Monday, June 28, 2010


(begun Sunday 27th June at 9.45am…)

A steady drizzle had begun falling, finally putting paid to the still smouldering grass across the valley.. When I'd first seen the fire at the end of the little bluff last Monday, I'd given it the benefit of the doubt and thought it may have been a carelessly tossed butt into the tinder-dry undergrowth..
Not the case after all, as yesterday more fires were set over under the gumtrees, and someone called the Firetruck out in the end… HERE.

Odds are the arsonist will be back next week to set the steep bank aflame and cook off the wildlife that remains..*shrugs…  So much less bothersome than sending in the Park's Cutters or the tractor, is it not? *winks and watches a loerie not twenty feet away in the coral tree…
Are the Parks employed horticulturists doing an ongoing study on which trees and plants are more prone to retardation of growth and possible death caused by the more powerful lights for the Project? 
Ja, that’s right.  I'm not talking about mast signals, but rather those lights that are easily able to compete with the towers. Whether it’s a specific frequency they're made to run at, is beyond me, but you know it’s the truth.. That having control of the power lines is essential to be able to manipulate the light’s output… Man, that sounded almost coherent! *falls over in a faint..

I'd called Vincent over to take a look at her last Sunday morning, and showed him the pictures I'd taken. (My wonderful landscape artist who admitted that he’s heard of the Wireless Project from another source, and who then promptly proceeded to chop my acalypha, plumbago and lemon tree down drastically).  After 2.00pm once he'd left, I went over to see how she was doing and she’d vanished… For well over two months that two inch violet-coloured praying mantis had clung to the cluster of flowers growing next to the birdbath, through fair and foul weather…  She’d uncoil restlessly when you greeted her and reveal the eye painted on her underbelly.. HERE.
There’d been a sleek and plump Jackie Hangman arrived just after sunrise to splash in the birdbath, and he was still hanging about two days later as doubtless the swine digested my pretty friend.. *sighs..

A small troop of monkeys arrived a few hours ago and had to settle for orange wedges set atop the valley wall.. One of the bigger guys has recently lost a hand and favoured the stump as he gingerly navigated the Beast’s cabling… I sometimes battle to fathom how mankind can be seen to have progressed at all, when basically we’re the same barbaric species we were when we started out.. Oh, hang on!  My mistake!  We have the Internet and WUGS to be thankful for, so FOAD while you’re at it, toad?

Monday 28th June at 3.30am..

Did you watch?  I thought it was a great game and from the starting whistle Germany were younger, quicker and hungrier...
*Yikes, either the Creep is early this morning, as a wall of heat hits me, or there’s a lot more rain in the offing..*
Pity about the Brit’s second goal and quite weird that with the millions spent, the technology needed wasn’t in place, but cest la vie…*shrugs.. I'm not a dedicated soccer fan, but have to say Wayne Rooney looked rather like an albatross as he flapped about the field uselessly…

Twaddle?  That’s all you have to say to my accusations?  *snorts.. The tiny transmitter/receivers in place the length of Garbutt and Harris?  A figment of my imagination?  The blister-sized cameras built in to the streetlight cowlings, waiting to be enabled by a cherrypicker before being activated by a local Controller?   Sorry guys – no way will I back down on those allegations, despite the implications..

May I guess that the few Wuggers who may have dared cautiously to raise questions, will have quietly been told that yes – the ultimate goal is for the neighbourhood, yours and mine, to be secured against crime, hence the astonishing amount of surveillance technology installed throughout the Zone.
That those foolhardy enough to ask will be told that despite these gadgets saturating the area, the PTB don’t have sufficient monitors in place to man them… *falls over laughing.. Something to look forward to in 10 years then?

In the meantime, allowing the Druglord's hand-picked double-agents to OWN the area and activate the devices outside any home they choose? 
This is precisely how Balliram slid silently via the Wireless audio-monitoring into Sue the Book's home in the dead of night, and listened to the sleeper's breathing, while the heavy chain on her front gate was on one occasion unlocked, and on the other simply cut through..
Her little car was rolled out silently, as was her kid's motorcycle.. No problemo…

Nayager does not have the skills to run the computerised technology solo. Fact.  Balliram most certainly does….  You may therefore mutter twaddle as much as you like, but your precious FlipDeezy the Fowl is most definitely a criminal, working with, and for criminals.
Whether or not he has admitted that his pathetic vendetta includes the librarian (and you believe she deserves his attentions as much as I do?), does not detract from his utter abuse of power.
The continued deliberate spiking of her appliances for his own sick enjoyment is further proof that he should be locked away..

