Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More harm than good...
(begun Wednesday at 3.15am..)

*It took me two tries to get into blogger, and it would suggest that my update is being diverted to more than just my nearby Operative neighbour?  As I typed today's title, the pink Error bar popped up as per usual...Don't any of them understand the meaning of COVERT?*

As far as I know, that odd background hum coming from the direction of the Bunker isn't made by his aircon units, and I've the feeling he'd like to dumb it down right now, but can't...
Let's see how much I can get done before it does my head in completely...
First off, the latest increase in abuse finally had me losing it late yesterday afternoon, and at about ten to five I'd sent just the one text to our Superintendent of Electricity for Durban, Allen Spence.  It said: 'Smart City comms system or Government surveillance? Both?  Levels in and outdoors just took off and all fillings and cancer screaming.  I bet you'll say its out of your hands. Gross. Sent at 5.56pm Jane.' Hmm, typically I'd gotten it wrong, and it had been 4.56pm, but no worries.

It took a while before my fillings had finally stopped their jangling, and the extreme Backfire frequency had taken even longer to subside to a bearable level, but by 7.35pm I suddenly realised I was feeling pathetically grateful..
The increase in attacks on my metal-filled mouth is a mistake, however amusing Balliram finds it. Even Spence would've recognized straight away that there has to be huge levels of wireless running to achieve that effect, and when I'd walked out of the courtyard at 3pm onto the side path, I swear every nerve end in my fat mouth had shrieked, and whatever was causing that was coming straight off of the Chickencoop at No. 6.
Any visible changes since I sent that text out just before 5pm?  When I'd gone to let the GameWrecker in well after 6pm, it was to find THIS big wall light next to Balliram's aircon units was finally running properly, and was no longer dumbed down as it's been for weeks.

The other difference was the sound of one of his squeaky enhancer devices that had kicked in on the front lawn last night, just before I'd headed to bed.  They've been oddly silent lately, so that had come as a surprise as well...
This morning I find the big light on Balliram's garage wall (that shines into this room) has also been corrected to push out it's standard strength, and there's not been so much as a squeak from my fillings... (Edit: Alas, the filling frequency had arrived back at 6.45am, as I'd stepped out of the bath).
Am I appeased?  Are you nuts?  Those texts that were flying between me and Sue the Book in the early hours of yesterday morning, while godschild was doing his thing on the verge?
They'd included the fact that someone had let themselves into No. 11's property at around 5pm on Monday, had strolled past the female security guard (who'd apparently sprinted up to the servant's quarters and locked herself in), and he'd then proceeded to head down the internal stairs into Sue's back yard, where he picked up an old security gate that was lying there, and headed back out with it, unchallenged....

Petty enough to go unmentioned?  You think?  It was 5pm folks.  A time when I'm generally going through hell as the airwaves are thrown open for the evening's entertainment, and the Smart City surveillance technology is cranked up to operate at it's full potential..  And yet no-one saw the thief and sounded the alarm?  Or was it much like the Lucas Holtzhausen case, and the intruder was being watched via the streetlight monitoring devices as I suspect, but the situation was allowed to play itself out?  There's so much activity going on over our powerlines at that time of day, in order to capture our every last movement for the record, that crime, no matter how minor, becomes secondary and is ignored?

I guess it's time to remind you of those three letters I'd hand-delivered down to the Electricity Department soon after the white boxes were strapped to our streetlight poles. Given in to the safe hands of Howard Whitehead's Secretary, Rosemary Naidoo, to be chuckled over and tossed aside?
Around the same time that Allen Spence had stood on my verge and assured me that the added devices to the poles were part of a highly-sophisticated computerised system designed to prevent cable theft.  Are you listening, FFS? As I reminded you recently, the Muni's Mike Oliver had eventually arrived, presumably in response to those letters I'd written, and had said he didn't know what the white boxes were for, but that they were empty.  A blatant lie, as I'd come to see for myself...   Oliver, HERE, had been back some weeks later with five vehicles to protect him HERE, and had finally removed the two offending boxes...

At no point did this employee of the Electricity Department's Security Division mention that the boxes belonged to Telkom, and at no point were the words wireless or Smart City Project uttered... Going on nine years later, and what the now Superintendent of Electricity for Durban had referred to as anti-cable theft technology, is clearly not functioning as it should..
What more could I have done?
Incoherent to a fault, and with my old man working in Mount Edgecombe and oblivious to all this skullduggery, I'd done the best I could...
Why would those officials lie to me like that, unless they were hiding something?
Why would Mike Oliver from their Security Division arrive with FIVE vehicles to back him up, and tell me he didn't know what those boxes were, and later, that they were empty.?

