Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Edit added on Wednesday at 2.02pm.

In case you'd forgotten, This is one and the same Barrie Trower whom I'd called in the UK sometime during 2012, once I'd begun picking up spheres with both of my cameras. A truly charming man and easy to talk to, he'd confirmed that he was getting similar reports from around the globe, although I doubt he was aware at that point of the connection between the enormously powerful wifi stations going up at Universities everywhere, and the quantum laser technology that goes hand in hand with the wireless, designed to remove every man Jack's privacy once and for all..

Look what I found on my timeline this morning!! Tadaaaa! The connection between the obvious weather manipulations being done in our skies and the Smart City quantum laser/wireless technology running through the streetlights! Come on guys! If you've not yet been brainwashed into total denial, take a minute to read this and to accept that you've been conned on a massive scale. Mwaaaah!
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