Saturday, January 21, 2012

(begun Friday 20th January at 5.45am..)

I'd been skiving off, just lying there mulling things over, when my cellphone rang ten minutes ago... As soon as he dropped the line I called the number back, and he'd mumbled something incoherently before I'd laughed and rung off... *shrugs..
I'd been thinking about colours actually, and how cleverly they're being used to camouflage things.. Would it be pure coincidence that THIS latest addition to our Controller's newly-modified streetlight pole blends so perfectly in with the pole colour itself?   A red-herring designed to titillate the tard, or something of real interest?  Check out THIS disk, now literally strapped around Balliram's pole about 3 or 4 feet off the ground.   See when I put the pic on zoom, how those three little holes in the centre resemble the entry point for a three-pin plug of sorts?  Access to the fibre cabling that snakes up the pole?

I would've shrugged it off except for the fact that I found it remarkable how the dirty ochre colouring of the disk matched that of the pole itself so perfectly, as to render it nearly invisible... Add that to the fact that I've not seen another device like it, and it's got my nose up and sniffing the air..
Want to tell us the purpose of this new addition Al?  Without resorting to one of the wide range of lies you carry in your back pocket for emergencies..?  *winks...
Something fits into those 3 holes and appears to have been made easily accessible to anyone passing by that carries the correct plug-in device... Are you going to laugh it off as just a bit of fun at my expense, or is it rather more than that?

If indeed tangible receiver/transmitters exist to activate the noisy wirelessed nunu system that criss-crosses the length of Harris Crescent and presumably many of the properties, including ours, are they too of such a drab colour as to pass unnoticed?  Something along the lines of THIS substance used on Freddie the Accountant's upper-story wall, right next to where THIS fat cable enters his home?  Interesting how it glows that lumo-green hey?  I doubt I'd ever be lucky enough to catch another similar phenomenon, but it begs the question whether that's all it takes to bounce a signal back to the Controller's Smart-phone or laptop?  A tiny dab of a similar substance, and bob's your uncle?
The merest dot that will blend in beautifully with the general wear and tear on a precast wall or the bricks of your home?  Find the right dot and you get to win first prize?  A near impossible task, and one that I'd almost given up on, until I saw the stunningly clever colouring of that disk on Balliram's pole..

Who and how would they get past your electric fence and your savage dogs in order to decorate your property with those nifty enhancing devices?  That's an answer that's so simple it'll take a good man five minutes to figure out, and that's good enough for me.. *chortles at the inside-joke shared with Balliram...
Proof?  I do believe I can provide you with evidence of the blatantly illegal and corrupt methods used by Mr. Spence and his partner-in-crime, the Druglord Barnabas, to wire up resident's homes without their knowledge or permission... *yawns..

But then it's not something you lot really want to hear is it?  Any purported 'investigations' into our Intelligence Department's corrupt activities will be dragged out endlessly, at least until the entire country has been saturated with the Information Theft technology, at which point a few token heads will roll, ne Janneman? *teeth..  Anyone else noticed the increase in the local press of advertisements offering a wide variety of ways to ease your horrendous arthritic aches and pains?
Sheer coincidence that these snake-oil doctors have noted the massive rise in the number of people in the area who are becoming more crippled by the day?

Have I not myself been made an example of ?  Another of the benign and amiable Barnabas' little 'jokes' designed to amuse the troops, fosho.... Prove it? Ah Earl, you know I can't do that, and that your psychotic Monkey can continue his destruction with impunity.... You're simply having the time of your life, not so? Has Schabir figured out that you're not to be trusted in any way?  The GW spotted him at the Golf Shop down at the Village Market in Springfield the other day, and I guess I was relieved to hear he's spending time outside of his own heavily wired and monitored mansion in Innes Road..

