Sunday, March 05, 2006

Monday March 6th 2006

and round and round we go........ Enemy of the State, National Security Risk? o Rite lmao !! NOT! but hey tis soo intresting. What happens exactly when a so-called enemy of the State introduces itself to a person involved in ANY way with a nuclear reactor plant????? omw!!!!
Headless chickens abound?
Sounds like a movie plot? Indeed...... when u think how simple it would be to give an ordinary law-abiding citizen a label that would be carried for life... on a whim? Revenge attack? Why not?
And here we go right back to the mid-nineties when an attempt was made to start a Neighbourhood Watch... trod on some big toes even way back then did we? Eish :{
Well I cant say i am surprised by anything these days... my curiosity has in no way abated... and as ive proven in the past - there is a way around EVERYTHING ....... I love u guys xxxxxxxxx

WretchedToad :}

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