Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the nest of smaller poles on the Freeway bridge were again alive this morning in the dark. No large orange lights (see photo), this time but much smaller more interesting lights they were.
*toad wonders about her sisters hands, BigBrother UK, and the World Wide Rot.(of which my very own Captain Courageous is such an integral part).
of what Johann at WellInformed had to say on EMF and how it could possibly affect the make-up of an individual, of how many 'notifys' bob up when toady arrives on an IRC channel, why Inertia runs with chickens....
About organised crime and deliberate urban decay - how the Muni Contract workers over at St. Theresa's persist in sending their guys into the valley posing as squatters.
How these so-called squatters are invisible to the local SAPS patrols and yet, if pointed out the SAPS must claim they can no longer move these people on.
*shakes its hoary head.....
If you allow enough random dumping and filth to pollute a suburb and then arrange for an ongoing crime-wave, property prices will plummet, people will move out in droves and really shrewd buyers can snap up homes at bargain prices.
Shrewd buyers with the right contacts? Contacts that are in a position to arrange said pollution and crime? Tsk tsk.
Is it only me that sees the endless and creative ways corruption is being fostered by the Municipality? sigh.....
It must of been the lies fed to me by Mr. Allen Spence of Ethekwini Electricity that first got me thinking about the enormous scale of ongoing corruption.
If a person of his stature (now elevated to Superintendent of Electricity for Durban) can sink to corruption, I have no doubt that the entire Municipality is crawling with similar maggots.
I would have to guess for every honest worker there are 2 that are corrupt.
Earlier I gave Fred the Accountant a big, unrequited grin as he drove by in his - omw! is that a brand, spanking new car?? Whoa! A lovely shade of scarlet and Im guessing a BMW?
Since he started working from home (around about the time his valley telephone pole was transformed(!) into an electricity pole) his business must of taken off!! *winks........
He hasnt put his terrific new spotlight back on since I got my photos last week. This of course may change tonight as der Kommissar flew over at 1.50pm a wee bit higher than usual but I would guess that Fred's power field is back in business if it ever stopped. (not according to my ear pressure over the weekend).
the Courageous Twosome - What a pair! How superficially charming they both are and must fool people all the time. The entire SA IRC community seem to think that the Captain in on the WhiteHat team! *laffin....
Such connections he has: Interpol, Scotland Yard, the ENTIRE SAPS and Government! Does he omit to mention that his Government contact alone is affiliated to our local DrugLord? ROFL!!!
and now for something completely different....
I blogged some weeks ago that Basil 2 doors down at Number 4 had his car stolen while it was parked outside Addington Hospital.
Well, HE GOT IT BACK!!! Pretty much a miracle and kudos to the good guys at SAPS for making it happen.
If it is said that I consider All cops to be corrupt, it would be an outright lie. There are many wonderful policemen and women at my local station and Im sure, throughout this country.
Methinks a deliberate tactic taken by the truly rotten in the oh-so-careful character assassination of this toad?
Monday 6th November 2006.
PS Attempted to connect during the afternoon to publish above blog and found it impossible. Pages wouldnt load etc. So the above was posted on Tuesday 7th November in the end.