Sunday, April 09, 2006

Monday 10th April 2006 at 6.39am:

Found a really amusing blog the other day... go look at Bosbefok :} if you need a laugh.
On a rather more sobering note? The kind young man who had the courage to post his pic on this blogsite? had no less than 5 full power cuts in one night last week.
A warning to him?
He checked with his neighbours and his was the only property affected..
I have told him repeatedly that it has been proven dangerous to assist the toad in any way, and so i was delighted to see the pic.
No use pointing out to him that the amount of spaghetti draped over his street light pole should have warned him that he will be attacked as we are on a daily basis. He too firmly believes that i am merely paranoid heheh...
So this ones for Mo - May the Force Be with you (and i do NOT mean Mike & His Mthinyani Mechanics!)

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