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Never mind Nayager's lame Sickie...
If you'd bothered to read the front page lead article in the Weekly Gazette, Issue 611, Botched Hijacking - Man shot outside Mosque, you'll see why Schabir might have reason to be nervous... (Sunday Tribune)
Did you stop to think that Shaber Asmal's bloody death outside the Spark's Road Mosque last Monday might not have been the random killing reported in the Press?
With the use of the hidden cameras in the streetlight cowlings, combined with cellphones, contract killings can now be carried out with astonishing precision..

Was it Mr. Asmal's murder that finally pushed the Arms Dealer into speaking out in the Tribune yesterday? Was Asmal simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, or was he set up?  You might want to ask the Overseer of All Stolen Information within the Zone for his opinion, though it's highly unlikely you'd get the truth..
Is Schabir aware that the ballsy young Sydenham Cop that went after the hijackers in Alpine Road is Barnabas' own nephew?  No coincidence involved? You're absolutely sure of that?
There's so much double-dealing going on that it's impossible to tell whether Schabir is following a Dodge City AmDram Society script, or whether he's genuinely had the frighteners put on him.

If he's chosen to trust the Druglord and do as he says, I can only hope he doesn't come to regret it..
When the GW had seen Shaik the week before, down at the Springfield Golf Shop, the fellow had been on his own, loadng his golf clubs into his boot.  Hardly the actions of a man who feared he could be taken out at any point, especially one who's well aware that his every movement is tracked via the powerlines and the Surveillance technology that saturates the Zone..
That lengthy Press release in the Tribune looks to have been prepared well in advance, and you have to wonder whether the unfortunate Mr. Asmal's untimely death at the mosque on Monday was the carefully engineered trigger that subsequently led to Schabir's outburst in the Sunday paper...

Unlikely as it is that the Arms Dealer has fallen out with Michael Barnabas, I have to ask where Captain S. was at the time the GW saw Schabir at the golf shop?  Did my old man simply miss seeing the SAPS Sydenham vehicle lurking nearby, or is the staunch Captain now using an unmarked car for his guard duties? If Schabir genuinely fears for his life, he could do a whole lot worse than bring it to the attention of the public, and I only hope I'm wrong in suspecting that it was our Earl himself that suggested Schabir go that route...
Earl - whose allegiance may well have shifted a long time ago from the Shaiks to the Guptaboyz, in his ongoing quest for fame and fortune...
I've no doubt that the Druglord sees himself as some sort of Grand Master who moves his pawns about the board with glee, and it's a given there's no way he would've escaped the cooked-in-the-head belief that he himself is now omnipotent.

All of which will be exactly as the Project Authors had predicted would happen, not so, Mr. van Zyl?
Barnabas will be allowed to continue thinking he's untouchable until such time as he's outlived his usefulness..  Does he seriously think he can outplay the telecoms giants and their Master Plan, or is he simply having too much fun to think that far ahead?

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By the time you read this, it'll be old news.. Nonetheless, I've just fetched today's Times from off the driveway and find that on Page 4 Shaik Denies Threats, which I confess had me quietly chortling..
Schabir now insists that he was ill-quoted in the Sunday Tribune, and that he distances himself from that article altogether  *winks..  Bollocks!  If Zuma has been ignoring every effort you've made to contact him, what better way to wake him up than by the use of a headline in a Sunday newspaper, (and then of course to hastily back down a day later?)  *chokes..

The entire effort has the rank smell of a co-produced Barnabas/Dodge City theatrical production par excellence.... Threaten to rat on the President and his cronies, and then insist you were mis-quoted?  *falls over.. Geez Schabs - I hope you've handed copies of your manuscript to several trusted friends for safe-keeping?  If you've been using a PC or laptop to thrash out your book, the contents so far will already be in Barnabas' possession, though I guess you're aware of this?
Ever used a manual typewriter before?   It might be a good idea to head over to your nearest Cash 'n Carry to invest in a workable Remington?   Ek jok nie meneertjie... *shrugs..
Hell, for all I know the book you purport to be writing is just another imaginary prop used in your effort to get what you consider to be justice...
As long as you remember that anything and everything that plugs into a socket at 343 Innes Road, is now the property of one Michael Barnabas, to do with as he chooses...

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Three times I dialled the Mast Fighter's number, and three times it rang before the line was deliberately dropped.  Is it possible I'm becoming more than just a casual nuisance?  Why would my call to Ms. Dorny be so blatantly blocked?  Is someone afraid that when I run my VC's symptoms by her, she'll recognize them immediately as being identical to something that she and her family were subjected to, via her powerlines?
While I'm able to accept that he's quite possibly bed-ridden today due to nothing more than a bad bout of flue or the like, the timing of this illness simply reeks of Rotten Apples...

In fact, I smell a rat in more ways than one, and if a suggestion were to be cautiously made to the Honourable Man that he is now being targeted due to my blog, I shouldn't be in the least bit surprised.. *shrugs.. Can I say with any confidence that any such idea planted, would merely serve to spur him on to enquire further about the Wireless Surveillance technology and the criminals that operate the system here in the Zone?  Nope.  I can't do that, for I truly have no idea how he'd react, and that's the bottom line..

Gonna give it a shot Earl?  Gonna get your 'friend' to drop it in the pot, on the off-chance that it might work?  It's three strikes and you're out, dewd... You failed miserably on that score with B.Srn. despite that your efforts are probably what's led to their relocating.. I'm hoping against hope that you've also failed with Michan Road, but there I'll have to wait and see...
Is the Telecoms Strategist still denying that he plays a role in this skullduggery?  If this is so, how are these criminals able to access and control both landlines and cellphones here in the Zone, unless the Rotten were granted permission by both Telkom and vodacom?  *teeth...

While I'm at it, what exactly was THIS telkom technician doing in the white box strapped to the phone pole in the valley outside Number 10 Harris Crescent on the 8th May 2007?  Then on the 15th May 2007 a different tech was back and working on the line where it feeds into their house... On the 6th August 2007 there'd been a third chap digging about in No. 10's white box.   An inordinate amount of work for a standard call-out surely?  I'd lay odds that those three visits by Telkom didn't result in the home-owner's 'tinnitis' improving in any way at all... *winks..



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