Sunday, June 27, 2010


(begun Friday 25th June at 9.55am)

An ongoing advertorial for the Big Brother Project is what I am….
I’d already used the taps and flushed the loo well before 5.00am this morning.. The GW in his position as Keeper of the computerised washing machine had said last night he would do the laundry today, and I'd asked him to remind me to put my stuff in the basket.
The Saddo next door didn’t miss a trick, and when the GW reported after 8.30am today that the water was now coming out of the taps a pale brown colour, and that he would therefore abandon finishing the laundry, was I stunned?  Nay Jock, though I've no doubt the Creep himself felt he deserved a standing ovation?  I've said often enough how the new system neatly allows for individual tampering with the water supplies to be achieved, and this is pretty much confirmation… *yawns…
And yes, I called No. 17 and No. 4, above and below us, only to find their water is running clear… *snorts..

Again you must forgive me if I regard this entire Operation as a pile of steaming, corrupt crud…
What precisely has being given control over our power lines got to do with a WUG?  Don’t tell me this is still being denied, as I've given you more than sufficient evidence to prove its being done…

Saturday 26th June at 5.50am..

Both little dogs insisted there was an intruder down in the valley and seconds later No. 16’s house alarm went off..  A nasty game being played, but of course nothing whatsoever to do with the happy Wuggers and their amiable Network Administrator.. How has the Good Man transgressed to draw the attention of the Corrupt?  Is One-Eyed Jack involved, along with Balliram?  Does a bear shit in the woods?

Reading the WUG thread on MyBB last night confirmed what I've said all along.. el Monstro and his Bride will have helped many out there and gone out of their way to assist in any manner of problems… You only see their kindness do you not? *laughing.. Brilliant!
How you must have battled to reconcile the vastly different picture that I painted for you of these two excellent Samaritans… *roffels..
It's already a given that the Sicko crowed repeatedly of his ties to Nayager and a mad scramble would've ensued to distance himself, once the order had been given… Eh, I beat my thick head against a brick wall here.. No matter, I’m off to the Shongweni Farmer's Market and will see you later.. Cheers…


The Nasty that had bobbed up while the modem lay unplugged on its side as I typed my blog into Word, turned out to be a Trojan.Win32.VILSEL.AIFT and was something to do with Adobe (that I don’t use).
A coming-out gesture?  Our Network Admin no longer even attempts to hide his behaviour?  *gags.. This is the service the GW pays for?!
I guess the only real shocker in this ongoing crimefest has been her participation..
I will insist I'm over it, but hey, of course it still bites…
Foolish of me to place one so young on a pedestal I know, but I swear I thought she saw me, when clearly she didn’t… *shrugs.. Besides, admiration from one so crazed as the toad would've been a one-way ticket to trouble, and that I do regret…

I ask again – which WUG covers Craigavon?  Narrows it down a bit I bet.. I’m guessing it's one of those Wug members that’s been given the program that manages both the mast and the powerlines, just as Balliram OWNS the power supplies down here….
A rush to denial?  Fosho… Your WUG is just SO much more than you're aware of, and the more I say this, the more the mud will be slung in my direction…*yawns..
I stick firmly by my assertion that the majority of you have been neatly conned.. It's worth it, as you couldn’t have asked to meet a nicer bunch of people? *laughing.. You betcha!

Do you have your targets/victims in each area?  Those who’ve been singled out and are attacked regularly, as we are?  The force's favourites?  Whose names have been smeared with ease and who haven't the wits to protect themselves?  How charming.. We simply beg for it do we not?

Sunday 27th June at 4.55am..

