Monday, November 03, 2008


(begun Monday 3rd November at 2.00am…..)

Even the bitterest of medicine can be swallowed given sufficient sugar-coating.....

In my recently acquired status as Pensioner, I took myself to bed before 8.00pm last night, without any guilt at all… It’s been a while since I enjoyed a Stephen King, but find that Duma Key is like listening to an old friend telling a tale…*grins..
One that you maybe heard before, but so well told you don’t care?

Naturally there’s a price to pay for hitting the sack so early, and I was wide-awake at 1.00am when my four-footed friends next door hit their panic button…*grins..

I could hear the Airwing chopper at work, so eventually I took myself outside for a dekko…First thing I noticed was a light flashing endlessly on and off over Bali’s entrance to his house. Tucked just around the corner out of my sight it is…*curious..
You recall how I’ve blogged this before? His garage wall SE did this for weeks and then his roadfacing SE did the same?
As lights play such a vital part in his ‘current’ job, I’m inclined to believe this shorting effect has a purpose and is not due to his inability to find a replacement bulb! (added as I type this out…. the purpose has been revealed as he hit our power and I lost all that I had pretyped of this blog a few minutes ago….*cackles….)

I also tend to think it may have something to do with the brief but nasty powercut we had yesterday at midday… Inexplicably hitting all our jackpoints bar the computer…*winks… The GameWrecker has been sheepled to such a degree he hardly raised an eyebrow….*falls over…

I on the other hand, am as fascinated as ever by the destructive behaviour allowed by an unqualified Cracker given control of our power circuit. …*bolt-eyed….. Despite that the power was probably off for less than a minute, our appliances would’ve taken a nasty smack as the power surged back on…..*shrugs…

This phenomenon will of course be happening countrywide, as laymen in every suburb are handed the reins to your power supply, and when your fridge/stove/freezer/PC is cooked, you will roll your eyes and blame Eskom FFS…! *roffels… Neat!

Instead of which, you would do better to form a lynch party with your similarly affected neighbours, and go on a hunting party to find your Controller nearby. If of course you are already an obliging Invitee to the Government’s Wimax Eavesdropping Project, you will simply STFU and continue to enjoy whatever perks were given to you at signup…*beams….

The Airwing chopper finally headed off towards the microwave tower at Overport at 2.20am, having spent since at least 1.00am circling high over the Cato Manor, Manor Gardens area…. A strange direction to take if its heading to refuel….It’s become such a familiar sight/sound that no-one queries it’s presence anymore….*shrugs…
There is very little on it’s agenda to do with it’s original purpose of crime-prevention…*laughs…Quite the reverse in fact....

If I were sat down and given the Sales Pitch that persuaded you to believe the Project was a Good Thing, would I buy it? *curious… Maybe if I were exposed to only the occasional headline in the Press or article in Noseweek, exposing the corruption involving Druglords? You can bet my shrieks of outrage have been derisively dismissed as an exaggerated over-reaction to an isolated problem.

Combining my propensity for stupidity with the dedicated smear-campaign launched by the Captain of Courage and the Rotten Apples, it is unsurprising I’m considered no more than a deluded old fool….*cackles… Why then do I persist in flogging this long dead horse?

It’s taken me literally, years of sweat and tears to finally find the answer to the mystery that is the Project. I heard no fanfare or applause when the penny finally fell with a thud…*sighs… What I would ask now is whether you have signed up specifically to access your neighbour’s PERSONAL computer or just to add additional SE’s to your property to aid the Wimax signal?

It takes a very special type of person to ferret about in another’s private business… When Peggy Alison aka Icyhot ran the Channel logs for me to read all those years back at mweb, I can still recall the embarrassment I felt, despite only realising later they had been heavily doctored…*waves to Peggy….

There are many ‘Peggys’ dotted about the country and their numbers grow daily. You have only to read the forums to see the crass comments made by posters with the dodgiest morals around, and yet they are sufficiently IT savvy to be approached by the Beast….*grins…
Though the mod ic over at mybb has happily unwound to an astonishing degree of late, I fail to see how a person of his calibre could be persuaded for whatever reason, to illegally access anothers system….
The same applies to bwana and most definitely to rpm. Yet there are other regular posters who I’m guessing would have no qualms at all about taking on the role of Street Controller….*looks at vodacom3g…… Posters who will have been wined and dined (metaphorically speaking) and approached with carefully worded offers of riches untold…

Even this Idiot has formed opinions over time, of regular posters characters. Making it simple for the Beasts Intellectuals to home in on those they consider would willingly hack into their unwary neighbours systems, were the rewards offered great enough…*nauseous….

