Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Art and Concept of Manipulation on a Grand Scale....

As a dyed-in-the-wool tard of the First Order I have to admit to being vastly entertained by the seeming droves of Giant Brains, Boffins and techs out there that have no idea that they are being totally manipulated.

The squeals of horror and distaste they give off when confronted with a Lesser Mortal - and one that dared to take a stand against the extremely questionable behaviour of a few? Ahhh but the evidence is overwhelming is it not? and comes from all corners ....
the time i spend in myadsl is possibly the most entertaining and interesting. There are some truly wonderful people there and yet.... it would appear that they all buy the story they have been so carefully fed. If I had ever entertained hopes of being saved it has long gone.
I have repeatedly conceded that I have done myself no favours in attempting to fend off my attackers alone. And yet I still fully believe that justice will in the end, be served.
A raving loon? Hokay....:}

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