The tiny building at the foot of the stairs leading down to the Recreation Centre has all it's windows lit up this morning.. That’s a first…*interested…
Yesterday?  Ja, it had been fun and we’d gone over to Queensburgh afterwards for a spin..  She’d gotten the business of the new member of the Board out of the way promptly, which I’d only really appreciated afterwards, though I'd been hard put not to fall over laughing as we headed up to Mariannhill….
While the reason for this latest carefully engineered ploy escapes me right now, I'm damned sure I'll be given the answer sooner rather than later…*waves to the Director…

It’s a given he’s been on the WUG for ages, and his heavy involvement with the ruling party’s Ward Councillor from that area confirms this…*grins.. Were you aware that your innocent Wireless User Group was politically driven?  Suckers!   You can kid yourselves that the massive increase in unregulated mast emissions has absolutely nothing to do with your participation in the WUG, until the bloody cows come home..
Every light you activate on request, and every tree you chop down, ensures that you play your part willingly in this enormous experimental cull..*belches..

You personally know someone with cancer?  Yeah, but they smoke?  *shrugs… They spend way too much time in the sun? *another shrug… The friend of a friend lives in the top apartment of a block in Musgrave and has been fighting the big C for three years… She neither smokes nor suns herself.. We drove passed their block the other day and there are at least four microwave panels on the roof directly above their home.. Coincidence? 

It makes absolutely no difference however much I dance about shrieking.. The Project Authors have designed a series of ongoing distractions so entertaining there’s no ways you can be made to see the truth behind the stunning special effects…*grins..
It’s been an absolute doddle refuting my claims every inch of the way, has it not Jannie?
My outrage at the Druglord Barnabas’ elevation to Owner of the Zone by more means than his drug empire.. My sheer nausea at the enrolement of Government aided institutions as base-stations… The recruitment of criminals to run the whole shebang?
The Missus Lamprechts out there who are being persuaded that CFL’s are an improvement to her charges lives… *snorts.. I've the uneasy feeling that there may be a more sinister reason for my Network Admin. blocking my communications to my sister in the UK, than just his usual spite..

The Brits most assuredly have a similar wireless based Big Brother operation in place but will have been forced to employ rather more caution in the reckless increase in EMR emissions… My insistence that it was our guys who developed the audio-monitoring aspect of the Project is possibly not the only reason after all that our ‘progress’ is being watched so keenly by the world..

I would suggest that we won this horrific tender simply by coming out tops in the Callous Disregard for Human Life poll… That our every-man-for-himself attitude had us head and shoulders above the rest, as the perfect candidates for this enormous experiment…
You couldn’t ask for a better example than our own Controller, Colin P. Balliram.. There's not one stupid law in the land that he answers to, and I guess he's proven that time and again.. *belches…

Is there a WUG running at Fourways?  Who is the nearest SAPS Station commander to the Craigavon complex?   *curious..
Karl Muller has vanished like a puff of smoke and it's as if he never appeared like a light on the horizon…(!) Once it became apparent that the World Health Organisation had been bought off, I guess he found it prudent to withdraw… *shrugs..
The GW’s explanation for the Trojan that arrived on our PC despite the modem being unplugged, was implausible to say the least. I choose to regard it as further proof that I've been given the thumbs down for my cheek and that the tampering with our water supplies is just one of the methods our Controller uses to remind us which BullyBoy is in charge here….*waves to Joe of Alpine Plumbers.. Get any good mileage out of your visit young man? 

LATER at 6.30am…

From at least one quarter I detect an attitude of patronising tolerance has carefully been adopted, and would prefer that the sham were dropped.. I am what I am – as flawed and as hypocritical as the rest of you, if not more so…*coughs endlessly..
Until the out-and-out criminals are removed from any involvement with the Project I can't but conclude the entire Information Theft scheme is rank and rotten to it's core…

Barnabas, Balliram and Salacious Crumb would top my list right now, with Allen Spence and Sutcliffe panting at their heels.. Were there any laws left in the land, this lot would've been shut away for life (and don’t come with the personal revenge crap either).  My worthless life is nothing compared to the lives you can guarantee this tight and crooked bunch of criminals have destroyed one way or another.. Too harsh?
You’re kidding me… As the Courageous Pair break into the zillionth version of their Injured and Affronted Routine, may I remind you (though for many it's way too late) to be careful what you wish for… *waves cheerfully..



Sunday 27th June 2010 at 1.42pm.