Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cranking it up a notch?
(Begun Saturday 6th September at 11am)

Where'd they disappear to? Not far, that's guaranteed. I'd been raking out on the front lawn at about 10.45am, when there'd been a noisy scuffling the other side of our tagged boundary wall and the dogs had gone mental.
Once they'd figured out they had our attention, they'd wandered further down into view and begun ambling along towards Jan Smuts.
Both had strikingly similar physiques to godschild's appie and THIS youngster wearing his greens after being up by our wall some days back. Ex-SANDF rookies been redeployed to assist in the mischief-making?

About ten or fifteen minutes after that racket had subsided, Rocky had a froth up at the road, and I guess our two young friends had been walking in a loop? Their destination, having achieved the mischief ordered? For all I know they've camped out in the abandoned and regularly vandalised Moth cottage No. 11, just across the road. Although that could prove a tad tricky, were Trudy or Charmaine to decide to stroll over there for any reason? Certainly not impossible, with both Balliram and Fred's ability to monitor every inch of the street and properties, inside and out, and each of their hirelings equipped with a handy cellphone.

I'd pulled up outside No. 17 on Thursday, on my way home from the shops, only for a wide-eyed T to meet me at the gates and say they'd just been warned that two fence-hoppers had run through the property next door. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it wasn't the same two thespians we've just seen strolling ostentatiously through the horse-yard below. It's all about the timing when it comes to the terror-tactics, is it not? Being given control of this astounding surveillance technology has allowed my Controllers to set up all manner of criminal scenarios with ease, down to the last carefully timed second.

Who actually issues these orders? To increase the mischief in a specific suburb? To drop off loads of prostitutes and arrange for multiple hijackings and home invasions? To let domestic dogs loose, or to pick them up and dump them elsewhere? Is there a quantum Army General at the head of an Engineered Crime Division in each province, or do those orders come from a heavyweight in the Telecommunications Department? Mr. van Zyl? Care to enlighten us? #wavesatthevodacomstrategist

Sunday 7th September at 11am.
Any of your dogs become visibly lame over the last few days? Cola isn't alone after all, and my CPF Treasurer mentioned that her dogs had been behaving oddly on Friday as well. (Remember how Cola had stuck to my heels in abject fear of something invisible to me?) The clincher had come this morning when my Vice Chair remarked that his beloved dog had to be lifted onto the bed as one of her legs had suddenly gone lame.

Gosh, aren't you absolutely awe-struck by all this magical wireless hocus pocus, and the time being taken by this New Age army to demonstrate their control over the animals, never mind their owners?
And to think your precious offspring are a part of this push to rule the world.. You must be SO proud, hey Logie?
You're going to go all huffy on me, and insist your kids would NEVER knowingly hurt anyone, man or beast? Yeah, well you want to keep your fingers crossed on that score, you really do. What if this cruelty was happening on their monitoring shift, but they weren't personally participating?
That makes it okay? Believe me, they'll keep their mouths shut or be ostracised, and quite possibly have the family home targeted if they blab.

Cola continues to be remotely nailed... A 3-stairs-at-a-time dog, who likes nothing more than to be first up at the garage when I let them out in the mornings.. Since Friday and the arrival of the dog-targeting frequency, he's been repeatedly stopped in his tracks halfway up the stairs, by some invisible wall.
In between being physically targeted by our laser-wielding heroes and heroines, he appears to be fine and doesn't limp at all.
All the dogs are affected by it differently. Rocky has taken to howling when it's at it's worst, although Joey remains stoically silent. It's been fat Sophie's turn today, and she simply can't settle, and jumps at every sound.

Don't get me wrong guys. It's not a 'lets hit the dogs to the exclusion of our regular targets' exercise. Not a chance. They've reintroduced the debilitating Throat Choker frequency to my honourable Vice Chair, and this time his doctor admits he's baffled by it, and I'm willing to bet there's a whole bunch of you enduring similar symptoms right now as the Smart City unregulated wireless frequencies flood into your homes.
Do you truly think it's all going to be worth it in the long run? While our rivers run with sewage, and the people are going down like flies with all manner of ailments? You ask me what choice you have but to join the quantum army, and I simply have no answer for you.
Who knows but that you may turn out to be a rarity, and somehow manage to use the quantum technology for genuine good, without being shut down by your criminal peers.

My sympathies are with you all, whichever way you lean, for you're easily as controlled and manipulated as we of the lowest orders are, despite that you've yet to figure that out.

Sunday 7th September 2014 at 3.08pm