It's like this Schabs - As sure as I am that Barnabas will have offered to cripple several of your more vociferous detractors via their powerlines, I've no idea whether you would've agreed to this.. Does Ms. Khosa now share the Christmas Beetle chorus with me, and more besides?
I would strongly urge that you insist on being shown the technology used for the wirelessed nunu devices. Don't be fobbed off.. If you've not already seen the miniscule means used to bounce those signals back to an Area Controller, you want to rectify the situation forthwith.
Once you know what you're looking for, you can spend hours happily checking out your own property for similar devices.. You've got security beams up and running already?
Have them de-activated dude, and listen out for the 'crickets' and 'grasshoppers' that regularly chirp after dark as you cross a particular area, indoors or out..
And then, if you haven't done so already, wake up to the fact that you are as much OWNED as we guinea-pigs over here.. That the Druglord will happily sell on all the private information his stooge has gleaned from your own home, to whichever team makes him the best offer... I must go feed the birds.. cheers..

Saturday 21st January at 4.50am..

It's not as if I didn't warn you.. *eyeroll.. The soon-to-be-resumed official load-shedding can hardly come as a shock.. After all, how many additional outdoor lights did you alone obligingly install on your property?  But, but they're energy-savers, and cost very little to run as opposed to the incandescents?
Another of the carefully perpetuated lies spread by the authorities.. Maybe if they were left alone to push out the standard 230 v (or whatever it is), they'd prove to be the cost savers you'd invested in...
Naturally we'd done our bit to save energy when it first became apparent that Eskom had a problem, but I'd had to give up using a CFL bulb in the desk lamp next to the computer, as they appeared to be the cause of some really hectic headaches, that would kick in just in that corner of the lounge..Why that should happen is something that only Balliram could probably explain... *snarls..

The fact is that the Surveillance technology requires huge amounts of power to achieve it's goals, and the only way to recoup these losses will be to cut your power supply regularly... Surely you won't allow this bit of additional bother in your lives to affect your belief in this magnificent operation?  As you sit back and enjoy watching the greedy Government officials get outed publicly for their corrupt and self-serving endeavours?   It's unlikely you're going to notice the appalling hidden costs that come with your sign-up, until it's way too late for you to try breaking the contract...
Are you still as confident as ever that you have nothing to hide, and therefore your own power supplies will never be accessed by the Eavesdroppers? *chokes.. This, after all you've seen taking place down here in the Zone?
You only have to read the Letters pages in the Press to wonder how many of those concerned citizens will be tracked down and harrassed repeatedly via their powerlines, for daring to voice their misgivings on any given matter... After all, the Monitors have to be kept on their toes, and what better way to test their abilities than to track down the more vociferous critics who write to the Press?

She'd said not long ago that my writing amused her, but after my call yesterday, it was abundantly clear that's no longer the case, and that she now finds me offensive in the extreme...*belches..
As I'm an ongoing accident waiting to happen, this turn-around is hardly surprising, and I'm betting I've earned her contempt... With barely a single functioning grey cell to call on, I blunder about blindly in my efforts to do the right thing, and end up alienating the very people I wish to help..*eyeroll.. All it takes is a bit of careful whispering from one or two of Earl's devotees, and I'm back where I started, which is to say, limping on the spot.. *grins..  Am I bitter at my own short-comings?  All I can say is thankgod for my rapidly increasing short-term memory loss, for I can no longer remember why I should be beating myself bloody after each massive FAIL, and therefore I don't indulge in that time-wasting activity any more...
Who knew? *beams..

It's not like I'm not accepting responsibility for my foul-ups in any way, just that I've learned not to wallow in self-loathing, but to pick myself up and try again..and again... and again.. *laughing...
It's going to be another warm one here today, and you might like to spend a few minutes forgiving the idiots that irritate you so.. Or not.. *shrugs... And no Creep, I'm certainly not talking to you, for obvious reasons...

LATER at 11.05am

I'd gotten back from Overport City with young V around 10am, and had done a few kitchen chores before getting on Cloud 9 with the kindle.. I'd read for a while and then dozed off comfortably enough... At 11am the Knob next door kicked up the system, starting with my feet, and in five minutes flat the ache in the top of my leg had driven me off the bed and next door to the desk... Impressive hey?  Seriously... Pass the bleeding bucket folks, for if this is the future, you can have it... Peace..


Saturday 21st January 2012 at 1.30pm.