Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dear Mr. Muller

You asked in your kind reply to my pm that I write and tell you more on the Mayville cellmast? A mast that even during the height of our 'symptoms' I'd considered inactive, as it didn't have any pretty lights on it... (Now that you have the measure of my stupidity, I will proceed).
I've hardly given these cell towers a second thought apart from feeling assured that there were monitors in place to check the emissions. You blew that one right out of the water! *grins...

I've blogged until my ears bleed of what took place on November 15th and December 15th, 2005, though it took me months to figure out that these incidents were related to the technology installed for the Municipalities Wireless/Broadband Network System aka The Information Theft Project.

My neighbour and now friend 2 doors down had been working out in his garden on November 15th 2005 when he suddenly fell to the ground. He was diagnosed at a State hospital as having fluid on the brain, which was drained, and he was sent home. He was back out in his garden a month later (oddly enough, to the day), when the exact same thing happened and again he had to have a drain inserted.

The man is as fit as a fiddle and there is NO history of this in his family. I defy you to look at him and guess his age. I'm nearly 64 and he's considerably older, and yet looks about 50!
I only picked up on all this drama months later, as at that point we only chatted occasionally as neighbours do.
It's always been my habit to sit out in the garden when the weather is fine. (A practise I now pay for dearly, but that's by the by..)
I recall quite clearly that for those months of November and December I would sit out battling severe nausea. That my hands would burn and go numb until I could hardly hold my book. I guess it was about then that the singing in my ears began as well...*grins..

The little maid next door at No. 10 approached me in I guess, 2006, to help her with problems she was having with her 'Missus". I was totally shocked as Penny was pretty much a part of their family. At that point I managed to placate her and forgot about it. Only months later when she raised the matter again, did I think to ask if she was well. (Why, I don't know..) I asked if her teeth and ears hurt and whether her hands burned and went dead and she fell back a step and asked if I too was a sangoma as she is.... Bingo! I tried to explain to her in my stumbling fashion that it was too much electricity in the air and that it wouldn't kill her and I had the same symptoms.

I'd also been chatting to the eldest lad across the road at No. 11 around that time and he'd said he had a funny noise in his ears all the time. His brother told me later that he'd been diagnosed with ADD. *sighs... All along I'd thought it was something to do with EMF from the constant fiddling that was going on with the huge overheads on the Freeway and our streetlights. It never occurred to me that it was the stupid cellmast in full view just the other side of the Freeway!
My good friend across at No. 5 is fortunate in that she leaves the area for work. Even so, she has borne the brunt of being in DLOS to the cellmast, the mini-base station that has been rigged up over at St. Theresa's Convent, the microwave tower in Overport and even the main base-station at Howard College. She is constantly ill and due to finances, unable to relocate should she even consider it. (which she isn't).

I have shrieked for years on my blog that these three victims are due compensation for their suffering. What a joke! I've read and re-read the printouts I made of your posts (which I treasure by the way), and find it odd that you don't mention the government's insistence on using the energy saving, mercury containing, wireless- friendly lightbulbs. I would've had you down as fully aware of the Information Theft Project touted quietly as the Muni Wireless/Broadband Network System. On the Team of the Good by all means, but aware of it you surely are?
That emissions from cellmasts will be the least of our worries once this glorious Project is properly installed countrywide? That thousands are now encouraged to install these signal enhancing lights all over their properties, surely ensuring that the levels of RF are increased dramatically? They put out such a miniscule amount of radio waves it's negligible? You think?

We must chat sometime, and maybe you could draw up a very basic list of questions to ask me? I muddle easily. Difficult questions such as the colour of my neighbour's roof floor me! I will tell you of how these SE's change colour dramatically as their output is manipulated via the powerlines.
I will tell you of the unqualified criminals being handed control of power circuits to manipulate them, as they infest every home and business in the country. Anything else Mr. Muller? *grins...

Were you to become a serious threat to the Project you'd find more than just your fixed line dead, so again, I must guess that you know more than you're letting on...*smiles...
While clearly nowhere near the suffering endured by the residents of Westdene, the three victims I speak of have had their lives changed forever in a most unpleasant way. I don't doubt that there were many other victims here back in 2005, but I've no way of tracking them down short of walking a straight line from those cellmast panels... *sighs...

If you can persuade Jannie to find cellmast Health Insurance for the residents in Westdene, I'm not above begging that you add my three victims to the list of claimants. *waits for a miracle....

I consider it's always possible (as I struggle to second-guess every tiny event in my life), that you've been sent to de-bunk my theories on the Information Theft Project. Your time and efforts are valuable, and it would therefore be a pointless and wasted exercise were you to deny the existence of this massive Project.... *whispers...

Yours in utmost sincerity,

Jane Lovejoy.

aka WretchedToad

PS Under the circumstances I would appreciate an acknowledgement of receipt? Thanks!

*Alas dear Reader, you will have to pardon the format here as I merely copied and pasted it from my gmail account. I guess you won't mind as at least I'm sharing EVERYTHING with you... I sent the mail at 3.11pm and await a reply with great anticipation as you may imagine....*beams.....*

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