Still chuckling, Allen?  As amusing as you found it back then, to tell me you were trialling anti-cable theft technology on our little stretch of Harris Crescent, along with Cato Crest, did you ever foresee what would happen once you'd handed over total control of our powerlines to Agent Balliram and his then colleague, Station Commander Glen Nayager?
Even our DA Shadow Minister of Police must be aware of Sydenham Station's reputation and of their control by a local Druglord, one Earl Michael Barnabas?
Why would the Muni authorities be quite so keen to install the Smart City technology unless the Intelligence Department were involved?
Mo Shaik it was at the time, who'd developed a cosy relationship with Barnabas (confirmed) and Jackie Selebi who'd seen to it that an Airwing chopper was assigned solely for Nayager's use... The very same chopper that continues to dance across the Kwa Zulu skies as it assists the installation of the Smart City surveillance technology right across the province...

If Dianne KB was previously unware of all this, hopefully someone has seen fit to fill her in, although all of that should be fairly simple to confirm...
No - The cause of my concern right now is the thought that Missus KB  has not been given the finer details of this vast intelligence-gathering operation, and that she is blissfully unaware that her own privacy has been violated, never mind that of her associate, Jethro Lefevre...
Why on earth would they believe me, when her own colleagues are scrambling to deny my claims?
Why would Councillor Meyers or Dean Macpherson not sit her down and describe EXACTLY how it works, if they haven't done so already?

Is there a fear that she wouldn't take kindly to being a part of a link in the Smart City grid, and that her own power supplies may now be accessed at the tap of a computer key, and her privacy invaded without her knowledge?  I'd tread softly here, Cllr Meyers, if I were you, for she only needs to hear the giveaway click of an unused wall-hjack to know she has uninvited visitors in her home... Will you introduce her to the official Area Controller for her stretch of the lines?  Will she find him/her charming and plausible, despite their lack of qualifications to safely manage the feed of electricity to her home?
Will she be persuaded to believe the whopper that the system is perfectly safe, despite that the Sydenham community alone has more than proven this to be a lie?

What chance do I possibly have of being heard, when even the brilliant Vanessa Burger has fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker?  Could Dianne in all faith remain silent if she were to come to understand the full extent of this inhumane Experiment?  That neighbour is being recruited to spy on neighbour across the entire country, and that the unregulated mast emissions required to operate this Smart City technology are set to cull the population on a grand scale?
Hell, after nine years you've got your Damage Controllers out there in every walk of life, have you not, Mistuh van Zyl?  *studies the Telkom strategist..   Right down to the local Microwave Boffin's own wife, who'd shrieked conspiracy theorist so shrilly, the minute I'd attempted to alert my community to the truth, out on Facebook..

The Macphersons and Meyers can be trusted to reassure our Shadow Minister of Police that the Good guys have the situation in hand, and that no doubt they will see to it that her own lines are not accessed.. Utter bullshyte, and there will already be a great deal of footage on both Di and Jethro, stored in that Data bank in the sky... Have both of these good people been hastily whispered to, over the past couple of months?  Have they judiciously been filled in to the 'possibility' that they are on camera and audio 24/7? How long will it be before they start experiencing strange jabbing pains to various parts of their bodies, or the dry explosive cough that denotes rather too much of the Throat Choker frequency flooding into their homes?

Are Roux and Petruccione working on dumbing down the levels of wireless required to effectively monitor the entire population?  Not from where I'm standing, they aren't...
Sure, in a decade or so, you may have effectively ridden yourself of many of the worst who pork out in the Ruling Party, but I have to ask whether you'll be around to see this magical transformation, and whether it will simply be replaced by a different set of thieves....
Are you going to allow yourselves to be brainwashed into a near-fanatical state, where you're prepared to be a martyr to this extremely questionable Cause?

You're happy to die trying?  And who will your new Masters be, at the end of the day?  Will they escape the engineered callous insensitivity that's become the order of the day among the so-called Data Collectors/Information Thieves and their recruits?  How?
When even the kindest-hearted most well-intentioned of these soldiers are able to sit back silently and watch as their fellow man and beast are mercilessly targeted by the crueller of the laser program Operatives?
A personal vendetta? Hardly.  Apart from his penchant for sadistic voyeurism, there are areas where we're more alike than I care to admit, although I'd be surprised were you not to see for yourselves that Agent Balliram is indeed a psychopath, and that he has done your beloved Project more harm than good...


Wednesday 28th August 2013 at 9.34am.