Wednesday, June 23, 2010


(begun Wednesday 23rd June at 4.00am…)

Talk about dither!  *settles butt in chair… Entire previous blog scrapped on re-reading, due to begging attitude and resulting nausea… Nasty surprise to get out of bed and have backache FFS!  Either I slept crooked, or our Controller got over-excited after his Team's match last night and celebrated in ours….
Win or lose, that’s all it takes for BullyBoy to abuse his powers, with often spectacular results..*vomits….

ELF.  Dammit, why does that acronym keep popping up in my head?  Okay, so I'm reading this rather odd book by Peter Carey called The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith…  For no other reason than the kid left me a pile of books and I liked the heft of it in particular… Try this bit for size:

But what of this issue?’ said Bruder Mouse..
‘What issue?’ said the Duck, who was busy eating the cheese pudding again.
‘That they have Sirkuses in foreign countries,where they put god’s creatures in cages.  They have butcher shops where they sell our Bruder’s flesh.’
‘If what you say is so,’ said the Bruder Duck,'then I would change their minds.’
‘How would you do this?’ asked the Mouse.
‘I would do doody and fall over,’ said the Duck, ‘I would make them laugh.’

I found that had a strangely familiar ring to my own futile efforts…*grins… Don’t let that little excerpt (sp) put you off giving it a try, and you may just see why it's weirded me out somewhat..

I forgot to tell you that as we cruised along Cullingworth Road last Thursday I was in time to snap THIS pink and grey droog working industriously on the back of a streetlight cowling from out of a cherrypicker… Problem with one of the cameras?  You don’t see many pale-skinned fellas up there these days unless specialist attention is required…
He’s another from the Muni’s Electricity Department Security Division?  Did they haul a whole lot of ageing wekkers out of retirement to assist with installing the Big Brother technology?  *looks at Mike Oliver..
Can I anticipate finding any of those particular homes in Cullingworth mentioned in our Crime Stats over the next weeks?  Oops!  Hang on!  We were told at the Sector Meeting this last Monday our stats were too revealing and would be dumbed down.. Izzat right? *pukes…

It'll make it that much harder for the general public to notice when one of their number is being repeatedly targeted that’s fosho.. Four times in a row for No. 16 at the last count, and his new claxon alarm is still being regularly spiked at all hours of the day and night, as I’d warned him would happen… It’s the sort of peurile behaviour that has our Power Controller‘s signature written all over it…
The owner's business is down in Brickfield Road so the entire operation can be watched and enjoyed from start to finish.  Spike the house alarm and watch as the fellow comes rushing out of his office, leaps into his 4x4 and races home only to find no real reason for the alarm going off.  Small delights hey Wanker?

Speaking of wankers, I'd tossed the Curry Mafia into the pot as we milled about before the Meeting on Monday. In unison came the chorus.. ‘But they operate out of Pietermaritzburg’…*falls on over… Really?  Johan Booysens would like to explore Colin P. Balliram’s possible ties to this amusingly titled organisation?  (google yourself Johan, I beg you….)
*at this point it's 1.31pm as I sit here typing into Word before trying to publish in blogger, Balliram’s own house alarm has begun…  Was he elsewhere and now trying to bounce into his own property to reach me, and has set off his so touchy alarm? *roffels…Or did he need an excuse before rushing home?
Is this the link that had this fine pair installed next door in the late nineties, with an agenda to cause mischief and mayhem?  *fascinated  It’s a certainty Balliram had been told even back then to make a nuisance of himself and bide his time until his Cracker skills would be needed by the Big Brother Project..

He had no visible job, and would spend days lurking at home with his stereo cranked to the max and a SAPS van on his verge or a telkom bakkie parked off visiting… *belches..
Hours spent online making his presence felt on the local interwebz and gaining much needed cred.. Cred that I'm guessing had him elevated to chatroom Admin and irc cop before too long, as he carefully built up a band of fawning admirers…*gags…
You’re going to insist he has nothing to do with Interpol?  Pull the other one dudes!  *falls over laughing..

When his good buddy Nayager’s main man and Mentor, Selebi, was given the position of Head of Interpol and then subsequently removed, was Balliram considered too useful to lose, so that it was he who was cunningly given the task of outing the ex-Police Commissioner when the time came?
I always figured that would have been a clever move by the PTB to fool you all into thinking the Creep was straight..*roffels..

LATER at 5.45am..

