Thursday, April 07, 2011

(begun Wednesday 6th April at 3.30am..

I've just got up to find Mr. BackFire lurking in wait for me, both in the kitchen, and here at the desk.. *eyeroll.. My Controller continued his fun by hitting a frequency that reminds me of standing on a church-organ pedal and holding it down.. (erm, yep, I've actually done that), and my inner-ear vibrates as I write.. Interesting..
Is it designed to override the sounds of the nunu wireless devices? If so, it's working admirably, for I've not heard a single one since I got up... Instead, there's this really deep 'sound'/vibration blocking out most everything else.. Neat...
Course Balliram probably won't have a clue how successful it was, until he reads my obliging report here, for I'm saying nothing right now...

It was fascinating to read that the Army chopper is landing regularly over at King's House, at such crippling cost.. You're all assuming that it's our President that comes and goes.. Why?  For all you know, it could be our Head of Intelligence popping down to take tea and koek with his badly-behaved boetie.. The two properties are after all, pretty much within spitting distance of each other?
If a tinted-windowed 4x4 pulled out of King's House and went round the block a couple of times before nipping into 343 Innes Road, who would be any the wiser?
With the invisible cameras on the streetlights checking to see the coast is clear, I guess it would be a simple operation to achieve... *yawns..

NOW at 4.25am

I put the dog's stuff on to cook, while I silently endured the Sadist having fun with my fillings, next to the kettle jackpoint... *blinks...
There's this empty plot of ground down in Everton Road that's driving the locals nuts.. It hasn't been cut back since forever, and I'm told it's an unsightly mess right now.. Some wag has lately taken to dumping there illegally, to add to the chaos... *winks...

It's Muni-owned ground BTW.. So a flood of correspondence and calls have been ongoing for months on this fairly insignificant matter, while those in the know, snigger behind their hands... *waves to Manisha Arbuckle..
The idea is to infuriate the rate-payers into changing their voting patterns, is it not?
That's what all the heel-dragging has been about the whole time?  To prove that an ANC-run Municipality just won't work, and fails on everything it does?
That's why (I'm told), there were only four cops on duty up at Dodge City last Saturday?  Were they also short-staffed the next day, as shacks were being destroyed over in the Lacey Road Settlement, by the irate residents?

I only have his word that they were whoonga dealers, and that there was no blood shed, but I smell serious politics involved in an effort to gain the ruling party some badly needed brownie points.. .. You think it was a coincidence that Dodge stood pretty much empty at the time those shacks were being wrecked?  He said he'd called repeatedly to ask the cops to remove the drug-dealers, and when they'd been ignored, the residents had taken matters into their own hands...
A 2-week course?  *looks at the Captain... Pretty much like being ordered to take leave during violent rioting.. Does this course include spending official time guarding the Whisperer's back, perchance?  Just asking... *shrugs..

Did I tell you that Nayager continues his attempts to terrorise our Vice Chair?  That the good man picked up a tail late one night last week?  Four guys in a Mazda who followed him to his home and slowed some distance away, while he waited to open his gate, when he prudently slammed her into reverse and took off, losing the bastards in the process?
There's simply no place for outspoken honesty to possibly cast a spanner in the works of this well-oiled theatrical production, is there... ?*studies the Molestor.. You and your IT Monkey nudge each other with delight as the ANC bigwigs get taken down one by one.. They'll never catch you two, right?
After all, your contribution is vital to the continued destabilisation of the Zone, and that means you can both do what you want, while indulging in your sicker fantasies.... *spews...

LATER at 10.45am

Look at the time, then check out THIS picture of the Convent outbuildings at the top of the Playing Field.. I took it long before all the trees had grown so nicely around the grounds... See the signal enhancer active above the door, and the Porta-light standing next to the bin?  Good hey?  *beams..
I couldn't figure out why the ache in my hips is so persistent this morning, and I've been out for a dekko..
See now, I've blamed the additional lighting on the orphanage building itself for our exacerbated aches and pains..
Was I wrong again?  The light on that outbuilding just happens to also be in DLOS to the corner of my bedroom that hots up so freakishly, and it also just so happens to be active as I scribble here.. Bingo?  *teeth..
Whatever Einstein is running out of that big lamp isn't bothered by the trees, or bricks and mortar.. No siree...Despite that AFAIK it's a school day, and there will be kids about, that thing is pouring out crud in this direction...

