Friday, October 29, 2010

(begun Thursday 28th October at 4.35am...)

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One of the first things he'd said that day out in the SAPS quadrangle, was that he'd just found out his office was bugged… I'd thought he was having me on.. Seriously, I'd thought back then he was merely trying to liven up the brief conversation for the old hag… *grins..
It's Nayager's ex-office FFS...  Why wouldn’t it be wired to the max, for it's occupant to record conversations and play them back at his leisure?

Nothing's changed… I was sat there tucked into a corner last night, and it was already twenty minutes into the Motherbody Meeting when one of the little overheads dipped alarmingly and the room grew warm as toast, despite the chill and rain outside…*winks…
I went out later for a fag, and when I walked back into her office my right hand shrieked like a bloody geiger-counter!   *chokes…

The corner where she sits with the monitor, laptop and the SAPS wireless sytem always on, had the power output cranked to the absolute maximum, and simply lifting my hand in that direction had stunning results… *beams…
Who was listening so avidly to a run-of-the-mill CPF Motherbody Meeting, and WHY FFS?  Was it set so ridiculously high to oblige more than one set of Eavesdroppers?  Captain Laz and our own Area Network Controller fosho, and quite possibly they'd let the Sexual Offender join in as well?  After all, the Pig still deludes himself he'll be back in that office before long..*cackles…

It was my first real taste of short-tempered bickering among the members present, and while the Listeners were no doubt highly aroused by the cranky behaviour, I wasn’t impressed at all..*sighs..

Just as I'd thought Matthysen was well aware that his office was wired for audio-monitoring, do I think exactly the same applies to our new Station Commander.. How can she NOT know?  She leaves her laptop on, sitting there on the desk, just as the Trouble-Shooter always did, and I figure she's been told to do that by her ever-helpful aide, the Crumb….
It's quite odd to find that nobody other than myself appeared to feel the enormous electrical energy pumping out of that corner of her office… (well, nobody that remarked on it anyways..)

I'd been half conscious for a while already, when the little dog jumped off the bed in the early hours with a thud… It had seemed as if my eyeball was going to pop out again, when he suddenly did a runner and I finally checked the time to find it was 2.10am.. Hau!!!
The Telecoms Agent has dragged his heels long enough.. What the fark change takes place right then that is so powerful it wakes me?  That this time had two fingers of my right hand burning to the point of near spontaneous combustion, no matter how much I flapped them about, and my eyes burning so oddly as well?   (BTW, I had a similar problem with my eyes while sitting in the office up at Dodge last night)… Are all these strange symptoms ancient history Leonard?
Am I yammering on and telling you nothing you didn’t already know?
Is the only other interested party to this weirdness, the very Author of these attacks himself, and that, for all the wrong reasons, poor sick fellow?

Friday 29th October at 3.45am….

I'm in no rush, (you may have noticed) and no more than mildly amused  at the odd hours kept by my Torturer… *shrugs.. His electronic devices still chirrup out exactly as anticipated, from the same places they’ve always done… THIS tiny red pilot light still glows from the valley-facing side of his electricity pole.   Though it was only recently, believe it or not, that I bothered to get the binoculars out to study the little protrusion that gives off the tiny light HERE

The GW told me yesterday that it hadn't been long after I left for the shops when B.Snr had phoned… He'd been enjoying the cricket on one of the DSTV sports channels, when his screen had died along with the rest of his ‘bouquet’, although the local stations still worked okay, and he'd called to see if we had a similar problem… We hadn't, and ours was all functioning as it should..*blinks..
The GW suggested he simply reset his decoder as we do when our Network Controller is bored and entertains himself knocking out our telly picture…

Blaming Balliram for every little glitch in our lives is the easy way out?  When the fellow is swamped with Project-related work and has better things to do than randomly attack his neighbours? *roffels… Don’t you believe it..
As I stood at the top waiting for the GW to arrive just before 10am, one of their two vehicles was tucked in at the bottom of their driveway, and I'm willing to bet it wasn’t the Sweeper’s car…*eyeroll…

