Wednesday, October 18, 2006

On Monday evening I went on the myadsl forum to read for a while. Posted a couple of replies - one about the Muni and Allen Spence and his Highly-Technical Computerised Anti-theft devices installed in 2004 and the other about Telkoms illegal bugging of private lines.
I actually said that just why Mr. Spence is quite so coy about the true nature of this project, escapes me. Could it be that they struggle with the EMF levels and anticipated casualties?
I edited and published successfully and pretty much lost the connection right away. One of those glorious moments when I truly felt I had scored a home strike lol....
Much like the time so long ago when I sat and punched in old IP numbers that I had saved from earlier attacks on this PC. Neotrace came up trumps and showed me to my absolute amazement that we had received various Trojans from the Top Brass of the telkomabuse line and the Technical Director himself of our own server Mweb.
The main feeling apart from the glee was that I had somehow stumbled across corruption on a grand scale. Nothing has changed my opinion since except that I now realise that it was petty stuff and compared to the Muni's Grand Scheme, mere childs play.
On enquiring the next morning, tradepages informed us that we had been disconnected due to capping... extremely timeous capping and a handy tool indeed for the Captain to resort to in times of urgent need?
Other matters: the deliberate run off of water in the valley below number 10 Harris Crescent blogged previously, (tho no smell of sewage) - the honeysucker arrived at 12.25pm and hung about for a while before leaving.... I looked over before dark and the water had stopped running. If I only had a clue as to the connection between the EMF levels and releasing water pressure but alas, I dont.
The same vagrant that set up his card shelter across the valley last week, and then vanished after a neighbour had called Squatter Control (who, btw, never pitched) is still camping out down below. He is being fed and judging by his smart new yellow shirt worn yesterday, clothed as well, by the GateKeeper at St. Theresa's. I have actually seen this vagrant on two occasions both on the convent property chatting away to the convent workers.
Sitting outside yesterday morning for an hour reading and chatting on the electric phone. Once again after a very short time, the phone battery started failing. Im intrigued to know why it is just in that particular area that batteries appear to be eaten up so swiftly. The landline cable runs directly above my chair out in the garden up to the house. More weirdness. This doesnt happen when I use the phone out the back of the house away from the telephone cable.
I noticed yesterday that the late afternoon sun has finally reached the dark green plastic tub under the shrubs so in the interests of the tests I have dragged it further into deep shade.
My baby PC not connected to the internet is pretty much stuffed. I tried drawing for a while last night and eventually got repeated You have committed a vile offence and will be shut down windows. Not impressed at all ... merely conveys to me that the Captain is cranking up his control.
Last night having purchased extra bandwidth i managed to post on myadsl before the PC slowed to an absolute crawl and it refused to load pages. Control is EVERYTHING .....
This morning the water pressure in the house was non-existent. Another deliberate runoff?
Wednesday 18th October 2006 at 5.51pm