Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Thursday had always been the day
the Toad gets shopping out the way.
Last week her plans had never changed
so Mettro's work was pre-arranged.
The Toad hadnt even left the 'burb
when Manuel pulled up at the curb.
His golden car and lights agleaming
his handsome face & smile all beaming.
He may as well have told the Toad
"I'm here to check when you leave this road
for theres work to be done, while
youre out having fun".
(So if we send spikes and surges all day
to set his alarm off - he'll surely pay
to have some kind soul help and show him the way
to sort out his system and say its okay?
Then no longer are needed Kitt i and Kitt ii
and Freds Pilot lights can be pensioned off too.
We'll use Cassim's roof with the beautiful view
and Tardis will do all the rest whoohoohooo!!)
He left & the Toad then turned to her friend
somethings up & I simply cannot pretend
to be blase cos in the end
our streetlights are burning and its way past eight
I'll bet you a million that he's got a date
with Pinky & the Brainz at Number 2's gate!
When Toad got back from the shops that day
things had certainly changed in a very big way.
The Mettro droog who watched her return
panicked a bit and some rubber did burn.
to warn the guys that were on the job
that the Toad was home and the whole darned mob
should get off the roof in a great big hurry
& into their bakkies they would have to scurry.
The Toad just smiled and later that night
when the sun was gone and the stars shone bright
she took a stroll out onto her lawn
to see what wonders had been born.
and sure enough, it came to pass
the Tardis stood there made of glass
with light waves pulsing in the dark
while nothing moved down in the Park
but the ticking of the Time machine
cutting loudly thru the quiet scene.
She gazed down South and there did see
a sight that made her dance with glee.
Across the roof of Cassims home
there danced a string of lights that shone
and glittered and she saw
they'd not been there the night before.
So beaming broadly she looked at the sky
the wicked twinkle in her eye
and once again she croaked out her song
to the greedy, corrupt and wicked that do wrong...
You Teklom tecchies and Mettro drones
get off your ladders and put down your phones
pack up your sensors and cctvs
for the Toad gives a toss and its wasted on me ..

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