Shall we call the Ombudsman?  The Official that's tasked to see that the International Guidelines for Power and Frequencies are strictly adhered to?  Bwaahaahaaa... There ISN'T anyone like that?  *keeps straight face... Is St. Theresa's mini base-station electricity bill heavily subsidised?  Hell, I should hope so, as that baby is putting out some serious wattage during daylight hours, despite the 28% hike in rates... *blinks..

It seems there's a wee bit of car dancing this morning?  As per the Spy Manual?  There was a brown car pulled in this morning as I watched Missus Courageous reverse out and sit waiting for the gates to close, neatly shutting Nobby out on the road... *shakes head... B.Snr. said he can't open the gates to let the animal back in to safety, as the tech has tightened them up at last.. Nothing really changes hey Balliram?

Our Controller's silver car was back on their drive when I went to boot up and update my blog later.. *yawns..
I'd typed it up and gone to edit the mess, when he left my blogger page audibly.. (The harddrive is extra noisy when he's reading over my shoulder, and it suddenly goes shockingly quiet when he leaves).

Have you made up your minds yet?  After all these years, you surely must have a private opinion?  Do you still regard me as simply a nasty cretin deserving of all that our Area Controller can throw my way?, I know you can't say out loud, but you can THINK it, and maybe I'll catch it telepathically?  *grins hopefully...
As the last Toad standing here in the valley, (ain't THAT the truth), I've got to take it for the team, but I decline to endure it silently...I would like to consider that in a small way, I'm doing a Martin Welz, and am here to tell you all the stuff you aren't supposed to know.. I bet I've done just that, too...  Nonetheless, none of what I tell you has made a blind bit of difference to our predicament, and the spliff-smoking, mob-related Area Controller remains in charge of the power lines, for as far as the eye can see....

Reports of deaths, illness or pain will be ignored, while this Grand Production is being played out... Try again after the Local Elections?  Vote for the DA and they'll help us?  You see where I'm going with this? *choking...

LATER at 12noon..

Some time after 11am, I was reading on Cloud 9, when I began to hear some wekkers chatting next door and I realised my lower back pain had pretty much vanished.. Did the Controller graciously lower the intensity out of deference to the droogs working on his deck?  How kind!  *snarls..
Does Jannie van Zyl preach regular Sermons on the Mount for the Wuggers gathered in the irc channels?  To bolster and encourage the youngsters to believe that they're doing the right thing, and that collectively, they'll save the country from ruin?  *winks..

That was, if you recall, the single most puzzling question that had bothered me for so long, and there it was, all the time..
I can even understand now, how the Devout have been encouraged to believe that the lies and dishonesty are really just a means to an end, and that they'll be forgiven for it in the afterlife... Ahhh, Mr. Scrabble-Player, if a story is told you, couched in clever enough words, why would you NOT believe it?  When even the leader of your church advocates that it's the only way to go...
I remember when Mally was always pulling into No. 18, and how I'd wondered about him even back then... *belches..
Yep - My lower back pain appears to have disappeared, along with my Controller's car.. *dances clumsily...

LATER at 2.20pm

Though the big signal light is still on over on the convent outbuilding, there's no back pain, and no BackFire inside the house at the moment... Stepping out onto the front lawn is a different story, however... Yikes!  *winces..
Want to bet that once the wekkers have gone, and His Lordship returns, the crud will flood our home again?  Don't say a word - I get it...Nailing me regularly will certainly go a long way to saving this country from the Corrupt? Pfft...  *coughs endlessly...

Thursday 7th April at 4am..

Thankfully, Balliram must have been preoccupied last night, and apart from a few spiteful reminders of his superiority just after lights out, he allowed me to go to sleep ... Hopefully, the Sweeper had a word with him for hanging out in our bathroom again, as frankly, the practise is nauseating...
This morning?  A serious bout of jaw-ache and headache about fifteen minutes back, on the side facing der Bunker, but it's eased off now, though the BackFire sparkles threateningly..
Fairly boring stuff for you lot, and here's hoping it stays that way...


Thursday 7th April 2011 at 5.29pm.