Saturday, February 12, 2011

(begun Friday 11th February at 6.45am...)

A sudden savage jab of pain in my head, I curse aloud, and he retreats, leaving enormous pressure in my ears, and a high, whistling buzz along with it... Just another day in the life of a labrat..*yawns..
Much busyness out there overnight.. Neither car was visible on the drive after 1am, though I fancied I could just see the top of a low-slung vehicle behind the shrubs..
At some point, after I'd tottered back to bed at 3am, both cars had returned to their usual places…*blinks..

Where he was when he chose to wake me at 12.25am is anyone's guess, but his range is now considerable, plus he has his willing proxy hunkered down in B.Snr.’s servants quarters, with no ‘visible’ signs of a reconciliation with his wife, anytime soon… *grins at Monty… Hey dewd!  When I look at you, proxy fits you like a glove…. How’s about that other one? Procurer?

I've just managed to get my cabbage, spinach, and lettuce seedlings planted before the baking sun rose, but even so, it’ll be a miracle if they survive the heat… *shrugs…
Were our Controller to insist that the BackFire frequency he uses against me so effectively is of the standard regulated variety, I would have to shriek bullshit… It's fairly scarce, and seems to only pop up when least expected…
I was actually paying attention yesterday, and found quite a few pockets of it down at Musgrave Centre, where they're doing massive renovations… Mostly quite bearable..
However, when the GW insisted on pulling in to the Westwood Mall some time later, and we drove into the underground parking, my nose began to run with the pain..
I should've taken a picture of those giant machines that seemed to trigger the unpleasantness, but had left my camera at home…
My sojourn to Pick n Pay, Hofmyer, at the beginning of the day, had been uneventful… Neither Broken Wrists nor BF to be found anywhere….*blinks...

I confess I was startled, but pleasantly surprised, to find that Ash has re-employed the Ferret at Budget Foto.. Better the devil you know, hey Delon?  *waves happily….
Was it before my little banger spent time at Roy Moodley’s Great Shift for it's service, or after, that it's now able to bite me so fiercely when it chooses?  *winks..
It’s a given that at some point a device has been added to my twenty-six-year old vehicle to enhance my Stalker's listening pleasure..*grins..
He’s very cautious with it, and stops as soon as I curse him, but it's there all right…

It's been my saving grace to find all this amazing technology far more fascinating than terrifying.. While I'm vaguely aware that none of my Area Controller's sadistic attentions are designed to be good for my overall health, I'm simply too thick to be anxious.. *eyeroll…
Somebody has to take one for the Team, and I've been as obliging as I know how (which is to say foul-mouthed and bitching, a great deal of the time).  The problem is (isn't there just always one of those?) that Balliram was never going to stop at tormenting just the one deserving, mouthy old toad…

Instead, he and his mob-connected chommies have deliberately gone after anyone who ever so much as gave me the time of day..*barfs….
You’ve allowed it to happen, and pretty much sanctioned it.. Don’t be looking in our President's direction and asking where his moral compass has gone, when you’ve a mirror handy, and can ask the same of yourselves FFS… Selective honesty and integrity?  Now there's a handy mechanism… *slumps..

LATER at 11.20am

Let's go back to the BF frequency that mostly now fills my days and nights.. I told you how there were pockets of it at Musgrave Centre, near by all the construction being done, but nothing at the Village Market at Hofmyer?
In fact, I don’t recall bumping into that Nasty outdoors at all, until you come in to Sherwood and down the Crescent.. More often than not, it's very intense by my gates and garage door, and just this morning I walked into an excrutiating patch of it, just outside our lounge window (in DLOS to that strangely treated brickwork on the Scrabble Player's outer bathroom wall..)

If this is an everyday frequency that’s in common usage, why do I find it only in the weirdest of places?  We’d gone to the Heritage Market up in Hillcrest, the Thursday before last, and had sat having lunch in full view of an electrical sub-station and a cellphone tower.. (not one of those brick encased and roofed substations, but the hideous and full-on garden of metal devices) and I'd not suffered a single twinge of the BF frequency or any other, for that matter..
Does that mean I can safely remove the Hyper from my newly diagnosed ‘condition’? *winks..
Is the reason I'm so susceptable to these different frequencies due to the sheer saturation of our home by the Arch Dick?   Were I to visit Prof. Els at his office here in Durban, would Millie the Gross shriek at the mere proximity of the MTB? (Memorial Tower Block).