The selective ongoing interference with our fixed lines may be considered small potatos, but it’s a service that’s paid for and may be added to the growing list of crimes committed by Colin P. Balliram.
Stood next to one of the latest charges laid by the Hawks against Nayager, (the theft of a TV FFS), our Network Admin’s crimes are considerably more serious and happily for him, unprovable.

While the more visible and obvious attacks on our home have declined (no doubt on the advice of several higher up the chain of command), the peurile behaviour on our PC continues… The Creep can no longer claim that it's our own stupidity that causes the problems, for the GW has learned to take every precaution he can with his limited skills, to prevent crud arriving on our doorstep.
What possible chance do we stand when our own designated Network Admin is the author of these attacks?
One who in the early days turned us into a botnet, resulting in a never-ending stream of retaliatory attacks?  Was that before or after we were ‘given’ to the Gupta Boys at Sahara?  *loses track…

The Government (read Mo Shaik) wishes to saturate the country with WUGS and in doing so remove every last shred of your so-called right to privacy.  Why then do they employ blatant criminals whose behaviour will if anything, deter newbies from joining the internet?
Techs just wanna have fun?  *vomits copiously… A whole breed of youngsters who simply don’t understand the term accountability? 

See, even the single-minded and blindly sceptical GameWrecker has admitted that he accepts I have this weird EMS, but he doesn’t question how this came about…
We know, don’t we Al?  *squints at the Superintendent of Electricity for Durban.  
If I would have been safer indoors between November and December 2005, could you not have warned me?  Could you not have called down to B.Snr, to avoid gardening during that period as you were busy rigging up some seriously dodgy technology and accidents can happen?

It was never an option was it Al old son…?  From the getgo we were chosen as guinea pigs in the pact made between your department and a notorious local Druglord… You were well aware even then that we would be singled out by the designated Controller, who could barely contain himself at the thought of the options that would become available to him via control of the power supplies…

While I've struggled mightily to describe coherently the symptoms we endure as a direct result of this so-called testing, my bet is that you understood and recognised them right away.. The excrutiating pains in the wrist joints?  The burning hands and prickling fingers?  The frequency changes in our hearing and the constant microwave buzzing?   The cramps that manifest in such odd areas as the front of the shins and instep?  
You would have me believe that it's just coincidence that the occupants of No’s 4, 5 and 8 all experience the same symptoms?  No, it's not constant either.. The most telling point IMO is that these effects occur randomly in whichever home the Controller chooses to vent his spleen.

I guess you think you're off the hook because it appears to be a selective thing?  *teeth.. In turn I will insist that despite not everyone  being physically aware of what engulfs and surrounds them, they too are taking large doses of unacceptable levels of EMR.
That’s what the experiments are for?  To find out who’s susceptible and who’s not?  Yebo… *nods…

How come der Bunker has no windows or doors facing the base-station at St. Theresa’s itself?  Were the walls built with a double layer of bricks perchance?  Self-preservation or coincidence?
See Al, just doing your job is one thing.. Willingly handing such dangerous technology to someone you were fully aware held a grudge, wasn’t your finest hour.   I hold you personally culpable for what happened to B.Snr and for the painful ongoing symptoms that family endure.  You are responsible for the librarian’s shockingly poor health, and for the same symptoms both she and her kid suffer…

Do you continue to  bluster that you had no idea Nayager was a crook?  That his Overlord Barnabas was anything other than a respectable businessman?  That the Cracker you so happily worked alongside and handed us to on a plate, was anything more than a very well-connected computer fundi? 
You’ve had long enough to make the call to Johan Booysens.. You’ve had ample time to pick up the phone and dial the Snitch Line… Ooops!  I forgot, but you didn’t?  There’s no such thing as making an anonymous call anymore, is there?  *chokes..

In that case DEWD, you carry on hiding your guilty head and making excuses for your own criminal behaviour as I'm sure the ultimate rewards will be well worth it..*spews.. After all, you wouldn’t want cowboys driving past YOUR family home taking potshots as has happened to the Trouble-Shooter?  In the end it all boils down to what the Mob will regard as mere old-fashioned Crud.. You should've known better Mistuh Spence, indeed you should...

You can't fix the mess you initiated and probably don’t see why you should..  Your combination of pig-headed self-denial and arrogance will see to it that Balliram is allowed to continue his criminal activities freely throughout the Zone, assisted closely by the Accessory to Attempted Murder that currently runs Dodge City for the Druglord… Twaddle?  I don’t think so dude…
You have a good day, hear?  


Monday 28th June 2010 at 1.46pm.