Monday, October 16, 2006


The major difference now, surprises even this old toad. I really could care less! It is entertaining to see how little the choreography has changed over the years.....How easily I fall into the dance steps.... leaning towards the melodramatic as always ...
My new friend angora was right... I DO speak in code...*makes a note to expunge the word tormentors from its dwindling vocabulary.

Admittedly I used to love playing trivia - but these days I tend to wander in more out of curiosity than anything else.
My mantra of 'no expectations' works well and if left alone to play its fine - if not, its not the trainsmash it might of been a few years ago. Of course when problems arise that can Only stem from mon Capitan himself i.e. no keyboard function in Phreikchat last night - then yes, I am inclined to be snippy right back. Sinking to the Captain's level? Sad......

The temptation to ask angora about ru last night, overrode any misgivings I had.. and I only hope the ensuing conversation was found to be satisfactorily entertaining. After all - is that not the point of it all? To amuse?

I started up the baby PC this morning only to find that my photo program and all my clip art has been corrupted. May I guess here that it would have been simply because the bald droog in the cherry picker working on Captain Courageous streetlight the other day, didn't care for his picture being taken? High Security after all? *falling about.......

All this retribution over changing the streetlight marker from red to the standard yellow? VERY interesting and you merely draw more attention to yourselves by damaging stuff on the little PC. *shakes its head.....

I must ask here once again.... does President mBeki or ANY of his ministers realise the full extent of this particular rotting heap of corruption? That the President himself no doubt has Every word he utters (even in the privacy of his own home) monitored and recorded?
Melodramatic? Indeed not. I am merely the light entertainment - a smokescreen if you will, to hide the much deeper implications.

That I guess there is not one person left in SA that our own President could trust to check out my allegations. That he would have to rely on a close family member going abroad and finding an Electrical Engineer that Wasnt corrupted by this brilliant scheme? *grins at the Superintendent for Electricity, Durban, THE ONE AND ONLY Allen Spence......

Call me a liar if you will O Red-eyed Al - When I look at your choice of partners in crime - any words you utter are like chaff in the wind.

The dark green plastic bath that stands in deep shade 24/7? becomes paler each day. Why is that do you think?
My old man has now developed what appears to be a cancerous growth on his temple. Will keep you happy people updated on that little gem.

And now? shall we do the shimmy?

A baby blue Muni bakkie with the Water Depts. flash logo on the side and a tracker number painted on the cab roof parked down below in the valley this morning at 10.20am.

I noted that they had left a short while later. So at 10.50am I climbed up and looked over the wall into the valley to find a ton of water running out from the sewage manhole cover below Clives at No. 10 Harris Crescent.! Deliberately done again...*sigh... and still the water rates will rocket up ja.

Called Water Faults and Reported it to Becile at 11.00am Ref. 019 SKQ.

Happy days julle......


monday 16th October 2006 at 11.32am