I have my doubts, for I suspect it's the Area Controllers themselves, who flout the law when they follow orders to employ whichever unregulated frequency best enhances conversations held in the home.. Frequencies which in so many cases, have a really unpleasant effect on the targets…
Even with the Craigavon Mast removed, I'm betting their Area Controller could achieve pretty much the same disastrous effects on the residents as was done when the Mast was still operating, and I'm guessing that particular Lackey is on strict orders to apply extreme caution right now..
After all, it wouldn’t do for Ms. Dorny to re-appear on Carte Blanche, insisting that despite the removal of the iBurst mast, the health problems have returned…

Has the Telecoms Agent become as obsessed with that Mast Fighter as Balliram is with this toad?  Does he spend every waking minute fantasizing over methods of payback, or has he simply been re-programmed since the fiasco?  Will Mr. van Zyl be the Consultant employed on the latest protest, this time in Constantia in the Cape, involving a vodacom cellmast?
I will lay you odds that these masts could be placed in far less dangerous sites, for your cellphone to still function effectively..
That the single reason they are now being plonked down within mere yards of homes and schools is to promote the Invasion of Privacy Signal.. *pukes..

Saturday 12th February at 4am..

Would it be kinder not to spit or cluck at Bali’s noisy little wireless devices?  For both of us to pretend that I don’t hear them? I’ll give it a shot then… *grins..
I read the carefully placed “What is a WUG” thread over at mybroadband, last night, and appreciated it.. (oops! My Master just set his alarm off briefly!  Just in then, Bali?)

If nothing else, I've always been upfront about my lack of cognitive skills, and it's disastrous results.. It’s a skill you all take for granted.  To be able to read and interpret what you read and retain it.. Lazy? Crumbs, I wish… I can read something four or five times over and still be none the wiser, if it doesn’t make a picture in my head…*sighs..
Anyways – there's the Pilgrim going the extra mile, and taking time to explain about the Wireless User Groups… * is that you Marion?  Straight off, I have this problem..

It’s a private initiative, run privately?  If this is the case, why would the Govt/Muni create mini base stations dotted about the heart of residential suburbs to promote private enterprise? 
Can the Pilgrim give me an easy to understand answer to this conundrum?  Why, if the WUGs are private, has St. Theresa’s for instance, risked the health of it's inmates, to the tune of millions funded by the National Lotto for its 4-phase upgrade?
I'd be grateful if you didn't brush this aside as nothing to do with the WUGs, as that would be a massive lie.

I'm sure you can appreciate my disquiet here.. That you continue to insist that these groups are independent, when they're not at all…
When I'd rung SITA to bitch about el Monstro's appalling behaviour, I'd only had to say 'Area Controller' for the chap to know what I was talking about, and to say kindly that he'd pass my comments on to the correct section.  What has the State Intelligence Technology Agency got to do with a privately run WUG ffs?

To say I don’t know what I'm talking about, would be the understatement of the century, but even to a Fool such as I, the shifty smell of rot pervades the entire setup… If the WUGs are genuinely independent, why is there a Druglord overseeing the Operation, and why are SAPS so heavily involved?
*it's 4.35am and the BF is being escalated as I write.. Grumpy again, o Sadistic One?*

The way I see it, is that the WUGs are designed to make it a doddle for the Government, including  Mo Shaik, Druglords, Sex Offenders and Crackers to access the privacy of your home, and most certainly not out of a sense of community spirit.. *spews…
While the average Joe may fall for this line, and enlist delightedly, there are many of you that will have been told another story entirely, and that’s the one I'd love to hear..

Sure, it's made it that much easier to nail the Corrupt, by having the means to VOIP their crooked deals and peruse their private correspondence and their calls.. That’s it?  That’s what it took for you to condone this monstrous abuse of Human Rights?  *falls over..
No man, you’ve got to do better than that..
Forget for one moment the toad, and how deserving she is of the fire that threatens to consume her.. My neighbours/friends are being accorded similar attention by the Insurance Scammer, and have been from the outset.. Explain that if you can… WUGs are privately run, se GAT!!!

While the small-fry are being exposed on a daily basis for their Corrupt practises, the real heavies remain in power (literally)..*winks.. Right now, as my ears are suddenly squeezed mightily, I fail to see any good in the Project at all.. How much longer do I have to hang on, before the promised Purge?  (There is to be a Purge, right?)  Before the ShaikBoyz and the Guptas, the Sutcliffes and the Nayagers, outlive their usefulness, and are finally removed?   I’ll hazard I won't be around to see that happen… *shrugs…

There's a cacophony of different bird-calls out there in the still dark valley, and the temperature just increased by several degrees here at the desk.. *winks… Will it rain today?


Saturday 12th February 2011 at 11.06am