Wednesday, September 29, 2010


(begun Wednesday 29th September at 3.40am...)

The big signal enhancer that Balliram has stuck on his garage wall facing onto their home, has been set to flash erratically, or is faulty?  I'm tempted to go with the former… The GW says it's been like that for some days now, though in the light (!) of their complete about-face in landscaping and their preference now for allowing their shrubbery to go unpruned, I hadn't noticed it until last night…*blinks…

Does he assure the Sweeper it's not important and he'll get round to it when he has the time?  The last of those lamps that behaved so badly was the one at the top of their drive facing our home, and that took forever to be ‘mended’… If I were Missus C, I'd be dead nervous at any of those biggies playing up in ANY way, but hey, only he and a few of his close buddies would know if it’s a genuine fault, or whether there's a purpose to it's odd behaviour… *shrugs….

I finally noticed mid-afternoon yesterday that I'd lost my microwave buzzing..*yawns…. Even as I sit here scribbling now, it's on mute.. There, but not there…. As usual it's something the Bully has employed once too often recently, leaving me unfazed and unimpressed as a result…

The VC told me yesterday morning that cute Constable H had waited till I’d left before enquiring what it was I’d called him…. I believe he was referring to my smiling claim that he is a Wugger…. *grins… If I've got it wrong J, and there's no connection between you being assigned to Captain Peter's drug squad and your oomie being so heavily involved in the Big Brother operations, while living in a house belonging to Earl Michael Barnabas, then I'd have to apologise… Somehow I doubt it's going to come to that….. *waves….
I'm sure you'll forgive this Village Idiot for the immediate conclusion I drew?  How blindingly useful to have one of Barnabas' stooges on the Team, ‘assisting’ the Good Captain in his efforts to clean up the drug problem, so rife here in the Zone?

Someone who can quietly be told which busts may be allowed and which should be foiled?  One who could inform his Superior ahead of time of Alvin's plans, ensuring that very few ‘surprise’ raids are in fact surprises at all….
Even if my guess in this regard is spot-on, there's no shame in the part you play J…. After all, you're merely obeying orders, and doing your bit to continue ‘softening’ the population into accepting the Big Brother premise willingly…. Course it’s a pity that someone as nice as your young Captain is a pawn in this horrendous game, but orders are orders, hey J?

Frankly I was shocked at his weight loss since he first transferred out of Dodge to escape Nayager's vicious vendetta… I remarked on it and the young Captain said ja, it was due to stress… I had no idea that he'd been the very first Officer that the abused female SAPS staff had dared to approach for help on the matter of the then Head of Sydenham Station's disgusting sexual abuse…. *startled…
Are you getting the picture here Dear Reader?  Alvin took the girls complaints to the equally excellent Supt. Marillier and check where HE'S ended up?   Transferred hastily to the back of beyond at Mariannhill Station for his troubles… An officer who lives in the Zone, and whom the Community trusted and admire, moved to a point where he could no longer cause problems for the foul Abuser and his Druglord Mentor….

In the matter of Captain Peters, I've no idea whether he himself applied to be returned to Dodge, or whether the PTB engineered this latest move.. Either way, he's been set up… *gags..
Young and idealistic enough to think that with Nayager's removal he could truly make a difference to the drug scene here in the Zone? *sad….
Nobody bothered to tell him of the Druglord's huge leap in power, and his involvement with the Big Brother technology?  It sure looks like it…
From where I'm standing, it appears to be a particularly vicious form of payback….
That the young Captain is doomed to forever roll that boulder up the hill, only to have it inexplicably slip from his hands before it reaches the top… (A pathetic analogy I grant you, but you get my drift)..

The now fourteen? Dodge City vehicles that stand inoperable at the Government-owned Jacobs garage, are part of a deliberate go-slow plan?  You want to check that out for me Jannie?  JK heheh….  The system that was introduced to deal with damaged SAPS vehicles now involves mountains of paperwork and has led to a country-wide backup and a shocking lack of useable vehicles….
Who got the Noddy badge for that particular stroke of genius?  Another strategist like yourself, just doing what he’s paid for?   It irks me that you so easily shrug it off as due to more corruption by Government officials, when the idea originated from the Project Authors and their Planners…
The world-changing Power Moguls have handed the controls to as vicious a bunch of girls as you'll ever find… Where will the two cops who dared pull Atul Kumar Gupta over on Saturday night be, a year from now?  You care less?  Serves them right?  *At this point I'm editing in when my page temporarily disappears and I check my iBurst signal to find it's dropped to a miserable 50%...*
They’ll be lucky if they escape with their lives intact.. All it would take is a couple of calls for poor, softly-spoken Mr. Gupta’s traumatic ordeal to be avenged..*gags…
You’ve seen here first-hand the petty extremes gone to, by the thugs employed across the land by the Project Authors… *shrugs….

