Saturday, February 02, 2013

A challenge...
(begun Saturday 2nd February at 5.30am...)

*The jucheck.exe icon had flashed up when I signed into blogger earlier, and it continues to flash on the bottom bar as it requests my permission to ... what? I forget, but there's no chance I'l touch it...*

Here's a quickie for you..   It was probably around 9.30am yesterday, when I was busy updating my blog online, and you can see for yourselves I'd remarked on the sudden arrival of the little banner that bobbed up to say my Tweetdeck had crashed, and to Click X to restart the app.?  Was that pretty much the exact time that Agent Frost had signed up to follow me on Twitter?  If I'd gone ahead and clicked that X, would I have seen that I had a member of a Fraud Unit following me, and when I log on later today will I find that Martin has finally responded to my tweet?  What do you think?

LATER at 8.20am

Are my Controller's inevitable howls of protest at his innocence in anyway confirmed by the continued deactivation of his gate motor, and the arrival of a team of industrial and residential plumbers to work on his property on Thursday?  Anything at all to do with his attempts at creating an alibi to hide his criminally abusive behaviour?  Does he continue to trot out the lame 'the frequency levels have to be higher to circumvent the now overgrown laser paths in No. 8's garden?'  Bullshit, and I'd aver that's got little if anything to do with the quality of Eavesdropping in our home.. Besides, my request that godschild be permitted to show me where to clear the desired routes for the lasers was met by a stony silence, and the Pig himself only got around to having his garden cleared last week.   If he's too afraid to do his own dirty work, you can guarantee he's orchestrating the appalling levels being run into ours, non-stop.

Once I'd finished updating my blog, I'd gone over and written to Director Holson Mbhele as promised, and here's the letter I sent him:

Hi there.

I promised I'd write and try and explain why you'll be getting the odd text from me day or night, advising you of the shocking levels of wireless being flooded into our home.  I always add the time to my texts, so that you can see when the assault was actually taking place.

May I assume that in your position, you're fully aware of the laser/wireless 'communications' technology set up between Sutcliffe, Petruccione at UKZN, and Stef Roux?   That you're aware that every home in each suburb is being linked together to form a chain that is controlled by a designated Area Controller via their power supplies?

I have no idea whether Glen Nayager ever told you that at least three homes (ours included) here at the bottom of Harris Crescent were to be rigged up in 2005, as Learning Stations, without the owners knowledge?  Homes that were destined to be accessed via their power supplies by the Area Controller for our section, one Collin P. Balliram, where he could teach the local youth the arts of hacking and employing the laser/wireless program to steal personal data from the occupants.   Data that would be fed back to a satellite and stored for safe-keeping.
May I reassure you that none of my claims are provable, although you may care to visit my Facebook page at Jane.Lovejoy.37 to view my two photo albums and see for yourself what now hangs in the very air that we breathe.   I have posted some very ordinary photos in between those of the spheres, to show that there is nothing technically the matter with either of my two cameras.

After eight years of facing the enormously fluctuating levels of power and wireless that flood our home each time Balliram and his students arrive to practise their skills, we now endure enormous pain caused by some of the more favoured frequencies.. It is when this criminal Area Controller Balliram (Nayagers erstwhile IT expert) chooses to deliberately cause me so much additional physical pain that I've resorted to sending out those pitiful texts to a list of people in the know.

Allen Spence is one of them, and I recently added Logie Naidoo to the list, so when a text flies in from me at say, 2am in the morning, you should be aware that I am under attack, and letting you all know.  Although there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop this inhumane and criminal behaviour or the complete removal of our right to privacy and good health, I'm of the opinion that it's better to share this information than to remain silent.  

If, as I say, the levels of EMF are so high, why have none of the occupants of these three illegally recruited homes succumbed to cancer and died?  I can only guess that we have proven to be too useful in other areas, and that the outright killer frequencies have so far been avoided.  Unlike those currently being used against the Officers of the Durban Organised Crime Unit at Cato Manor, as they are picked off one by one with 'heart attacks'.

Who is monitoring the Monitors, Holson?  I figure you know the answer is no-one, leaving these Thugs to rampage across the country causing misery and often death.
If Sheila Mason still works with you I'd be obliged if you would show her this mail.    Both of you should stay safe in these dangerous days.    Jane.

After hitting Send, I'd advised the Director by text that I'd sent him mail, and requested it be given to his colleague to read as well...  You will see, Agent Frost, that I go to great lengths to share with you all, and that just about every suspicious thought that flies into my cooked head will inevitably make it's way onto these pages for your collective enjoyment/interest...How could I possibly have anything to hide after eight years of living under a microscope?

Sunday 3rd February at 3.47am

They're keen for sure.  Millie says it's like there's more than one of them, and never mind the teeth-grinding levels of BackFire frequency, I just took a jab to the left ovary area as well....  Right now this minute, my face is suddenly on fire.. Just a soupcon of serious intent there, Chop?   
Yesterday's weather had been near perfect, and a cool breeze had blown through the house all day.  By the time I'd finished cutting the front, I was still good to go, and had hauled the ladder out and propped it against the wall below my Excellent Neighbour's Booster shed.  
Remember how I told you I'd discovered the earth had come away from a mysterious 2" diameter pipe on top of our stone retaining wall, and that I'd called my Good Neighbour to ask if he'd mind tipping a bucket or two of earth over there, if he got the chance?

