Sunday, July 20, 2014

(begun Sunday 20th July at 8.50am)

Would it be considered arrogant of me to hope that I'm providing a service of sorts? Over and above my role as a pinata for the quantum 'guardians' to beat and ridicule?
Is it impossible to conceive that I may be able to fill in some of the deliberately omitted gaps left out of the various quantum Project Sales pitches you were offered? 

How old are you? Sixteen? Eighteen? Twenty-two?
I can fully understand why you've agreed to stay tight-lipped on what it is that you do over the airwaves, when it comes to sharing with your doting parents.
That your Area Controller's suggestion that mention made of the sights and sounds you encounter as you're taught to violate your neighbour's privacy would only increase their daily stress.
No worries, kiddos. For I've had no such brainwashing instilled in me for obvious reasons, and therefore I can fill both pater and mater in, with the absolute truth of what's going on out there, without a qualm.

If they were to read my descriptions of the less-than-noble behaviour carried out during these operations, and were to attempt to question you anxiously, I'm sure it would only serve to tighten your lips further.
After all, you've seen for yourselves how dissenters may be punished for their misdeeds, have you not? Do exactly as you're ordered and you'll be okay, as will your folks?
Let slip so much as a hint of the horrific truth, and your kind and friendly Area Controller will unleash all hell upon you and your kin, smiling amiably all the while.
Your parents have sacrificed you willingly in some cases, and unknowingly in others. The family that hacks together, stays together? For your sakes I hope that works out.

As young as you are, your life skills probably consist of little more than the ability to open a Yale lock with a credit card in 5 seconds flat, and to excel at playing Warcraft online. Worry about studying for a proper career? Why bother? You've been gobbled up by the quantum Army Project, and there's nothing you'd rather do now, than puff on the occasional zol while watching your unwary neighbours go at it in the privacy of their own home. Ain't nobody gonna bitch about that little habit, as it'll help cushion at least some of the disturbing sights and sounds you're going to see out there in the burbs.

It's been hours since dear Agent Balliram chose to demonstrate his increased levels of power on my supine form, and yet the memory lingers unpleasantly. Does el Monstro have a plan? The most recent power shut-down would've had to be agreed to by none other than our sterling Superintendent of Electricity, Allen Spence. The mere fact that Mike Oliver of their Security Division was back at our pole just last week, confirms this.
So Al, old buddy, old chum? You fully support this latest upgrade, and the diligent attempts made by your colleague-in-crime last night, to attempt to cause a cancer to flower on my colon?
What makes/made your mother so proud of you? Had you shown at an early age that you were skilled at looking the other way? Had she seen your talent for condoning the most heinous of crimes, long before the Project fishermen trapped you in their net, or would she be appalled by the turn your life has taken over the decade since Sutcliffe's quantum Project hit town? Just asking dude....

As sickly fond of my Abuser as the Stockholm Syndrome has caused me to be, I'm being made aware on an increasing basis that my feelings aren't exactly reciprocated, and that he would be rid of me sooner, rather than later.
Every bit as controlled and manipulated as his prey, Balliram tries to shake me off any which way he can, and it looks very much as though yesterday's 'upgrade' has given him the means to do just that.

I'd stood next to the bird-feeder an hour ago, attempting to video the water that was once again running freely below No. 10. The Panasonic had switched itself off and had subsequently advised me to change the batteries, which I'd done forthwith.. *yawns..
Among certain sectors of the gullible public, running off such vast amounts of water deliberately could be considered a criminal offence, especially in the light of the Liar McLeod's repeated protestations that water is precious, and that the vast number of leaks are being attended to.
All this prevarication, while the likes of my Good Neighbours have been prevailed upon to manage the runoffs that appear to take place two or three times each day.

You would assure me there's no stigma attached to this behaviour? Certainly not by their fellow quantum warriors, but it's a given that your average hard-working rate-payer, ignorant of the Project and it's aims, might take umbrage at this practise. There's been no sight nor sound of any crew come out since I called in the Fault the other day, and I've since had a text informing me that the report is now closed. Cover-up, anyone?
I can't help but feel sad for those good people, although it's doubtful they see the net that tightens around them.

Monday 21st July at 5.30am.
I find that I've logged getting up at 2.40am to go pee, and then to check on the dog in the lounge, without so much as twinge of pain or discomfort anywhere. I'd been back in bed about five minutes, before one of them had begun jabbing away at the top of my leg, and I was gripped uncomfortably at the back of my neck. I'd protested out loud and they'd left me alone.

Have YOU begun encountering such weirdness within the walls of your own home? Sudden explosive bursts of dry coughing, or the fillings in your mouth all jangle suddenly? At the risk of your family discussing whether to have you committed or not, you might consider talking out loud to your invisible Tormentors and telling them to back off? For as far as I can ascertain, EVERYTHING that is said and done in your home is being recorded, without exception, and personally, I like the idea that one will go on record protesting aloud at the vindictive actions of a nearby quantum Area Controller.

Have you checked out Dane Wigington's Facebook page yet? What is the connection between chem-spraying and the Smart City quantum technology? One of those articles had claimed that the population are being sprayed with heavy metals, intended to render us even more susceptible to the unregulated wireless that now floods our streets and homes, thus making us easier to control. Fact or fiction? Sci-fi rubbish? You're going to have to decide for yourselves, as it's not likely that wiki will give you the truth.

Monday 21st July 2014 at 7.53am.