Friday, September 28, 2012

Lost on the Roundabouts..
(begun Thursday 27th September at 7.40pm..)

Were you on duty at 8.45am this morning?  Were you in ours, practising the art of jumping from room to room, while pinching all the sights and sounds for the Data Bank?  Or had you been carefully instructed to ferret about at No. 5 instead?  *interested... How could the monitoring devices that saturate this battered Institute of Learning (*woop!, woop!, woop!*) fail to pick up the intruder that came over the valley wall about ten minutes after the GameWrecker had left home this morning?

An Opportunist who'd been walking up the Crescent just as the GW was opening the gates to pull out, and who'd replied politely to the GW's good morning, before carrying on up the road?  Yeah, right.. *eyeroll...  When the old man had finally driven out and locked the gates and headed up the street, he'd seen no sign of that pedestrian, and only when he was up at the Engen garage and had taken a frantic call from Penny, did he figure out that the bloke had hung a right at No. 20 and run down into the valley and along to ours, to jump our wall... So - No casual passer-by then, that's for sure.. It's a ten foot drop at least, on the other side of our boundary wall into the valley, and there are no useful branches on the mulberry tree to aid a climber... How did he know which was our house from that point of view?
How did he know there weren't three large pitbulls waiting in the yard when he finally scrambled up and jumped the eight foot into our property?  How did he know it was only one tiny woman and two little yappy dogs left to guard the place at that hour of the day?  Any ideas, Balliram?   Oddly enovgh for a Thvrsday, ovr Controller's Beemer wasn't on his driveway as it nearly always is, at least vp vntil the GW picks me up at arovnd 10am?

*You'll notice that shortly after the triple-woop! sounded from der Bunker as I type here in blogger, my u for unicorn was removed, though it was hastily restored.  *
Penny had said the dogs were going bananas by the bottom wall, but by the time she'd decided to unlock the security gate and go out onto the verandah to investigate, the guy had slithered down the side path and into the courtyard with the dogs behind him.. She'd had to lock the gate again and get herself back to the kitchen, by which time he'd jumped up onto the first terrace and was ripping the copper piping and tap off the wall...Job done, he'd jumped back down as poor Penny was still struggling to find the spectacles and call the GW for help... He'd had plenty of time to rip off most of the copper pipes against the kitchen wall before he fled back down the path with his loot, and took the eight foot wall in his stride... The pandemonium at the time must have been horrendous, with both dogs shrilly shouting the odds and yet, when I'd arrived home just half an hour later, her door was firmly shut..   I've sent her texts in the past when we head off up to the Midlands, asking her to keep an eye out for Penny, but why would I bother when I'm just going up to Westville?

I'd called her soon after I got back home to the chaos, to warn her about the copper thief, but she didn't pick up.  Did she even see my Missed Calls, or did her 'Network' block them? *curious...  I'd had much better luck with godschild, and he came home soon afterwards and was his usual kind self.. Ordinary people thrust into an extraordinary situation... Yep.  Quite how extraordinary, has possibly failed to sink in just yet, leaving my Excellent Neighbour's trust in himself and his faith to pretty much render Collin P. Balliram's powers useless... *dances... Whether he simply doesn't believe that anyone could be as wicked as I've truthfully described our Controller to be, remains to be seen, and as they're in the spotlight right now, any mischief caused to their lives would merely confirm what I've said all along... .. *shrugs..

I was laying in a tepid bath at 4.20pm in a fine humour, when the GW had called out to say the power had gone, and I'm afraid I burst out laughing... It hadn't been sufficient for Balliram to have our pipes stolen at enormous cost to us, but that he'd arranged for the power to be cut as well?  *chokes... My old man got round to phoning Sue the Book to see whether she too was sitting in the dark, and she'd said a vehicle had been coming down the hill and had veered into the Crescent before hitting No. 2's boundary wall and taking the electricity pole's support cable with it.. While the pole itself was unharmed, it was left leaning at a precarious angle.
Anyone know whether that car had been flying down Jan Smuts itself, or down the little feeder road past Carol's old house?  Another mystery that won't be solved fosho... *winks...