He hadn't had the time, and the hole was even bigger HERE... So I dug and lifted earth until I'd filled the darned thing, and then I'd tamped it all down with my not inconsiderable body weight, and took a couple more pictures to see how long it stays filled.. I also managed to get a pic of the 2foot-odd rainbow/silver 'snail trail' that snaked up the pre-cast wall directly above where the pipe feeds down into the ground.. *winks... I've not yet checked the results, but I doubt the Panasonic would've captured the full effect where the light fell on it...    Anyway, job done, and it'll be interesting to see how long before that hole is back...

I'd headed over to the Cato Manor Facebook page to check for updates, and had found the Snowman everywhere... *blinks... He's based in the UK?  Down the corridor from the Boys in Blue at Scotland Yard?    
Be that as it may, he hasn't replied to my tweet, and I guess I'm not about to find out more details anytime soon... 

Don't those smarmy Eskom TV ads get your goat, as they exhort you to turn off everything you're not using so that they can stuff more money into their pockets and throw even more lavish parties? *snarls...
I'd come in here at about 4.30pm to fetch something, when I'd heard the aircon unit roaring by der Bunker.. WTF? No cars visible on their drive, had me curious enough to take my camera out to investigate... Hard to tell which of THESE two was making that noise, and the windows were all shut up tight.. That's another first, although the GW said later maybe the girls were home, and had shut up shop to keep it cool inside the house.. You think?   *winks...  
I find I've filled three whole pages of my logbook with the assaults I endured yesterday alone.. Some sort of record?  
Even I find it hard to believe the Coward would go to ground in the Chickencoop for the entire day, merely to take his venom out on this Idiot.. Am I really worth such concentrated malice?
My repeated audible requests that the mischief be stopped were met with ja, you guessed it, still more savagery, which I confess has always been Balliram's trademark approach... Sadly, he has enough trained monkeys nearby that he could conduct and orchestrate such appalling behaviour while keeping his own filthy hands ostensibly clean.. *shrugs...

Has anyone ever muttered to you confidentially, that you aught to do something about your breath?  Did a part of you cringe in horror at the thought of how many people you'd unwittingly offended, prior to your being told that you have a problem?  You bet it did..
Hey, it's not the end of the world, and I'm betting it can be fixed, unlike the Abomination I carry with me, that's taken to leaving the stench of death floating behind me as I go about my business...
As I've told you, Millie the Gross weeps copiously at all the added attention my Master pays her, and if you factor in the heat of summer as well, I am, to put it tactfully, seldom nice to be near...
Will that cloud of eau de rotte continue to follow me, even when the cooler weather arrives? I would guess that's a yes, and that it's simply another part of the consequences earned for my own horrendous stupidity.. *yawns...   
If I were to write to the richest man in South Africa and explain to him that St.Theresa's convent/school/orphanage has been converted into an Experiment Station for the laser/wireless surveillance project, and that the Sisters have been exiled as a result of this, do you think he'd funnel a couple of mil into rehousing them nearer home?  Is he as genuinely kind as his Grand Gesture would have me believe, or was the idea suggested to him by someone else, for entirely different reasons?   I suppose it doesn't really matter as long as the money donated actually reaches the deserving... (*See today's Sunday Times for Ben Trovato's take on the matter)

Are you keeping up with the photos I post on Facebook?  I added more pictures to both albums a few days back, and though my comments are probably stilted, they should at least give you an idea of what's going on down here..  
I'd kill to be able to load my backlog of CD's on Facebook for your entertainment, but Balliram's Grey Gobbler Virus would eat up the cream of the crop, so it's still not a viable option..
I'll hang onto them in the hopes that the likes of the Snowman will one day have the cojones to contact me, and the skills to circumvent that nasty techno tweak, in which case I would happily donate the lot to him... As a history of the Experiment's arrival here in the Zone, those disks have got to be unique... Quite possibly Investigator247 has the necessary talent to edit that mountain of pictures and create some sort of museum display for the flocks of indoctrinated sheep to enjoy?   I must go turn off the lights..

LATER at 6am

I took some more pictures of the genetically modified (?) laser-attracting moss that I've allowed to remain on the concrete floor of the courtyard HERE.  To the naked eye, the difference between the applications of what becomes the moss, and what becomes the Physcia Grisea, are quite startling, though my photo results let me down on that score..  One can clearly see the circles of bright green substance applied to create the moss, and right next to them are the white circles of what rapidly turns into physcia grisea...  Both appear to contain some sort of accelerant, and if you had the time and patience, I bet you could actually watch them spreading before your eyes...

I went up top just now to see if the Times had arrived, and I got me THIS seemingly unremarkable picture of at least one of the lights running from the nunnery since the Sister's expulsion... Even enlarging the results gives no suggestion of the enormous power that's pumping out of those lights, but you'd better believe it, as the gung-ho Operative uses them to imply it was due to his request and the weight he carries, that those unfortunate Sisters were sent packing to the sticks...
Damned if I don't know the Pig better than his own Missus...


Sunday 3rd February 2013 at 9.16am...