Saturday, August 10, 2013

(begun Saturday 10th August at 9.15am..)

The Gamewrecker tells me that about an hour ago, and without any warning, the microwave had died on him...  As we're the demonstration model for the Sitting Ducks that you all have become, I'm sure you're hardly surprised at the news... Hit the suckers steadily where it hurts the most, and eventually you'll achieve the desired levels of stress, hey Mikey?
Who'd you call, once I'd mailed you a couple of times, and rattled your cage?  Unlike the two or three mails I'd foolishly sent to the Microwave Boffin and his wife years ago, in an attempt to warn them that I suspected some sort of surveillance was being carried out in Sherwood, with criminals at the helm.   Classic!!

So ja, who did our crooked ex-City Manager contact with regard to the less than a handful of mails I've so far directed his way, giving him my addie and titles relevant to his corruption?  Good old Allen Spence, who's no doubt eternally grateful for being given his Superintendent of Electricity for Durban title, and the hugely inflated remuneration that would go with it?  Or possibly his good buddy and collaborator, Frankie Petruccione, up at the Physics Department at UKZN?
Who was it that had soothed the scrawny bugger's ruffled feathers and reminded him that although litigation in my case wasn't an option, there are now a hundred ways of dealing with those who would rock this particular gravy boat?

Who had reminded Sutcliffe of the ease with which our computerised waterlines may be surged and our property in areas, covered by sewage effluent? Who'd jogged our Mikey's memory on the army of Wall Jumpers who now dance to the Project's bidding, and could cause any manner of destruction to a dissenter's property and assets such as the Gamewrecker's Polo?
Will the Town Clerk be mollified to hear that our microwave is the latest asset to be damaged via a deliberate spike, as part of the ongoing payback operations? (Edit:  discovered to be a blown fuse, later in the day.  It remains to be seen whether this can be replaced, and the device itself put back in working order).
Suing your average ratepayer for daring to speak the truth on the despicable little fellow's character is now passe, and unless the source of the so-called defamation is wealthy, there's no point in going after them through the Courts, when there are so many more subtle means of expressing your self-righteous indignation, and I'm betting we ain't seen nothin yet, as they say...

Which of you was on Shift when that surge singled out our microwave oven with such ease?  Was Jannie van Zyl's sadistic Stooge here in the South coaching my Excellent Neighbour on the art of spiking homeowner's electrical assets at the time...?  A skill vital to the soldiers of this cowardly Yellow Army, if full control over the masses is to be achieved, and one necessary if she is to continue to rise through the ranks...
If she were ordered to play a part in that nastiness, would she share that information with godschild, and if so, how would he react?  Satisfaction, or disgust?  Judging by the powerful newly-installed neon strip above their back door, I'd have to guess that he's come to regard us like the rest of you, as deserving of all the engineered mischief we endure, although the Devout will be the first to tell you they do not judge their fellow-man..

If however, she played no part whatsoever in the microwave's demise, would she be offended that she's even on my suspect list?  One would hope that not to be the case, and that as Intellectuals, they will see this rat regarding every corner of her cage with suspicion, and justly so...
Was Balliram irritated by the text I'd sent my Good Neighbour on Thursday, just before I'd joined the GW in his Polo?  I'd asked that she keep an eye on ours, had I not?  Was that a part of the reason that our appliance had to die this morning?  Merely a reminder that I may look to no-one at all for assistance, least of all the kind people at No. 10?

LATER at 10.05am

The GameWrecker has just been through to say he can't warm up my teatime hot-cross bun, and I demonstrated to him that where there's a will, there's a way.. A fairly simple matter to steam it over boiling water on the stove for a minute or two, and voila! it's just as I prefer it...
I've no idea how many years our Excellent Neighbour has been a fully-active Monitor in our home, but I'd remind her of the appalling abuse carried out regularly during the engineered blackouts and surges sent to our lines, and of the losses we incurred regularly during the early years...  I doubt there's an appliance in our home that hasn't had to be replaced or mended at some point, thanks to the diligent show-off attentions of her so-innocent and amiable Tutor, Balliram.