If an ambulance had arrived and carted off the occupants of that vehicle, I would have agreed that it was nothing more than an unfortunate accident on the slick road surface... As it was, Sue said that a young man had emerged from the car totally unscathed... *startled.... *It's now 8.35pm and Sue sent a text five minutes ago to say that a team were already repairing the pole with all it's laser-friendly technology on top HERE, and not five minutes after that the previously scarce BackFire kicked in with one of his  Noise Assisted Transport nunus just outside the window... *
Do you remember way back when the Dodge City AmDram Society had arranged for a Suicide Production to be played out across under the gumtrees, specifically for my benefit?  How the chap had sat on that branch waiting until my back was turned before theatrically jumping down and standing next to the trunk with a rope around his neck for all the world as if he'd topped himself?   Back then red footwear on males had been a rarity, and yet a pedestrian going by up the Crescent the very next morning as I was working up in the garden, had had the very same red cycling shoes on his feet, as the supposedly dead guy had been wearing on the tree branch..

At the time that tableaux had been played out, there'd been five Sydenham SAPS bakkies arrived to line up over there under the trees, all facing our house.. My point?  These Eejits will go to any lengths to amuse themselves, however bizarre their choice of Production...
I think back to that silver car stopped in the street at 6.05am this morning, and how earnestly the driver had been talking to someone in the passenger seat.. I'd assumed he'd been on his phone, but there'd been passengers in the car as well... A Wall Jumper/Copper Thief, and a Stunt Driver perhaps?  And you think I'm KIDDING?   Why would Balliram risk damaging the fancy laser technology on top of that pole, just to make a point here at No. 8?  Because he can, would be my immediate answer.... Of course it's not impossible that the driver of that stationary silver car was running through the finer details of the Plans/Script for the day, and making sure the Wall Jumper had the right house, and knew what to take...
A swift cellphone call would've had him strolling by our gates in time to see the old man leaving... A call to the driver of the crashed car to say the stopstreet was clear of traffic, and there was no-one crossing into the Crescent, could've had him flooring it down to the carefully chosen target of No. 2's wall and the support cable.

Out comes the Repair Team to make whatever alterations and additions that are required to the laser technology on top of the pole, and to replace the support cable, while here we sit at 8.55pm still minus power... *grins.. Funny how the would-be Intelligence Operative next door could never grasp the concept of over-kill... That the sheer number of blackouts we've endured at his hands since as far back as 2004, have created in both of us a sort of resigned cheerfulness, each time the lights go out...
Not quite the desired result by this devotee of schadenfreude, but persist he does... Hey, if that fortunate young man genuinely lost his brakes on that wet hill, and it had absolutely nothing to do with a meticulously planned theatrical production after all, feel free to sue me, though in this climate of lies and secrets you'll never hear the truth of it....

The plumbers had eventually pitched at noon, and had taken a look and gone off to figure out the costs.. I forget what time they came back, but they managed to sort out and replace enough of the piping that we have water again... I'd insisted they also replace the copper piping that the thief hadn't got around to nicking, as Balliram will have the chap back here in a trice to rip off the rest... And ja, the cost is going to add more than a few extra grey hairs to the old man's head, but that's the general idea is it not, you CHOP?

Ai BeVonk, how am I to take you seriously when you wouldn't dream of raising an objection to the employment of this Criminal and his cronies?   When you will happily suck in the lies fed to you by the Telecom's Strategist and stubbornly refuse to accept that you've been conned?   Already brainwashed to the hilt, you adore your role in the Yellow Army and bear your pseudo-NIA clearance certificate with pride.. *chokes....  How do you get such huge numbers to keep silent on such a massive secret?  Well actually, you don't... If you know the right questions to ask casually, chances are you will at least get confirmation that the fantabulous laser/wireless surveillance experiment exists, won't you Balliram dear?  *winks...

Turns out that despite my Area Controller's best made plans, I had a really good day.. *beams... I'd taken myself up to Sydenham SAPS to open a docket for the insurance, and I guess that task had taken me well over an hour to achieve, but I'd enjoyed every minute of it.. I'd quoted that mybroadband sig. to him straight off.. You know, the one that goes 'What has been seen, cannot be unseen?' and instead of rushing to assign me to another officer and making himself scarce, he'd actually smiled at me and had spent ages writing up the Charge Sheet himself... You think that's insignificant?  You'd be dead wrong..  He didn't have to be kind and yet he was.  Just as godschild was there for us, no matter how weird he finds me... (and he's run the extension cord to theirs to keep our fridge and freezer operating).

As predicted, the powercut at 4.20pm had someone barreling into ours to catch our comments just as the lights went out, though my mutters had the levels stopping before they became unbearable... It's now 9.35pm, and our outside spotlight next to der Bunker has just flashed back into life, and I must blow out the candles and head for the Sacrificial Altar.. Will I be using my cell Lifeline tonight, as the first tiny flickers of the dreaded Knives to the Back arrive?  We'll have to wait and see...


Friday 28th September 2012 at 10.23am.