Sunday, November 04, 2012

Doing my bit..
(begun Saturday 3rd November at 4.95am..)

The big black dog next door was going bananas at 12.45am, like he'd cornered an intruder, but when it sounded like Buddy joining in from No. 11, I'd decided it was cats setting them off... The vile BackFire frequency had been thick in the air when I'd finally gotten to bed around 10pm, and I'd asked politely enough that it be turned down..
Was it my imagination or did it indeed lessen just a fraction? *bolt-eyed...
Whatever.  When I'd woken again later, those levels had been right back up, and I question why my family have to be subjected to such hefty doses of something that's clearly not good for you.. *mutters...

Did the concentrated remote attack on my car's battery on Monday night do more damage than I'd first thought?  She'd run without a hitch when I took her out with the new battery on Thursday, and yet when the old man took her yesterday, he said she was over-heating and leaking water underneath.. *blinks.. An amazing coincidence, or some sort of follow-up corruption achieved via the garage jack point?
As promised, I'd hauled out the biggest aloe plant from next to the stairs and replanted it by the garage wall in line with the electrics, but by then the additional damage to my car had already been done.. With my Controller ducking and diving, It'd be stretching it to accuse him of this additional bit of mischief, but I'll do it anyway...   If indeed the Cowardly Chop did a runner in the early hours of Tuesday morning, he's arranged for his second-in-command to run some seriously hectic levels of BF in his absence, and I wonder briefly how the Accountant at No. 12 would cope were he to endure just a fraction of what I'm feeling right now.. *yawns..

LATER at 4.50am

It appears that the cat is away after all, and this mouse was just left to freely snap pictures of both the back and the front of the house unmolested.. The NATs near der Bunker stayed astonishingly silent as I'd wandered about the front lawn in the dawn's grey light, though one of them had eventually kicked in on Freddie's side of the yard.. Success?  Nothing caught in the front, but much luckier in the back, where you can see a sphere hanging in the sky next to my Good Neighbours garage HERE and several orbs by the birdbath HERE, on our first terrace...

I'm guessing Balliram's stand-in is under orders to keep those laser showers to a minimum, but due to the liberal amount of attractors saturating the area, I was guaranteed to get lucky anyway... Have you tried it yet?
Nipped into Garbutt or Harris after dark, and stopped your car long enough to snap a dozen or so shots randomly in the air?  Pull up outside ours at No. 8 and aim towards the orphanage on the little hill across the way, and snap away as many as you can, moving fractionally each time... You could take as many as fifty shots and still find only one picture showing the orbs, but it's well worth the effort.. I tend to take at least 20 at a time and then go through them, deleting, and I only keep those that are really worth it...

It's now 5.05am and light out, and oddly enough the BF levels have dropped to negligible, though my Christmas Beetle chorus shrieks shrilly in my ears, and I don't see me getting this update finished anytime soon... Cheers..

LATER at 6am

I've been up top taking random pictures again, without any remote interference to the camera at all...Down here in the back room the BF has disappeared for the moment, despite that Balliram's powerful wall enhancer is still active a few yards from where I sit... Using my head clearly disagrees with me, and I find I'm already exhausted at this early hour, so I'm off for a laydown..

LATER at 10.35am

I was crossing the lounge at about 8.l5am when I had an odd turn and hastily sat down in case I blacked out.. WTF was that about? *looks at Fred... Was the Pig sitting breathing over your shoulder at the time, or had my system simply spasmed briefly from the overdose of EMF flooding our home?  The house alarm had gone off twice next door just after 9am, and I'm guessing Missus Courageous had pulled out and someone was juggling to reset the link to No. 12 and ours...
Despite the usual derisive banter on the quality and contents of my pictures, he'd finally managed to get twenty of them in my inbox and once again I sent them on to the Rocket Scientist and published one of them here on my blog... It makes little difference to me what you make of them.. I know that they are an integral part of a combination of technologies that's causing pain and devastation across the Zone, and to be able to actually see anything, is a minor miracle..
Hopefully all twenty will be available to the Chosen on request, and that you won't stand for refusal.. Flash on Auto, point and bloody shoot julle, and for every twenty that reveal nothing, it's number twenty one that'll delight you with a sphere.. I can take a dozen and simply get the trees and the dark sky, and then the next one will reveal swarms of them, so keep trying and you'll get lucky for sure..

