Friday, November 10, 2006

It would be correct to assume that my feelings towards Captain Courageous aka Collin/Prakash Balliram/Moodliar are confused. The darling of all that is corrupt and rotten in this brilliant country, and yet, despite being aware of this, I cannot bear him ill-will. The dodgy Stockholm Syndrome still lurks?
The more he scrambles for cover, the more determined I become that he should smile upon me. His juvenile rages and pettiness are so predictable (compared with Fred the Accountant resorting to throwing the massive, supposedly banned haha, Indian King fireworks at our house, he is almost adult)
I have experience many times over the years how Missus Courageous will look one in the eye and earnestly trot out blatant lies. I've no doubt at all that this skill has stood her in good stead in her line of work as a Used Car Salesperson.
The Captain is certainly cut from the same cloth.
I like them both. What does that make me? Eh - don't go there.
Yesterday I went up to find the White Bakkie NPS 28192* reversed up to Fred the Accountants garage, in his driveway. The very same bakkie that I had seen on the Thursday? before last. The young man and his wekker back again, this time to shift all the techno stuff from the bottom of Fred's garden up into his garage? How utterly irritating for them!
Had to smile when paging through that skin-crawling magazine - MetroBeat - yesterday.
There was a letter complaining about all the new and pretty lights decorating the Jacobs Bridge. It sounds as though they too are burning 24/7.
The sanctimonious reply from the charming Rudolph Mhlope, Manager of the Special Lights Division had me laughing. Special lights they are indeed and I would be very surprised if the Isipingo Bridge is not next on his list of to-dos. Neatly done.
I sent a text to Rudi right away though getting a reply would probably give me a heart attack.
The utter bullsh*t-baffles-brains report on Crime in Durban by the cold-eyed Mike Sutcliffe was quite frankly, not worth the paper it is printed on. His desperate and embarrassing attempts to be one of the Comrades are probably a great source of mirth to the very people he kisses up to. Eish!
The chopper very busy circling round and round over the Southern Outer Ring Road last night.
Our streetlights continue to behave normally. Astounding!
Again - I would dearly love time spent with President m'Beki to discuss how much information he has NOT been given on the way the country is being run.
Saturday 11th November 2006 at 7.03am