, and the fact that they're being affected by this specific weapon in the wireless arsenal...
I'd tottered out of bed around 3am to take a pee, and was given a hefty dose of the Burn and Itch BackFire frequency.. When I'd settled back on Cloud 9 it was to be literally dazzled by the power pouring off the orphanage foyer light HERE... It's right across the far side of the valley, and yet it's as though someone was shining a million-watt light in my face...  It's twin in the booster cage is still somewhat obstructed by all the branches, but by golly, that foyer light more than makes up for it..

At 3.25am I became aware that both of my hands were on fire, and that someone was jabbing away at my ankle, FFS... A few days ago I'd surfaced to find similar attention being paid to my shins and calves, and I figure the intention is to plug away and weaken every inch of my raddled body, so that when I eventually go down, I won't be getting back up anytime soon..
It's now 5.30am, and I'd gone through to fetch a coffee only to find the kitchen was thick with the Backfire frequency.. When I'd gone on into the lounge, I took an almighty punch to the lower spine that lasted like forever, but back here at the desk it's just my back that's on fire... A litany of whines?  Maybe.

I'd like to think I'm providing a few of you with some sort of self-help manual... That on the off-chance you find yourself on the receiving end of a rabid Area Controller and his brainwashed acolytes, you'll recognize at least some of the methods used, to cow you into submission...
I truly think that it's the fear of the unknown that increases your stress to the point where it can trigger all manner of debilitating illnesses, including cancers, and that if you can come to recognize that your pain is being deliberately administered via lasers, by a cheap thug or two nearby, you will deal with it very differently, as I've done...
Sure, cover your bases and get the afflicted area checked out, and if your GP can come up with a diagnosis and a solution that works, all well and good...

If that's not the case, then you're free to be miffed, and to begin to protest audibly in your own home...  And yeah, I can hear your snorts of disbelief and derision at the suggestion that I could be of help in any way.. After nearly a decade, all I've managed to do, is to dig myself a hole so deep and so dark there's no hope of escape, but with you it might be different... My complete lack of logic and commonsense, coupled with my naive gullibility, had the clods of earth flying in the air at a laughable rate...
You, on the other hand, consider yourself to have above-average intelligence, and yet you've not been invited to partake of Mweb's free wifi offer, or to join the Smart City Project.? Will you make the first move, or will you sit like a lamb awaiting slaughter as the ladders go up against your streetlight poles, and fresh scars are carved across your street?

LATER at 6.40am

Once Koos Bekker and his colleagues deem that enough Dawncliffe residents have fallen for their free wifi offer to warrant unleashing additional unregulated amounts of wireless onto the unsuspecting community, will there be noticable signs of it's arrival?
It's a given that there's already a designated Smart City Area Controller or two on that stretch, and that the ultra-short lasers have been flashing between the properties most nights, for a long time...
Will the bigger of the outdoor dogs take to howling mindlessly at specific times of day or night, as their sensitive hearing takes a further battering from the additional wireless?
Though some might take longer than others to accept that pain silently, and some may not survive the onslaught, one has to bear in mind that in the greater scheme of things, these animals may be regarded as cannon-fodder..

Will the powercuts and water runoffs increase, when Mweb's free wifi is unleashed up there?  More inexplicable electrical fires detroying hard-earned assets?  Or will Koosie's contribution arrive silently and without fanfare, causing no more than a few savage migraines or a seizure here and there?
Hey - It's not like you've got a choice any more, but I tend to believe that forewarned is forearmed...
Even if you willingly enlist, there's a great deal of detail surrounding this astonishingly advanced technology that your Recruitement Officer will withhold... Details that you may only come to learn once your character is deemed to have been satisfactorily corrupted into accepting the cruelties and horrors of this wireless weaponry, without demur..

Fark it!  I hear myself, a confirmed simpleton, trying in vain to convince you that our country is now a war zone.. Although the ongoing and brilliantly engineered crime wave makes a hefty contribution to wiring up the entire country, it's the so-called quantum warriors who now rampage across the airwaves, who will ultimately cause the most death and destruction to the population, whether you accept it or not..
Will they tell you that neighbour invading neighbour's privacy will ultimately lead to an ordered and crime-free country?  And will you buy that crock, when you come to realise that No. 303's adolescent son is watching your wife take a shower each day, and sharing the recorded results at random?
That two or three of your nearby neighbours are hanging unseen on the walls of your bedroom, while you and your wife are oblivious to their presence?

Will your Recruitment Officer reassure you earnestly that would never be allowed to happen, and that there are rules in place to see it doesn't?  Why would the residents in the Dawncliffe area be treated so differently to those here in the Zone?
The practise of monitoring and recording the innocent at their most vulnerable and intimate moments and then sharing that data randomly, is one that's going on wherever the groups of quantum laser 'soldiers' are set up...
Why, it's even a certainty that the vodacom Strategist Jannie van Zyl has himself enjoyed more than a few hours of footage stolen from his enemy's home in Craigavon, without her knowledge.. His many crass posts on the now long gone Removal of the iBurst Tower in Craigavon thread over at the mybroadband forum revealed the chap to have a singular lack of respect for the female of the species, putting him firmly on a par with his protege, Collin P. Balliram.
Ah Janneman - If your dear old mum could only see what you're getting up to these days, would she be proud of you?  More importantly, would you care either way?

It's 7.15am, and my Controller paces ostentatiously at his open gates, waiting for his lift to arrive..  Which of the many golf courses will he be gracing with his presence today, as they rig up each hole with the data capturing technology?  More to the point, what levels has he decreed to be run in and around ours during his absence?  Freddie? Alison?  Is it set to be a painful experience for me today, or will a modicum of mercy be afforded me as I continue to beat my old head against a proverbial brick wall?


Sunday 19th January 2014 at 8.38am.