It's also hoped she's noted that the end results are not the desired stress and depression, but rather a pragmatic attitude to these ongoing and so obviously engineered mischiefs... We'd watched a re-run of Starman (one of my all-time faves) on the box yesterday, and each time the reel appeared to break and the screen go black, our amusement had increased, as opposed to our irritation, although at that point it must be said the weather was closing in, and could've been to blame for the cuts...

I spent an hour or so earlier this morning catching up on the various Caxton publication's Letters pages, as well as the Weekly Gazette...
This week their journo had done a piece on the merits/evils of thumping your kids when they step out of line, and I'm happy to say I agree with her sentiments entirely... Well, almost entirely.. Unfortunately, I'd gagged a bit at the end, where she'd said that Government has no right to interfere on what goes on in your home.. Erm - Beg pardon, Se Anne, but WTF is Sutcliffe's Smart City surveillance project doing, if it's not invading your privacy, and that of your neighbours?
That's somehow different? How?  You'd think I'd have grown inured to the hypocrisy and lies surrounding this technological miracle of control and surveillance, and should after all these years take such remarks in my stride...
Do you wish me to believe that Government no longer have control over this system, and that it's the so-called Good Guys now running the show?  A sobering thought indeed, under the circumstances...

Like I said in a previous and recent blog, the amiable W/O Maluleke of the Pretoria Hawks Unit knew exactly what I was going on about when I'd raised the subject of the PRISM technology, and surely he could safely be regarded as 'Government?'
As a lower-life form and plaything for the Recruits to the Yellow Army, there was never a chance I'd get to hear the finer details of your collective indoctrination, and even if I were to be told the truth, chances are I'd choke at the ease with which you've been bamboozled...  There is after all, no heinous crime or cruelty as wicked as the sin of stupidity, hey Se Anne?  A sin I lay claim to, fair and square, mainly due to the fact that it's taken me well over eight years to finally figure out what is being done to the South African population, and to accept that my credibility is non-existent to the point where good people regard our suffering as deserved..

As my Friend on Facebook, would you stick your neck out and attempt to tell me what, if anything, is GOOD about Sutcliffe's Smart City/PRISM Project?  Would you be able to convince all those unfortunate ratepayers up in Lauth Road, Pinetown, who lost so many of their expensive electrical appliances mid-July, that this Operation is ultimately for their benefit?  An ongoing surge that ensured their assets were destroyed, and that they could expect no compensation from the Municipality?   Would they be comforted to hear that along with their fridge and TV, they have also lost their basic right to privacy and good health, as the crews fumble to wire up each and every apartment and house on that stretch?

Would Councillor Tim Brauteseth be aware if any of his constituents on that street have kicked the bucket since July 11th? Whether any of them have taken to suffering migraine-like headaches, or petite mal seizures in the interim?
Has the Councillor been warned by his DA Superiors to tread softly on that particular matter, and not shout too loudly for justice to be done?   Has our Shadow Minister of Police begun taking more of an interest in the Smart City technology of late, or is she carefully kept too busy to find the time to poke around for answers?

Has the fresh-faced Ward 31 Councillor realised yet the enormity of the task he's been set?  That it's no exaggeration to say that his health is at risk, simply because he's encroaching on the Druglord Michael Barnabas' fiefdom here in Sydenham?  Barnabas, who figuratively speaking, sits at Mo Shaik's right hand when it comes to the SA equivalent of the PRISM surveillance technology, and it's saturation here in the Zone..
Forewarned is forearmed young man, and any odd symptoms you may acquire, should be regarded as being achieved by your enemies over the powerlines that feed into your home..
If you have a cordless phone, you may care to take Professor Leonard Els' advice, and bin it immediately..
You can get him up at the Pietermaritzburg Uni, if you wish to verify that those devices are way more of a risk to your health than a cellphone...
The convenience of a cordless phone is apparently far out-weighed by the risks to your health, and that's just for starters..

You may rest assured that you have regular company in your home, whether it's denied or not.. That an ordinary civilian who lives nearby, has been issued with a fake security clearance, and is tasked to monitor your home when you're in residence... No, not a qualified Intelligence Officer FFS, but a run-of-the-mill guy or gal with a flair for internet technology, and one who has mastered Sentech/Petruccione's computerised laser program.. Smile for the cameras laddie, you're on centre-stage...


Saturday 10th August 2013 at 2.10pm.