Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So last week, for those of you with even the slightest interest?, last week Clive got the painters in. As the word Ethikwini is printed clearly on their overalls for my benefit? I had to know that more sensors were coming heheh... I even lent them my long extension lead! ah the ironies of life lol... and then i watched the wekker as he pulled the cable through the wall above Clives outside light and knew :} The little Mini-Me Mike Oliver clone that stood measuring the distance and angle to our kitchen door? LMAO!!!! I gave him a big grin as he stood munching his breakfast on the verge yesterday. And then all I had to do was wait for differences in our electricity system and the first was the geyser. Much noisier than usual. A coincidence? na i dont think so :} Then the dips started. Pretty constant ja and of course entirely invisible to my dear man as usual. This helping? O and finally while online last night, a great deal of busyness at one stage, totally unsolicited and even got me to run the useless Nortons Virus Scan before shutting down lol...
Do I wonder how it all was set up? Nope not really as it would be too easy. Common knowledge that Clive plays pool. Introduce yourself and eventually get round to chatting about home maintenance and Bobs your uncle. Not rocket science right? And the beautiful array of sensor lights that went up all along Kassims roof on Thursday 15th? lmao ! But that was A Tardis for a Tard right? And I do think that the lights were totally for my benefit and enjoyment and the only light that is of any importance is in the wee box strung on Kassims antenna? I am truly in the spotlight heheh.... and LOVING it :}}}} and today? i await further developments with interest. Adjustments can always be made on a Thursday right? While Im out? I was thinking yesterday what a good father Bali is for staying home looking after the kids while mum trundles off to work? Well of course now I see he has PLENTY to amuse himself with lol..... I LOVE U GUYS xxxxxx OOOOh and the first time I try Google it tells me that our request looks like Spyware? Let the Games Begin lol..

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