Friday, July 25, 2014

The New World Order for Dummies?
(begun Thursday 24th July at 4.45am)

*This one's for the airwave/powerline Bullyboy who simply can't let it go. The one who set my hand on fire on Wednesday at 5.45am, just before I staggered out of bed for the day. Not content with simply deadening my thumb and first two fingers in the classic Klingon call-sign I'm so familiar with, this time my hand was aflame, just as had been done on a regular basis back in the early days, before I'd discovered the extreme loss of cartilage during a subsequent scan.*

If you're not too far gone, can you at least point me to something that makes sense? You've sat with me long enough to know that I've a problem with comprehension, and that if I can't create a picture in my head, I simply switch off.
The one says he's read up on it extensively, and that it's frightening, and another one exhorts me to sit still, be quiet and listen, and then launches into a monologue of how the banks control the world, which promptly loses me.
I got nothing from wiki last night that caught my attention. Only what I already know, and that's the bare basics. Convert me, FFS. Paint me some glowing technicolour picture that will camouflage the darkness that lurks behind the pseudo-lights of the quantum Project. No? There hasn't been a Sales Pitch devised for the Truly Stupid, as the Authors simply didn't consider it necessary?

What about my CPF Vice Chair? Come,come, he's the first person you call when you're in trouble, and yet you're fully aware that he continues to be excluded from knowledge of the quantum Project and it's ultimate goals.
Surely someone somewhere can come up with a way to tempt him into setting his moral values aside for such a noble Cause, as you've done?
Ruin him financially, as you've done to so many others, and he'll be forced to become more compliant and open to your suggestions? Hmm. Your efforts in that direction have failed spectacularly so far.
Surround him with Project Believers to gain his confidence, and when the time is ripe, attempt the conversion process?

I guess I can safely say that hasn't happened, and it ain't gonna happen, and far be it for me to suggest that you ask yourselves why. I'm told that you simply don't care, and although it's taken eight or nine years of horrendous physical abuse and engineered mischief to finally get there, I do believe you on that score.
People whose moral integrity is so ingrained that they would dare question the methods used by the New World Order will be discarded or culled, it's as simple as that.

Yes, I've fallen strangely silent over the last few days, although I've continued to feed the Eavesdroppers and voyeurs who hang invisibly at my shoulders. My scribbling is endless, but for reasons unknown to me, I've not been sharing them with you on FB or blogger. Will I let the bleak futility of it all, zip my lips once and for all, or will I rear back up and continue my efforts to wake those of you who are so determinedly blind to what lies ahead? Buck up old girl, and plough on regardless?

Friday 25th July at 5.40am
I'd had a call early on, on Wednesday morning, to say that there were three dodgy blokes wandering up and down our stretch, who'd appeared to be looking for something. Later that morning we'd been standing up on our driveway chatting to an old friend who'd swung by, when a Muni lorry had arrived to deliver a skip to our Frederick at No. 12. The renovations in the bottom of his yard appear to be extensive, and there's now a wall of green shade-cloth? gone up around the sides as well.
Fast forward to that afternoon around 3.30pm, and a call from the Cottage next door to No. 11, to say they'd pulled up to empty the mailbox and had found that once again vandals had been in and stripped the place. (you remember the thieves had helped themselves to the geyser last month?). This time they'd done a proper job and had taken the sink, the ceiling fans, and even some window fittings, plus everything else they could lay their hands on. All achieved in broad daylight, with work going on right across the road at No. 12.

I'm of a mind that those three droogs earlier, had had their own key to No. 11's gates, and had simply hung about until the coast was clear before letting themselves in to vandalise the inside of the house. What are the odds they'd dumped that hefty pile of loot into the handy skip standing on Fred's verge, once they'd completed the destruction? After all, what resale value could those old things possibly have had?
The idea is to render that cottage untenable, and they've certainly achieved that with the minimum of fuss. That abandoned property has the perfect vantage point for a useful Project droog or two, to hang out and wait for orders, and just about every suburb now has one such handy hidey-hole, if not more.

I can't help but feel how fortunate that godschild's truck wasn't parked inside on No. 11's driveway at the time, or it might have been taken as well. That good fellow has been parking there for some time, in an effort to make it appear as if the property is occupied. How had those three hirelings known he wouldn't be around on Wednesday to discover them destroying the inside of that abode? Don't ask me.
If you've been following, I guess you'll realise this was no random house-breaking, but a carefully co-ordinated and well-timed push to render No. 11 uninhabitable for a long time to come.

Friday 25th July 2014 at 7.10am.