*The alarm has run its course… Has el Monstro arrives home to ‘deal’ with my blog?  *waits..
Just down from putting the trash out.. As I walked back across the road there was a flash of light..Interesting.. A camera in the mothership taking pics of passing traffic on the freeway?  Something new that doesn’t involve the blister-sized invisible surveillance cameras dotted about everywhere… *shrugs…

Shall we get back to the Curry Mafia?  For of course we have another import from Sleepy Hollow as you well know if you’ve been following.. The young and very charming DA councillor who appeared to arrive out of the blue, and who proves to be so helpful at our Sector Forum Meetings on the occasions he attends..*waves..
I've no  clue as to how many WUGS he has initiated since his arrival, but would guess at least a couple?  Were both our Network Admin and the smiling Politician recruited by Earl Michael Barnabas, (now apparently squeaky-clean ex-Druglord of the Zone and Beyond), who now consorts happily with the topmost players in the Information Theft Scheme.

Barnabas and Schabir… What a team!  *laughing.. What wonders could the Whisperer tell us of on his Near Death Experiences prior to miraculously picking up his bed and walking from the luxurious confines of the Albert Luthuli Hospital? *winks… How enraged was he to find that his good friend Zuma repeatedly declined to sign the Pardon he craved…?  
There followed soon after the predictable revelations of our President's private life, as every tiny morsel of information was ferreted out and leaked to the Press… Feel better now Schabir?  *teeth..
That’ll teach him for crossing you, and witholding your passport to freedom?

The Whisperer has gone very quiet… I guess he's a familiar sight at his usual haunts, but that people are beginning to wake up and realise that with his brother as Head of Intelligence, twould be foolhardy to continue poking that particular tiger…. 
Is there a helipad over at 343 Innes Road? I'm betting that’s an affirmative right there… I'm also betting that by now the Whisperer is himself addicted to eavesdropping and will have his own tame IT hacker tethered nearby 24/7…

You were overlooked for the position el Monstro?  Bummer.. You assisted with the training or had no part of it?  *curious… Your easily dented ego would've been soothed at the time, as you were reminded of your contribution to the Project right here in the Zone.. That running the base-station at St. Theresa’s and keeping the local wuggers fooled was way more important than some larnie post at Schabir’s mansion… Right?  *squints…

The young politician isn't well.. His voice has changed and he complains of a pinched nerve…*anxious..  He is not – if I may use the term – as bouncy as he once was.. The pressure of wearing two (or is that 3?) hats must be exhausting, and could certainly produce an extremely painful knot of anxiety.. Fingers crossed that’s all it is and nothing more serious…*wonders...

Our Vice Chair the journo has had his punishment upgraded steeply.  His tireless efforts at improving the working relationship between the community and SAPS Sydenham has brought him endless engineered slaps to the wrist…
Last Friday he received a phone bill two or three times higher than usual from his Service Provider.. His queries led to him being forced to leave his phone and SIM with the Networks investigative team for an indefinite period of time.  A fairly serious glitch for one whose business relies so much on this form of communication..
Do I hear howls of glee from the Rotten Apples?  Who conducts this chorus of sick delight?  Why, it’s none other than our Shadow Head of Station, Captain Lazzie, who waves his baton on the direct orders of the Druglord.. *pukes…

Tell me again Jannie?  Who is it that monitors the Monitors?  Have you lost track of who is Good and who is Rotten to the Core?  It makes no difference?  Your Masters didn’t program you to deal with the feisty Dorny woman?  Has this lapse been rectified?
Should a similar situation arise (unlikely that it would be publicized) would you now be able to activate the previously missing sympathy/compassion?  Did I manage to persuade your Controllers to abandon the use of frangelica as a recruitment tool?  *grins…

I see you Janneman.. I see your power, though the glory eludes me.. I would have you involve yourself in the current corruption surrounding the phone of our Vice Chair… A small request and one that would not overtax your Mightyness’ abilities in any meaningful way..
You have insisted all along that you operate for the Good, and I would see some proof of this right now.. Have your BullyBoyz back off from Gandhi’s great grandson and allow him to continue to work for the community, untouched by the Rotten Apples..
Take him under your wing so to speak,(falls over cackling), and warn the Dark Forces he is to be left alone…
My bloodied feet are proof that I've earned the right to my request…

LATER at 7.00am..

My ears were crushed by enormous pressure as I ventured into the lounge, though the threatened backache had mysteriously disappeared….  Onwards and upwards!



Wednesday 23rd June 2010 at 2.09pm.