Thursday, October 02, 2014

(begun Monday 29th September at 6.30am)

*Edit made at 7.57am. I signed into Facebook yesterday, using the GameWrecker's log in details. He is not a FB Friend, and therefore I was able to search for myself and get the full results. It would appear that there are at least 4 or 5 Jane Lovejoys several of whom, have their security settings on High. I do NOT Poke people on FB randomly, and I apologise if someone using my nick should ever do this. *

Is that why the frigging Abomination won't heal over, and is back to weeping so copiously? Nocturnal visits specifically targeting that sorry mess? Odd how the pain from that red-hot poker had roused me groggily from my sleep during the night, but not sufficiently to log the actual time of the assault.
Is the Chronic Fatigue frequency applied beforehand, in the hope that I'll snore through those brutal administrations? 

The Chronic Fatigue frequency that has proven so useful in knocking out entire households, so that they sleep soundly through home invasions, and wake the following morning to find they've been cleaned out?
Why didn't your dogs alert you? It's even easier to deal with your dogs remotely, than it is to nuke the humans, and they may be cowed into silence with ease.

I'm irked. Is it not sufficient that I provide endless hours of entertainment for the bored quantum 'warriors' with my insane babbling and less-than-attractive appearance? Why then would you all condone the resumption of the cruelty to my cancer? There is surely enough sadistic behaviour without including the Monstrosity that I bear entirely due to my own wilful stupidity?
May we have a show of grubby hands from those of you that support this latest savagery, or at least the reasoning behind it?

Let me put it differently.. Someone - Who is sufficiently skilled in employing the wireless weaponry to first knock me senseless, has taken to creeping in invisibly in the wee hours, to concentrate the full force of the lasers to my back while I'm rendered unconscious. Any ideas which of you courageous heroes would sink quite so low, and why? Would I get an answer were I to refer my question to the vodacom strategist, Jannie van Zyl? Pass the bucket if you would.
Good day.