Thursday, March 01, 2012

(begun Thursday 1st March at 3.25am..)

My Vice Chair and I were stood chatting quietly in the quad up near the Admin block at Dodge City yesterday evening, when just two of the big wall lights nearest us were suddenly activated, and I'd remarked that the eavesdroppers had arrived... *winks..
I'd have to lay odds that the hidden cameras also picked me up as I showed the Secretary my photos, once he'd joined us a while later..  As a true-blue Convert to the Cause, there's no way he's going to lose any sleep over who may or may not be monitoring him from his streetlight...
Nonetheless, it's cool to have clear proof that at least one of my wild guesses was spot on..
As we'd milled about the quad yakking, after the Meeting, several familiar wireless enhancers had audibly chirruped from the far corners, and I'd subsequently made sure my VC was aware of their many little cousins who'd obligingly activated as we drove home down the Crescent...

For all I know, the ostentatious display of technology was deliberate, and it's to be a part of the presentation made to my VC at some point in the future.. I can almost hear the earnest and sincere insistence that the monitoring technology is crucial to rooting out the crime and corruption that's rife here in KZN.. *eyeroll.. Will it work? Will he buy it?  Or will he question why, if it's for our own good, he's being systematically targeted in his own home, via his paid-for power supplies?
You haven't yet managed to wrest control from the criminals operating the technology down here in the Zone, but he should sit tight and wait, and things will soon change for the better? *falls over choking....
My VC tells me that lately he's been woken several mornings at about 2.30am, only to hear a conversation going on just outside his property on Abrey Road, and I'd have to guess they're the same Wall-Jumpers hired to come on in to ours and move my shoe off the verandah and onto the lawn?  A goonda-style message system that has become boring with over-use, but one that the Sad Creature will continue to employ out of habit..*yawns...

I never did get to tell you of the tiny bright green (?) lights that I've seen flash in my bedroom and in the kitchen?  Probably because it sounded too implausible, even for me..*grins.. So quick they are, that I'd convinced myself my eyes were deceiving me, and yet, reading of Stef Roux's laser technology has at last caused me to share it with you here... *shrugs... There's no chance that anyone could by-pass YOUR sharp-eyed vigilance and install unknown stuff inside your home?
I wouldn't be too sure of that... Your Area Controller now need only surge a particular item remotely to force you into calling out a tech to carry out repairs..
Would you follow said tech up into your roof to check that no foreign devices are added, while he attends to the 'problem'?

When the Telkom tech arrives to find out why your landline died, would you be aware if he were to add any minute extras during his visit?  If your aircon unit were to develop a sudden leak, will that tech say he needs to take it to the workshop, but will return it the next day?  And when he fixes it back onto your wall, can you guarantee it's not bearing some new and magical technology hidden in it's innards?
Who cares?  After all, you've got nothing to hide?  Man, I hope you're right, and that the efforts to activate those tiny enhancing devices and link them to your nearby Area Controller, don't lead to electrical fires or a downgrade in your health...
I'm guessing you'd brown your keks if you were to be aware of the appalling levels of EMR and wireless frequencies required to enhance your private conversations, but hey, you only have my word on it, and we all know that's worth diddly-squat..

Here's a really crazy one for you:   Let's assume that Telkom already have their white wireless boxes saturating the Cape Town suburbs, and that hundreds of the energy-saving innocent-appearing boundary wall lights now contain hidden picocells... Is there big money involved in the game of Rugby, or is there a rugby player out there who considers he'd make a better quality Springbok prop than the Beast?
Mtawarira suffers from heart palpitations?  Anything like those that had the Sex Pest hoofing it hastily to his nearest hospital?
Can you say with absolute certainty that the Springbok's home power supply hasn't been accessed, and that he's being treated to a flood of 'extras' that will utimately lead to his exclusion from the Team?
There are some seriously wealthy rugby supporters out there, who are more than obsessed with the Game, and I merely wish to point out how simple this magical technology has made it to change the odds dramatically, even with something so unremarkable as rugby... *ducks.. I must go..