*It’s 3.30am and the first of Nature’s Sounds of the Night float through my window from nearby..* added as I type this now in Word, another threatening dip to the power…..going down again mon Capitano? *

What I obviously don’t know and can only guess at, is whether every suburb’s Controllers are answerable to their local SAP Station. If this is indeed so, then you are in trouble with a capital T….* grins… While I have to believe there are many of our officers that are Good, every station will have it’s Koobairs and Molesters who will deliberately abuse the Project for their own gain…*gags..….It appears that once a Station has been enrolled, there is simply no turning back, and the Beast has little or no control over the depths of corruption and depravity that inevitably ensues…*shrugs….
It sickens me to think that you suggest the Zone is an isolated case when you know this is not so…..
(My Master activates the Bold randomly here as I type, enjoying himself to the max after a few weeks of enforced control…. *shrieks with laughter…. The light dips now constantly as he threatens to again drop the power… and this is whom the Authorities have deliberately put in control of ANYTHING? *keels over…..)

The Zone was merely the birthplace of the Eavesdropping Project as it had all the desired ingredients necessary….
A Druglord who had the ear of several corrupt Government officials *looks at the Shaikboyz….. A station that had won the Most Corrupt award more than once… A Telkom Depot at Overport whose employees worked willingly with said Station… More government aided institutions packed into the area than anywhere else in the country.. Ag, the list is endless…..
But to now insist that this is an isolated set of circumstances is utter bollox!

In every suburb of every town throughout the country there will be the conscience-free/lacking Controllers reporting in turn to their local Stations. Is your Station free of corruption? Can you guarantee that the stolen information will never be used against you by the Wikked?

Methinks Colin Balliram and the Rotten Apples have ably demonstrated the possibilities and options that will become available to the Corrupt via the Eavesdropping Project.. In my case, laughingly shrugged off as the light entertainment over the years. Personally, I fail to see how much of the condoned attacks (M’s shooting most definitely included) can be construed as entertainment…*shrugs…

I would suggest that the Beast has lost control of the Zone, whether deliberately or not.. Were we, as averred in my previous blogs, given on a plate to the Rotten Apples as some sort of reward? Are you now insisting that ours is a unique situation and won’t be allowed to happen elsewhere? Man, I feel so much better knowing that! *keels over choking….

The faint call of an unrecognizable LBJ comes from my Master’s front deck as always… Too much time on his hands and a cooked head make my own Controller a loose cannon…*roffels… A cannon you can do little to stop should you even want to!

Why do I insist that a .22 rifle was used to maim M? A marked predisposition for cowardice makes the rifle and telescopic sight the clear choice of weapon for the so-called ‘message sending’ by the goondaboyz…*grins… Any closer, and their sniper may have had to find himself some balls… Step back if you can, and try to judge my allegations objectively. Do you not see the mile-wide streak of yellow that runs through each and every one of the Rotten Apples and their Tool, Colin Balliram? If you are impressed by this trait, then I suggest you apply to be a Controller for the Eavesdropping Project quick smart…. *laughs….


The Master has finally lost the fragile self-control he has held onto for the past couple of weeks…*laughing…. At 8.53am we were treated to another mini powercut. I guess he was building up to whine that he has a legitimate electrical problem….*guffaws…. Pretty much as I predicted to the GameWrecker, prior to sitting down to type this blog in Outlook… As usual he waited till I had typed out nearly the whole thing and then whacked the power off for sufficient time to lose everything… *shows it’s teeth…. The save option in Outlook hasn’t worked in yonks and nobody in this house knows how to fix it…. Heheh… So I retyped it now in Word and as I type, sections are bolded by a ghostly hand…..while the desk lamp flickers wildly… I’ve little doubt that this blog will be a nightmare to read if ever it gets published… *sighs… Nice to have the snake back out of it’s basket though…. *waves to Balliram….

Peace julle…


Monday 3rd November 2008 at 10.27am.


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