Thursday, September 12, 2013

White Elephant..?
(begun Wednesday 11th September at 11.24am.)

*Three attempts, sans any Error messages, before I could sign in to*

Do I sense a move to speed things up, or is it once again merely my vivid imagination?  And yes, there've been a lot of changes over the past few months since the full-bearded young family man moved in next door to our Operative Balliram, and alas, none of them can be claimed to be pleasant..
Teething problems, as he scrambles to catch up to his fellow recruits nearby, and quite possibly over-compensates as a result?
Does Mr. Patel aspire to be the best Data Collector/Information Thief he can be, or does he have another agenda entirely?  Does he join in all of the humiliating 'virtual' orgies held in ours on most nights of the week, despite his devout appearance?  Has he taken to bullying the Village Bike with fervour, and if so, why?

Would it be unfair to stand him alongside the likes of Mr. Blobby, the pseudo-PAGAD member and Shipping Agent from Mayfield Place?  Has he fallen prey to the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome that seems to be adopted by so many of the recruits to the Smart City Project?  An amiable and yes, devout exterior, that gives way to something else entirely, once he's activated the computerised laser program?
I'm guessing it's been a couple of weeks since some of these recruits changed tack slightly, and began focusing on my gut instead of my reproductive organs..
The area below one's navel that sometimes becomes embarrassingly noisy when you're hungry, or something you ate disagrees with you?   I'll settle for using the word 'gut' if you don't mind, and ja, fine-tuned aerial that I am, I can actually feel the laser-wielder's systematically prodding and poking away at this new area.

Would our newbie have volunteered for this*ahem* tasteless back-door detail, or would he have been ordered to target that area consistently?  Talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous, hey Rezah? *winks... I could at a pinch, question Sr. Petruccione and ask whether he had any ideas on why this frequency is now being used to target that particular area of my anatomy, but I've an idea he'd plead ignorance..
No - My best bet would be the self-professed overqualified ex-Sentech RF Engineer, when it boils down to the cache of little-known wireless weaponry that arrived here in Durban in 2010.. So, Mistuh Isaacs? Is this latest amusement just that?  Entertainment for the brainwashed and addicted troops that use and abuse me as a Live Learning Aid?  Or is there some other hidden goal your employers wish to achieve via these increased and systematic assaults?

While young Mohamed may yet be innocent of participating in the 'virtual' gangbangs that I now endure both day and night, it is a fact that my pain levels have escalated mightily in the last few weeks, and that it's now become common for me to endure Knives to the cancer regularly, at several additional points inside our home.. Has Mo's acquisition of Sutcliffe's FTTH meant a change in the feeds to ours?
You want to look into it Mr. Spence?  I'm beginning to suspect we Suckers down here at the arse-end of Harris Crescent are actually providing a fairly valuable service after all..
Though it's unlikely there'll be many tears shed at my demise, I'd like to know whether your lot have found my replacment yet?  Someone who seldom if ever shuts her mouth, who has a vulnerable and easily targeted cancer, and who has a penchant for giving a live audio critique during the more vicious illegal visitations to our home?
You have such a person waiting in the wings?  Am I to become a white elephant in the near future?  Well bully for you, if you'll pardon the expression, although I think you may be stretching the truth just a tad...

These days your lofty position as Superintendent of Electricity for Durban will hardly allow you the time or even inclination to notice my latest whinges... Nonetheless, I'm going to put it out there anyways, and ask whether you're aware of the bouquet of nasties that Sentech sent down our way in 2010, and just who it is that has control of those previously hidden frequencies?  Do you liaise with the Strategist for vodacom, Mr. Jannie van Zyl, or is he out of your league?
Due to the nature of his particular line of business, our Jannie will most certainly be fully aware of the killer delights that the RF Engineer brought with him to our once fair City, to distribute to all and sundry..

Just how many of these stealthy unqualified home-invading Monitors have by now been gifted with this astounding and precise wireless weaponry, is anyone's guess, but the fact remains that a number of the laser-wielding Data Collectors may now be regarded as genuinely armed and dangerous to a degree that makes the agonies endured by your guinea pigs in the early years, seem like child's play...
You'll have to forgive me if my use of the technical jargon is dodgy, and often incorrect, but I've an idea that many of you who are in the know, understand exactly what it is that I'm trying to describe, and that if you don't, you can figure it out...