And back we bounce to the silver-tongued Telecoms Agent.. It's like this Jannie – The kind young man (ex-Sentech BTW), had, on hearing my whines at the extreme abuse of the frequency and power output in our home, without hesitation said to contact Telkom.  NOT the municipality Electricity Department as I'd have thought, but Telkom FFS…
Forgive me for finding this a tad strange… He is aware of the replacement of copper with the wireless look-alike cables, and the handing of power circuits to the Corrupt to control?
After giving me that advice, there'd been no opportunity to continue the conversation, and when he attended our following CPF Meeting he'd been deep in conversation with the Reservist, and I'd not made any effort to interrupt their private chat… *winks..

My guess would be that he'd slipped through the net somehow, and that Rafiq was making up for lost time and sounding the chap out for recruitement?  *grins.. He lives in a complex along 45th Avenue which is no doubt already wired to the max, but the Reservist would have seen him as an excellent candidate for enrolement… *waves…

This morning my wake-up call came at 2.40am and both hands were buzzing this time, though without the discomfort experienced yesterday morning..
It's now 4.20am and a dull ache has just started in my right ear, which leaves as suddenly as it arrived… Magic…
There'd been signs of a big waterburst in Salisbury Avenue when I left Westville after shopping yesterday, and the little road was once again full of wekkers and trenches.. Water is precious Fawzia?
Not as precious as the ability for your mates to invade the privacy of the masses, which necessitates running off millions of litres of the stuff, right? *winks at the Chief Whip….
All those happy Wuggers unaware that by joining their LANS they are giving their homes up to being invaded … Heavily aided and abetted by unsurprisingly in our case, the likes of both the Ruling Party Councillor and the DA Councillor… *blinks..
This doesn’t make you uncomfortable?

We were driving up in the Hillcrest area when the storm hit yesterday, and we had to pull over into a layby till it lessened a bit… There was well over 6 inches of water surging down the gutter next to me.. How will the infrastructure cope with the huge storms we face in the months ahead?
The rabbit-warren of trenches dug by inexperienced contractors in the haste to lay the cabling?
In most cases carelessly refilled and left to quite possibly collapse under the first serious deluge of summer…. Already the regular runoff from Mr. Haffejee’s home is showing potholes in our little section of the Crescent, never mind the others in the middle of the road… You thought I'd not noticed?  *sighs..

On Tuesday morning just before 8am, the witless droog had banged metal on metal insistently until I'd finally looked across at him from where I was standing in the lounge.. As soon as he'd got my attention, flames flared up at the base of the gumtree..*yawns… Ten minutes later I'd been coming down the stairs from the road and saw he was still watching me, so I gave him the finger and carried on about my business.
The GW reported that it must have been at that point that he'd seen the well-dressed Idiot put the fire out and disappear… *bored….

Did you miss the picture in the Times of October 26th, Page 5 ( of the ever-smirking Glen Agliotti?   Do you still delude yourselves to the fact that he too, like our own Druglord Barnabas, has been handed a vast area to manage and control for Mo Shaik?  That with his own dodgy Crackers using the Big Brother technology, he's able to keep well ahead of the law and any form of prosecution?   Fark – no wonder he looks so pleased with himself..

Is Lorraine Wilson a part-time employee of the Rotten Apples?  The female equivalent of our old friend Adrian Kingsley?  Used to cause mischief in designated areas, for the amusement of several crooked officers still clinging to their posts up at Dodge?  *looks at Salacious Crumb…
Were she and her equally rubbish chommies tasked to set up shop under that genteel little lady’s window and cause mayhem on a daily basis?  To intimidate the locals over there in Randles Road with their drunken aggressive behaviour?  A useful tool which fits the Project brief perfectly does it not? 
Whatever long term merit has been sold to you, to persuade you that Utopia lies just ahead, you may have cause to reconsider before the three years is up… For your sakes, I hope you emerge unscathed to enjoy this Promised Land and not instead, be looking over your shoulder in bewilderment, as you wonder where your freedom went..*shrugs..



Friday 29th October 2010 at 2.12pm.