Will the Big Brother Operations be discussed openly at the mybroadband conference?  Will anyone dare to raise questions on the methods used to harness the population?  The LANS and the WUGS and the unqualified being given control of power circuits?
I see Mr. Van Zyl is to be a speaker at the event, and I'm hardly surprised… His footwork is astonishingly nimble and I'm guessing he's programmed to dodge any real concerns, in the unlikely event someone dare raise the issue… *winks…
His forte in fact, would be to leave you looking as stupid as this toad… Something to be avoided at all costs by your average IT specialists, and their fragile egos…. I’m getting personal again?

For all my loud mouth, Balliram and his corrupt Mentors will doubtless be delighted to hear that as I scribble here, I shake and tremble, and that Missus Pain appears to have taken up permanent residence… Tough Titty hey?  Does this physically excite you Sicko?  Shutting my trap won't change anything at all, and was never an option…..

The GW took Roy’s Nissan for a spin yesterday and confirmed what I already knew… The car left Great Shift after it's Full Service, set up to exhibit the same problem it had when first it ended up at Bosch MacQuest… *eyeroll..
A problem that was never diagnosed at MacQuest or at Great Shift, oddly enough..*winks.. No-one could give a single reason for her strange behaviour, and despite her full service and replacement parts, we are back to square one…
Our Vice Chair too, has endured a string of similar nonsense, and having resorted to using different places in the end, finally retrieved his Audi a few days ago… May I take a flyer here and guess that it won't be long before his car also gives him further problems? *winks at Roy….

What was it that had Mr. Moodley of Royal Security investing so willingly in Nayager's petty vendetta?
Is the Woman-Abuser calling in favours owed?  Has he threatened to expose the millionaire businessman for some past indiscretion?  Or is it, as I prefer to believe, a gift, to oblige his adored off-spring and club owner, Moodley Junior?
Has anyone bothered to tell the Jeweller Narandas that his good name now adorns the pages of this blog?   If so, has he asked HIS heir whether it's true that he is aware that our Vice Chair’s Audi was tampered with?  That his son was miffed at our VC’s refusal to jump ship, and as a result wholeheartedly supported Balliram's suggestion that he and Nayager would ensure that the fellow paid dearly for his cheek?  Would the Jeweller’s son LIE to his daddy?  I'm betting it wouldn’t be the first time either…*snorts…

Sticking to the gossip you know and love, I hear there's been some big changes made to the Body Corporate over at the Blue Jade complex in West Riding…. A takeover was engineered, and the newly-elected Head was knocking at her door on Friday to demand she hand over the complex keys… Sour grapes that let her slip that the fellow is involved in drug-dealing?
I guess that Blue Jade will be the place to watch now it's under new management *winks..
Will the gate at the very bottom of the property now become a regular sales-point, out of sight as it is, and so accessible to the rapidly spreading Foreman Road Settlement?
I do believe great things can be achieved towards the further moral decay of the Zone, merely by this seemingly innocuous change to the Blue Jade Body Corporate… *waits with interest….

BTW, the lack of visible electrical interference at the Engen garage on Monday night didn’t escape me… *grins…
No tills were knocked out, or row of ceiling lights suddenly died… Nor did the sliding automatic doors jam, as is often the case when the Listeners arrive in haste… Who made the call to Captain Peter’s cellphone as we stood there in the shop?  Would he be interested to know that it probably activated and allowed his phone to act as an amplifier to our subsequent conversation?
That the Cutie’s phone was already activated, as was his colleague's, standing a few feet away?

Were the avid Eavesdroppers delighted with the results?  You betcha!  *looks at the Crumb.. Hey Collegeboy!  Everything on track there?  *cackles at it's own wit… Is this startling hi-tech option widely and freely discussed by Wuggers…?  The ability to remotely activate a phone to Speaker status, which in conjunction with the transmitter/receivers planted about, can relay your private conversation back to furtive Eavesdroppers?
Or does it remain firmly on the To Be Omitted or Denied section of the Sales Pitch?  *interested…

Peace julle… *at which point I found my iBurst connection had been dropped...*grins....*


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