LATER at 1.10pm

The GameWrecker trundled through fifteen minutes ago to say that the little fan heater had just switched itself off and back on again.. A student nearby, being guided through our wiring system to practise spiking a specific jackpoint?
Just as the CIA had asserted publicly they could now control their population via their electrical assets? Freddie?  One of your pupils perhaps?  *gags... If only the CIA's statement were the whole truth and not the flagrant whopper-by-omission it turned out to be..
If the blow-by-blow accounts of the wireless-bearing laser attacks on my person aren't enough, I hope you've at least found the time to wade through all my Facebook albums and see for yourselves what can be remotely achieved to corrupt your batteries as well...

That series of pictures I took of the lounge wall behind and next to the TV, that has the air filled with spheres, where each photo is darker than the next, is exactly what happens when you attempt to shoot a photo and the camera's batteries are targeted remotely...
I actually hauled the Olympus out this morning just before bathing, as the air was thick with vicious levels of the Backfire frequency. I only took five or six pictures but I managed to catch THIS tennis-ball sized orb sitting on the wall of the lounge, at the end of the passage..Oops!
When I'm on the move inside the house, that's the most likely place for a Peeping Tom to sit, as they can see straight away which room to jump to next, and there it was - Bingo!

Has Missus Balliram noticed the broken wall at the valley end of the Bunker?  I only discovered it the day before yesterday, and have no idea when that was achieved... Some of you may recall how a few years ago Agent Baliram had suggested it was easy access to our garden from the valley that allowed criminals to get onto his property..*chokes.. He'd hired a bloke to raise the precast wall from his deck down to the boundary, and I'd taken shots of it afterwards to show just what a shoddy job had been done.. They'd left gaps between several of the panel slats, and it looked as though the new panels would fall over at the tap of a finger...
They haven't, until now.. Will the Accounts Manager of Merc Pinetown suggest that panel landed in our garden due to a monkey?

You may note all the concrete fixer HERE that's been broken off and left on the sides, and I'd suggest that it had taken rather more force than the weight of a vervet to knock that panel off... That breakage has in fact returned neat LOS right the way through to Casim's at No. 2, and is also now an easy route for one of Balliram's Wall Jumpers to use to get into our garden and 'adjust' the signal enhancers at leisure..
Someone light and wiry could be over in seconds, once the Boss had established remotely that the homeowner's were snoring soundly...
Add it to my endless list of grumbles? Nope, I rather like having that view back again, and with all those fake cctv cameras now adorning his property, el Monstro couldn't claim to miss seeing an independent's arrival ...

Did you see in the Times that we've recruited 34 Cuban Water Engineers and hydrologists to assist with the looming water crisis?  Hau!!  Where will they be deployed, FFS?  Three or four to each province? Is Cuba already wired to the world-wide quantum laser surveillance Grid?  Are they au fait with stuffing fibre optics through sewage, stormwater, and potable waterlines, as is currently being done across South Africa?  If you shoot a photo in central Havana, are the pictures filled with floating spheres?
It wouldn't surprise me if this were so, as I appear to have been sound asleep for at least a decade, if not more..  Oblivious to the fact that Spence's so-called sophisticated computerised anti-cable theft technology was in fact a surveillance system so advanced that I'm betting a good many of you still can't get your heads around the concept.. I was also oblivious to the fact that this technology was initially given to organised crime bosses and druglords, to assist them in starting to systematically destabilise the country.. Totally unaware that Balliram wasn't alone on his powerline visits to ours, and that he brought many of his nearby students along with him, causing us immeasurable pain and discomfort..
Yeah - I certainly slept through some important events, but I'm awake at last, and my curiosity is undiminished...

LATER at 6.20pm

It's that nippy right now that I'm wrapped up in my full winter gear, including a scarf... I love the dark as you well know, and I've only just heaved myself up from dozing in front of the TV to put the lights on and draw the curtains... I walked into my bedroom and leant over to pat the dog, and my icy cheeks hit a wall of heat right there. WTF?  Anyone care to clue me in on that particular piece of 'perfectly safe' sorcery?  Pouring straight down out of the ceiling light fitting, was it?  I swear it was like a funnel of heat, as the air on either side of it was the same temperature as my face...
Something else, that like the vicious ongoing assaults we guinea-pigs endure, you will insist is only VIRTUAL heat, or are VIRTUAL attacks, and cause us no lasting damage?  You're going to stick to that one for as long as you can get away with it, right?


Thursday 12th September 2013 at 4.14pm.