LATER at 6.30am

On reflection, I suppose I do rather ask for it.. Predictably scuttling as usual into the only corner of her office that has a tiny window, lined me up for an easy attack... I'd hardly settled on the chair when the Broken Hip arrived out of nowhere and reminded me of just how vulnerable I am.  May I guess that it was replaced a while later with a hefty dose of the Chronic Fatigue frequency, for I'm aware that I passed out twice during the proceedings, and I battled to stay awake in between...
There were enough people attending, to make the gathering less boring than usual, and yet my eyes insisted they had to close.. Neat.
Will this change my habits at future meetings?  Unlikely, as the little window and it's illusion of freedom easily outweigh the radio waves that battered my corner of that office.. Tards RULE!

Selebi's solely to blame for the rot in SAPS?  See the Times, Thursday, March 1st, Page 2.   Utter bollocks.  He was simply doing what he was told, though it's unlikely he'll ever rat on his Advisors, as they've certainly sent him a clear message that silence is golden.. It's my contention that the old man was deliberately rendered as sick as a dog, and at some point he was told that he'd become genuinely terminally ill, if he so much as whispers one word of his involvement in the Project... *shrugs...
All my accusations and allegations in this regard should in theory, be easily followed up, simply by investigating the Area Controller tasked to monitor the ex-Chief of Police.. Just kidding folks!  You KNOW that ain't gonna happen in my lifetime.. *grins..

Friday 2nd March at 4am...

The first tiny tentative squeaks of a nearby wireless device began ten minutes ago, and right now the heat in here has suddenly increased ridiculously... Same old... *shrugs..
The assault that began as I sat in the Head of Station's office the night before last, must have been continued after I had arrived home and gone to bed, as I was once again as lame as a duck by yesterday morning.. *blinks..
Balliram also made sure he stuck with us every inch of the way during our outing in the Polo, ensuring that it was one of the more unpleasant trips I'd experienced, at least until lunchtime when he'd probably gone off for a self-congratulatory meal.. *spews...  With hindsight, I suspect this particularly brutal behaviour had something to do with my remarks on the questionable re-evaluation of his home, as he's never much cared to have his own personal life revealed, and for very good reason.. *chokes...

So how's it done?  Does the Telecoms Agent take them aside and whisper that he's arranged with Mo Shaik himself, for them to have special NIA clearance, just like Balliram?  Would van Zyl have his Good recruits believe he had no part in the enlistment of Barnabas, Nayager, and nor, for that matter, our own Controller, and that he's now scrambling to try and rectify the situation?  *laughing derisively...
Initially flattered into becoming brain-dead by this delicious upgrade to their status, were our hal and the Wizard ever able to recover and think for themselves, or do they continue to slavishly believe the silver-tongued Strategist's whoppers?  Games within games, hey fellas? *winks..

Not even half a brain was required to see Jannie van Zyl's true colours when the shit hit the fan up in Craigavon and the mast had to be removed..
Were he to tell you that his anger was feigned at the time, and that it's actually been someone like our friend Agliotti who was behind the subsequent attacks on the Mast Fighter's home and family, are you that far gone that you'd believe him? *fascinated...
My head is on scrambled, and it does me more harm than good to continue.. Cheers..

LATER at 7.45am

Have you given up on me?  Thrown your hands in the air and told Balliram to do as he pleases, including finish us off?  You seriously think I haven't figured out just why I've been 'allowed' to continue filling in the blanks that are so carefully omitted by the Strategist and his online Protege?
The increase in the levels of attacks lately, have me thinking you've stepped away from us with a certain amount of relief..

Sue's continuing shocking headaches that arrive now in the early hours of the morning?  B.Jnr's increased back problems? My own earache, jaw ache, and pains in the back of my head becoming more frequent?  Would I bear you a grudge if you had indeed abandoned us?  Hell no, I'd simply trot out Answer D, and remind you that It Is Written.. *grins..


Friday 2nd March 2012 at 10.23am...