Am I in the dog box?  Is the political science student narked at the suggestion she carries a Tracker sphere about with her, and that it's not some mark of spiritual protection after all?  As I've no way of knowing just how her personal orb appears in photos, I can only guess that it's pretty near identical to a lot of the ones in my pictures, and of course I have questions.. Questions that quite possibly could be answered by the elusive halicon/douglas, bearing his pseudo-NIA clearance certificate...

I was looking (futilely as it turned out) for a contact address for Barrie Trower, in the hopes that I might entertain him with a few of my pictures... During my search I was reminded that he had once visited Botswana, and only now does it occur to me that the Experiment Authors may have set up their initial trials in those smaller, so-called Independent countries, well before they descended on South Africa..*nauseous..
The more I think of it, the more sense it makes, and it would certainly answer the puzzle of the personal tracker ball...
Does carrying around a live satellite feed device 24/7 not ultimately impact badly on her health?  Are there not occasions when she suddenly grows so hot she feels she might spontaneously combust?  *interested..
Abomination that she is, Millie at least sounds the alarm with extreme accuracy, giving me time to note the specific attack and to cry foul... Not so with the young activist and again, I'd suggest she check her white blood cell count regularly just in case...

Apart from a slap in the face for my cheek on Monday night,  was the would-be Intelligence Operative looking ahead to tomorrow's planned coffee-break, when he unleashed his battery-draining frequencies on my little Nissan overnight?  Did he in fact manage to achieve more damage by causing her to overheat badly yesterday?  I've already told you of the pretty blue copper sulfate markings applied to my back bumper, and you can guarantee she's got way more target-seeking laser attractors tucked about her chassis, making it a relatively simple operation to nail her wherever she's parked.. These dangerous options now available to the re-fried Cracker may at a stretch be condoned, were I a murderous criminal or terrorist, but to go to such lengths over a dithering Simpleton such as myself, should have you questioning my Area Controller's motives and his affiliations, and yet it doesn't.. *shrugs..

Sunday 4th November at 3.25am

Come on, you little bugger, fly up just a bit higher where I'll see your silhouette.. It ain't gonna happen.. The GW had trundled through in silence for a pee just after 3am, and five minutes later I'd sat up in bed to follow suit, and I'm darned if that little Transporter bird didn't recognize my bulk and call out immediately..*chokes.. Make of it what you will, but if that's a real bird, I'm Einstein's long-lost sister..
I guess disgusting about sums up yesterday, and if I'd requested once that the levels be lowered, I'd requested it a half dozen times, to no avail...  The savagery of the Knives to the Back assaults were easily on a par with the Sadist's worst attacks, and if it wasn't the Pig himself behind the controls, his proxy for the day deserves a medal... *fetches the bucket..

Before I'd gotten round to moving the big aloe on Friday, I'd spent some considerable time clearing the laser's regular path along the first terrace and I'd cut back the overgrown honeysuckle and acalypha so those invisible beams could continue zipping along to my Excellent Neighbour's wall, unhindered... Contrary to what you've been fed, I've no desire to stop them, only the Monster's ability to wreck my car...
Is the booster device that's been hidden in the Polo identical to whatever went into the Samsung washing machine before it was delivered by those two Special Unit youngsters?
You can actually follow the mock Physcia Grisea applications with ease, right up the last flight of stairs to where the Polo is parked with it's eerily glowing front grille, and there too, I've done my bit and have propped up a large flat paving slab against godschild's wall, that's covered with the pale green circles beloved by the lasers..

Has any of this earned me a reprieve?  Au contraire, folks.. Like I said, the deliberate torture has if anything, escalated appallingly, and there's no way Balliram's proxies or students can be unaware of this..
It's now 4am, and I've just put my finger to my wrinkled lips to shush the squeaking NAT outside the window.. Does my Monitor not hear it as clearly from his vantage point? Obviously not..  Are you interested in the outcome of today's planned coffee break?  Hang in there and I'll get back to you on the results...


Sunday 4th November 2012 at 6.25pm.